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overgrown prints etc.
ink+watercolour - oct.15.2019
in search of crumbs prints etc.
acrylic+pencil - sep.11.2019
hare stickers
ink - sep.07.2019
confused nick young
gouache - aug.20.2019
message from a pigeon prints etc.
gouache+pencil - jul.12.2019
fennec fox purchase
gouache+pencils+gold leaf - jul.09.2019
clown rat stickers
pen+watercolour - apr.17.2019
mika (commission)
acrylics - apr.02.2019
sleepy sentinel prints etc.
pen+watercolour - dec.22.2018
skull diptych reserved
acrylics+gold leaf - nov.22.2018
funtopia prints etc.
pen+watercolour - nov.20.2018
paper sky prints etc.
acrylics - sep.30.2018
the short walk home prints etc.
acrylics - sep.18.2018
cosmic concentrics prints etc.
acrylics+gold leaf - sep.15.2018
michael jordan as a skeleton prints etc.
acrylics - mar.22.2018
i dream in green prints etc.
pen+watercolour - dec.15.2017
missing lock prints etc.
pen+watercolour - dec.02.2017
pink sunset prints etc.
watercolour - sep.21.2017
identity fraud
gouache - sep.21.2017
playground perch prints etc.
acrylics - jul.14.2017
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pen + digital colouring - may.01.2017
skomer island prints etc.
acrylics - feb.22.2017
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