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This is one in a series of recurring dreams. They center around the idea that I signed up for a class in college and then forgot about it. The background emotion is a constant worry about how the zero's on all the tests will wipe out my GPA and the tragicness of the loss because it's simple carelessness. A simple mistake with serious consequence, all the other work for naught. There's a faint inability to really check the schedules and figure out what is going on. There's a desire to just get to the end of the degree, and always a possibility one thing is missing, and a fear that years have been long trying to get all the way to the end.

I'm in the classroom. There's one female (1) that I've known for a long time, deeply connected to, maybe intimate a few times, but not that much. And she's there. This other female (2) just walks up and I don't know her but she looks pretty nice and she wants to have sex right then. I get under a sheet with her literally on a small bed that's in the classroom near the front. I'm thinking maybe that other female with the deep connection won't really notice if we're under the sheet... but sheets never work perfectly for hiding things. It's like the sheet is just a way of being polite about it. Struggling to do the calculus of if having sex with female (2) is worth it if female (1) is getting upset, but pretty much doing it anyway at the same time. Female (1) may likely just disconnect from me because of the incident, and I have no idea if I'll see female (2) again. So maybe it's a stupid move, both will soon be lost, but I can't say for sure.

The president of cheeseburgers & more wouldn't let me take a coffee to go from the main restaurant for free, instead telling me I needed to go back upstairs to my party reservation that had unlimited drinks. I sympathized, realizing that I would be taking away resources that weren't assigned to me. Instead of walking back upstairs or purchasing the coffee downstairs, I just left, a more understanding man. Then I woke up.

Stabbed a lot of people
Shot them as they walked by
Some didn't react
So I blew their heads off
Not out of malice you see, they were coming into an area I did not want them in
So much strife
And you know?
I didn't feel any regret

In a house
My house
A hidden door is found,
Down and up I go
That leads to me a room
There is a man in the room
He's older, graying, silent
I believe him to be my father.
The man makes my hairs stand
The way He talks and acts
Like he is pounced and ready to snap.
He does not acknowledge me, which frightens me even more
He walks and I follow
More downs and up.
My house has many hidden passages and rooms I did not know
We make down to a final room,
A door leads outside
To an area which I hate
A area I avoid
I imagine He will snap my neck here.
Instead he acknowledges my presence for the first time
He simply looks at me with tired eyes
Regretful eyes, for He has done terrible things
He walks away.
Back up I go
Parts of the climb feel impossibly narrow
End up coming back into the house through a different route from which I came
I end up dropping through a attic door onto my bed
I drop into a memory
I'm a child now, hiding in bed

And here I realize
Who that man was
It was Me.

Everything is a mellow haze, like light through frosted glass. There's no sense of sound or rather no indication, no reason, to believe sound even exists. Between the hazes are clutches of clarity, all unique scenes, spliced together to form sequences of image and sound.

The first of the light shows forms into an incredible cityscape. The roads are a fusion of cobbled and paved concrete, they seem to exist in tentative balance, each one competing to exist in the same space. The buildings are the same, in between the litters of beaming glass structures are remnants of old architecture which are still in use. The dated buildings so clearly have their history written over them with their cracks and faded colors. It's such a stark contrast I almost think this place is pure abstraction. Around me are streams of people milling around conversing, some very clearly going somewhere others talking to each other. The city is very much alive and thriving. There's no shortage of scenery so I walk and walk. I marvel at the buildings struggling to decide what they want to exist as. Existence is more than anything I can desire right now.

The first haze takes over,

Clarity comes back and I piece together I am a customer in an aquarium store. The store is unique, in place of the front door there is an absence of an entire wall. Much like an outdoor cafe, the store is extremely viewable from the road outside. I'm a bit distressed as I can't seem to get my aquarium together, so I lean on the counter and talk. The owners, male and female, talk great lengths about what exactly I might be needing. They beckon behind me to a large pile of driftwood in a crate. There's an incredible rush of vividness as they give me their advice, it's here I can remember their face and voice. Gleefully I chose out these incredible, curved pieces of driftwood remsicanet of a river's current. I choose out a number of pieces and as I turn to purchase them the vividness of the dream collapses, an intrusive thought brings down the entire store. I am just a visitor here. These things can't come with me, they belong wherever it is I am. I have no way of bringing them home.

A haze takes over,

I awake back into the city. Buildings are no longer competing for existence, the masonry and concrete intertwined like vines on a tree. It's peaceful. While on a jaunt I can begin to feel an unmistakable ocean wind blowing over me. I turn a number of alleys to be greeted by the ocean blue in front of me. The occasional could peppers the otherwise perfect sky blue air. The pathway merges perfectly onto the breach front and I find myself on a platform looking down onto the beach's sand. The platform has this incredible glass railing stretching as far as I can see, it follows the pitch and turn of the beach creating a myriad of lights refracting off the glass into the horizon. There's quite a large number of people here enjoying their time all over. The only direction I can go is right, so I begin down the platform. To my left the ocean and to my right is a wall of buildings.The amount of people noticeably begin to thin out as contine walking down the platform, it starts to quiet down as a result. Scenery starts to meld together. I prepare for the haze to take grasp, but instead a great nagging tells me to turn my head. To my left, in the ocean, is this grand crescent island covered in fog and greenery. It's so out of place it shatters any sense of contitunity I have. This dark, foggy island abruptly plopped into the blue like a blemish. People start to pop back in existence and the dream fizzles out.

Another haze takes over,

I'm in another store. It's quite small and cozy, nestled in between two large shops that overshadow the one I'm in. As a result the store has quite a slow traffic flow. I'm not entirely quite sure what it is they sell here, but it doesn't matter. The shopkeeper is a dear friend and it's her company I'm here for. Judging by the way we talk I seem to have a great history with her, this is not the first time we have met and talked. I talk with her for what feels like eternity and a great high rolls over me. Warm joyful waves, like those of a tropical beach, wash over my mind and body. Once again, existence is more than anything I could desire right now. Despite how bliss everything is I find myself checking the time repeatedly. I'm not entirely sure why I am, I have nowhere to be or even anywhere I want to be here. I can't shake the feeling I'm going to be late, that I'm going to miss something important. With that I leave the shop keeper, my last memories are turning my head as I leave out the door, “I'll see you later! Promise I'll be back.”

I smile and a haze takes over,

It's now sunset. The sky has a beautiful gradient of blood orange to amethyst and turquoise. The glass panels to my left catch the colors in reflection, creating a brilliant surrounding of color all around me. I can only describe the sensation as walking through colors themselves, as if such a thing was even understandable. I walk and walk, the only objects around is a seemingly infinite supply of sunbathing chairs, tables, parasols, and little designated areas of greenery. All of it feels incredibly tranquil. Between the light grey concrete and ocean blue, the color gradient sunset is almost beyond my ability to revel in. Eventually I reach the end of the platform, which shouldn't be possible because if I look back I can see the platform stretch off into infinity. But here I am at the end, the architecture curves into a single point, finally admitting it has nothing left to give. It's on that single point that I sit. I feel a great sense of pain, the idea that I may never sit here again or never see these colors again, is more than enough to bring me to tears. This is all to stupendous and I know I will never see this again. Sat there on that point I live as much as I can.

The haze takes over,

I'm now in a very real city. No abstraction, no grandeur, just a regular city. It's night time, the orange glow of street lights fills the area around me. There's an unshakable mistake pang of anxiety racking through me, I've missed something quite important. I walk and walk but it doesn't feel like I am going anywhere. No matter how far I seem to go the scenery doesn't change, if I take 10 steps forward existence just takes 10 steps with me. So I get nowhere.

A final haze takes over and I awake.

so i go to my friend's parents' space mansion (definitely Dune inspired) thats all white with high ceilings and lots of glass and open space (like most boring rich people houses). while there one of my friends breaks a glass window, and my friend's mom says that technically that is punishable by death on their planet (shes very unbending on this cus shes based on my friends very strict frustrating mom). they execute my friend and im absolutely pissed so I grab this see through glass gun (kinda looks like a tee shirt cannon) that, when i press in on this weird deep rubber button it sucks up the glass shards and i can shoot them.

so i declare war (as one does) and me and my friends fight and idk they all kinda disappear/die. now its a showdown with the dad (not the irl one) who has armor and acts very video game like. im runing through rooms trying to evade him but just cant win. then my other friends bust through the big glass front window with a giant planet express style ship. but idk we still lose and everyones gone so i start shootin glass at the mom.

i try appealing to the mom with a lot of emotion but she just wont bend. then it straight becomes me arguing with my own mom in my own house. shes saying her father was strict so she has to be and im arguing and my dad and brother are fighting in our back yard. then i just punch her in the face.

then my normal brain gets upset that i just punched my mom in the face (which seemed reasonable as she just killed all my friends but it wasnt really her). being upset about this woke me up and i still feel guilty about the image of me socking my mom (she does not deserve this she is very nice to me).

smashed a giant living bee made of crystal beads into the ground with the blunt of an axe to reveal fifty egg yolks inside

It starts off with me playing some game in the Yoshi's Island series, except the entirety of my dream IS the game, like I'm not just sitting there holding a controller. My entire field of vision is within the game from the perspective of someone playing it, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, it's not a real Yoshi's Island game, because whatever world I was in basically took place in Hell, and I was under the impression that this was a secret bonus world or something as it very much felt like I wasn't supposed to find this world. On the little map where you'd close your level, the environment was just fire and brimstone and smoke, with jagged peaks strewn about the landscape. The next level I was to play was a castle, presumably the final level of the world, except I would see on the world map that there was a staircase ascending past the borders of the screen that began from the back of the castle, so I assumed that this would be some sort of bonus level.

I started the castle level, which had some ominous name that I cant remember, and immediately Yoshi is being attacked by these evil, demonic figures. I try to control Yoshi to just flutter jump over the whole level and for the most part it works. This level was actually horrifying, I'm not sure how to describe it. It just made me feel anxious playing it. I finally got to a later point in the level after being chased by a hoard of demons of increasing number.

My perspective transitioned to first person and I was traveling through a cavern in the level. The terrain in the cavern started to get steeper and steeper until I was basically climbing up the walls. All of a sudden, I was outside in a desert, except the terrain was still so steep it was like someone rotated the earth itself by 90 degrees. To my right was a line of people I went to college with, mostly women, in bathing suits and bikinis. It's as if the gravity change had no effect on them as they were standing sideways from my perspective, feet planted firmly on the ground, which to me was just a wall of sand. They paid me no mind as I continued to climb up via gnarled roots of desert trees and cacti.

Eventually I got to a point where I couldn't reach the next root and didn't know what to do. I finally collected my senses and focused, and the earth returned to its normal state for me, so I stood up on the ground and walked away.

I found myself near a construction site with my friend Matt. A man was operating an excavator nearby but Matt kept pestering the man until he lost focus and knocked a bunch of stuff over causing a lot of damage. I felt very embarrassed and The construction worker and myself scolded Matt for what happened.

Matt and I went back to a nearby house where we were staying when some boys we went to high school with arrived, acting strange. In this dream they were petty drug dealers (which might be true in real life lol) and I thought they might rob us or something. Then, a friend of a friend arrived at the house to announce that he was getting braces. The drug dealers left and so did the braces guy. Matt and I went to another room where a young Austrian rocket scientist was staying and we went to a large sandy field to launch several miniature rockets before a sandstorm formed. Back at the house we discussed when would would leave to continue our journey together.

The dream then transitioned to an airplane where the flight crew had announced that there was a vampire on board. For the rest of this segment, my perspective would transition back and forth between that of myself (a man with my wife) and the vampire. As the vampire, I went around the cabin of the plane announcing that I would turn the passengers into my night-creatures and drink the blood of virgins. I began biting people who would then die (only to be reanimated later). As the man, I had taken refuge in the area of the plane where the stewardesses would stand when not serving the passengers. My wife was scared and I wanted to comfort her. As the vampire I got to a pretty black girl in her early 20s. I began to perform cunnilingus on her, exclaiming that she was no virgin. She chuckled in agreement and continued to let me pleasure her. Back as the man, a stewardess was telling me I needed to return to my seat but I refused and told her to get away from me and my wife. Finally, as the vampire, I continued to pleasure the black girl until the dream ended, forgetting entirely about what my original purpose was, as my newly reanimated corpse servants began to wreak havoc on the rest of the plane. And that's the end of the dream.

I was walking down one of those country paths in between two cultivated fields at night with my brother. We came to a level crossing and had to stop because apparently there was a train coming. Two cyclists in luminous green shirts passed us and waited at the crossing for a second. One of them crossed while my brother exclaimed for him to stop, he just made it before the train rushed past, but the other cyclist somehow made it in front of the train and died. I said I'd call an ambulance but thought that sounded ridiculous so said I'd call the police, but there was no service when I dailed 999 so my brother and I had to walk back down the path we had come down. We emerged from the path into the edge of a town next to one of those little power stations (no idea what they're called; the little 10x10 metre fenced off areas with the big electrical boxes inside that you find near rail lines). Some sort of argument ensued when I was trying to call 999 resulting in me pushing my brother to the floor. Someone answered the call and I reported that there had been a death. I was told there was some sort of "account" interface that I had to sign up to in order to call the police, but I remembered I had already made one so I gave my details. I think it ended after that as I was waiting for some response.

During Syrian civil war. I was riding in the back of an APC (BTR-70 I think, to be precise), looking out of a window towards a town like a mile away that was presumably held by the opposition forces. It was being bombed by Russian jets which was fun, everyone was ecstatic. I then sort of left my body and was overlooking the convoy of vehicles I was riding with. There were a few APC's and one of them had some sort of missile system on it (looked like a rapier or similar).

I then "woke up" from this dream and started logging it in Poch's Discord channel. I remember trying to find what the aforementioned vehicle was called but didn't so I think I compromised with some general label like "armoured car".

i was at my family's house and exited into the enclosed porch. it was dark outside and there was this annoying lego baby kid on the floor asking me questions and his eyes were black circles and were unsettlingly large. i tried to shoo him away and began walking to the train station. i was lucid enough to know it was a dream and that i had some control but i knew that the baby would continue popping up because my dream brain tends to be annoying like that. i got onto the train which was more of a boat (?), we were on a lake or river. the color palette was very pastel and cool toned. it was misty blue and green and grey. the train-boat itself was red, it looked like a steam train but the sort that's a playground prop. the front carriage was open. the baby popped up again and i was irked but kept trying to overwrite its existence with my conscious

I was walking through fields near my house where I go jogging and noticed some things were different (which is what I use to lucid dream but my brain didn't even click it ffs). There was a really nice view overlooking the fields at around sunset and there was some magician looking guy at a booth (which turned out to be my teacher) so I went to see what he was about. He told me if I put these glasses on which see through peoples clothes and can concentrate on the view and not look at the two women dancing I'd win some money so I agreed. I put the glasses on and they didn't even work so it was easy and he said I was a natural and that it was a test to get into some secret place as foot fetishes weren't allowed and they were trying to make them go extinct, and if you looked at their feet you wouldn't be allowed in. He handed me the money I'd won and it was just a few pieces of Monopoly money and said that was the currency where I was going. He told me to close my eyes so I did and when I opened them I was in some weird place underground. It was a long spacious corridor with white flowers hanging over the walls with candles and random doors. I opened one and it was the scene from American beauty with some xylophone type music playing. It was the scene where Angela is on the ceiling covered in rose petals and they're just falling. Everything was so red and the music made it prettier but instead of Angela on the ceiling it was a barbie doll and it kind of ruined it. I tried another and it was just a room filled with lights and mirrors but I couldn't see my reflection but for some reason thought that was normal. I saw A looking at herself in the mirror putting on a hat and contemplated saying hello but ultimately decided not to. At the end of the corridor some girl was trying to sell me a jar full of syrup and wanted to question me on my fetishes. Something something sign about not feeding wotsits to the birds

I was chilling with Bread in my apartment and she tweeted that hanging out with Bake was cool and if it continued on for a few more hours that would be nice. Made me feel happy.

One was a shared office printer that everyone was excited about but didn't work, and I was fixing it. It had four ink cartridge slots, so you could choose four colours but people couldn't decide which colours and it used 14% of the ink when you changed them.

Another was waiting to test drive a car, in a changing room, and someone accidentally put their weiner against my leg and held it there, then got angry when I realised

And the last one was I filled 2 litre cola bottles with water and turned them into ornaments that I put by a roundabout, and they looked pretty. Later I made a machine that could make these ornaments and fill them with the exact amount of water.

I had a hologram projector and projected a giant tree above my house. At night it was visible and super.


I was walking across a small bridge that went over shipping cargo containers. I saw a circular small hole about an inch in diameter, which was illuminated, and could hear someone calling out through it. I listened to it. Then I got my phone out and took a video of the bridge and the illuminated hole, and a group of people passing by said it was for a movie with Jim Carrey, and started explaining it. Then I was inside the movie, in an expensive SUV with people explaining how in the movie the father has to give up their life by living backwards. I saw him every day going to the fridge and taking out food when he was eating, getting younger and younger, but there was a feeling it was taking away his life. Back in the SUV I looked through storage compartments and found some target shooting marker pens (who knew they made specific pens for that) and I said to the people in the car that it's ok if they're into shooting guns. They said in South America sometimes you get a refund if the fire service don't come to your house and your house burns down. I felt through another compartment and it was full of drugs, and everyone in the car except me got shot by some bad guys chasing us. Alas I was going to get framed when they found me with them, when I had no idea who these people even were.

There's a sense of movement. Images begin to form and I realize i'm in a large city, tall buildings all around. The movement is me, I'm in a car going somewhere I don't know. I entered a subterranean area under a large building, it's the parking structure built entirely underground. Images navigate me to a large circular tunnel akin to a tunnel for trains, but this one is built for pedestrians only. I enter begrudgingly, I'm not sure why but I don't want to be here. I enter into a main plaza, which descriptions are incredibly hazy to my memory. From the plaza I enter, or rather ascend, into some nondescript store.

This store is unlike anything I've ever seen. Hundred upon hundreds of items on a floor space large enough where I can't see the end. And the items! It's the items that make this dream worth writing about. They're machines, absolute incredible little machines all moving and breathing, almost yearning. Endless shelves of kinetic art sculptures, wooden marble machines, floating glass, infinity mirrors, everything! The crown jewel are the orreries and the small strandbeests. Gleaming brass and aluminum cascaded by the rainbows of light from the glass all around.

Then an alarm! A fire alarm rings, smoke fills and I can no longer see the living machines. I flee into main plaza, heat searing into my back. Then I awake.

(no longer dream, up to you whether to include this part) My morning alarm had gone through two cycles, meaning it had been ringing for approximately 5 minutes straight. I have strong reason to believe the fire alarm was the morning alarm ringing. Significant to me because it means a part of my mind recognized the alarm and then translated the information into an event that fit the dream's continuity. If true why did my mind go through the trouble of maintaining the dream? Why create the smoke, the fire?

I dreamt that I was in front of a scuffed college campus, on public sidewalk, relaxed with some peers of mine. I decided to antagonize a large group of people in front of us, which were students mingling. I yelled, x university needs change. I was holding a blank sign, not causing trouble. My peers intervened with me after I yelled that demanding that I do not continue to antagonize further because of the university police. Next thing I see, I'm being confronted by university PD, only a female cop though, in front of my peers. She makes fun of my shirt referring it to the 70s and I respond that I do not understand what she's saying. Then the female cop says something about how young I am or whatever. I respond to her, I'm positive I am not that much younger than you are. She then approaches me, puts her forearm between my groin and lifts to attempt to lift me and says with excitement, that I "Committed a felony by" blah blah blah. Forgot what the dream cop said. She put me in the car, I was silent the whole trip in disappointment that I could in fact ruin her whole career and sue for false imprisonment.

I was in a small room such as a closet or a train. A shy awkward woman was talking to me and seemed to be flustered by me and was overly friendly. She came and sat directly next to me and started trying to touch me. When I tried to push her away she became more aggressive. She was touching my shoulders and back and when I tried to stand up to get away her jaw hinged open 180 degrees revealing monster teeth and she bit my back at which point I awoke.

I was sitting on a rocky embankment next to the water of a saltwater bay with my Marine Biology professor. We were talking and throwing rocks in the water and I was trying to be polite but I couldn't understand anything that they were saying, their voice was wavering and distorted. I was leaning back on a very comfortable sun warmed rock. Suddenly my professor pointed excitedly at the water below us and started talking very fast and her voice was very distorted. I looked but couldn't see anything there. I carefully climbed down the rocks until I was on a big rock right next to the water. I still couldn't see anything but my professor was still pointing right at the water directly in front of me. I got down on my knees and looked into the water but it was so deep that it became too dark to see anything a few feet down. I leaned out over the water and was peering into the darkness but there wasn't even anything moving, just some sea weed and a star fish on the rock face below me. Suddenly I felt my professor put her hand on my neck and push my head into the water. I almost flipped right into the water but just barely held onto the rock. I tried to push my head back up because my professor was not a large or strong woman but I couldn't seem to get my head above the surface of the water. I started getting desperate for air. I was trying desperately to not breath in the water but the cold was getting to me so I figured that I would flip forward into the water just to get away from her. I tried leaning further forward but I couldn't seem to do it. The water was so cold and I was so desperate to breathe that I was seeing a closing black ring around my vision. Finally I couldn't hold it anymore and I breathed in. I could taste the saltwater in my mouth and tried to drink it to keep from breathing it into my lungs but before I knew it I was pulling it in and it was burning my trachea and I could feel it in my chest burning and sloshing. The burning was terrible but I felt so clear in that moment, no more dark ring, no more desperation just burning in my chest. I took another breath and another, each one burning more than the last, but I just kept feeling better and better. I sort of slid into the water then, I don't know how to describe it, I just felt the pressure of the hand release and the cold of the water all over. I turned around and was about to surface to breath but it was so quiet and nice down in the water that I decided to just swim around instead. I swam down and to the side, I could see my professor on the rocks above but her image was wavering through the water and I decided to just swim. I woke up then.

had some lucid dreams but couldn't control much as usual. it was exceptionally annoying this time. i was flying high up, trying to change the scenery below me into countryside fields, but it stayed as it was, dotted with pine wood houses with little swimming pools. i mucked around with creating portals to a specific place and it felt almost successful but not quite. eventually got to the coast and after a while of fucking around on a pier building i lost lucidity and played around with a skull on the sand that would eat pennies then eject them again. later on in the night i revisited the same beach to show the skull to other people. turns out it was a replica and not a real skull. My friend pointed out that the teeth were obviously fake. After that I was still at this beach but with my family. A goat escaped from a lady nearby and it jumped into the sea (we were on a raised platform over the sea). i got it back but its head popped off like a lego figure and i was distraught and the goat owner was wondering why i cared about her goat to which i explained i am a fan of goats myself. but then its head popped back on and it was absolutely fine and all was good. It became night time and started raining super heavy so me and my family started walking back. Because the tide had come in, we couldn't walk along the beach, so instead walked along the thin ledge wrapped around the side of a building by the sea. it was all on some pier type thing. very hard to explain the actual layout of the land in this one

heavy rain on a beach at night with the moon out is quite a good dream scene

also, it was a Boer goat for any goat enthusiasts out there

I was a literal brain in a not so literal jar (some sort of support container). The support system was running out of supplies, electricity, water, oxygen, glucose, even the sodium and potassium ion solutions were running low. I had some sort of parallax camera system around the container so I could see that I was in some sort of hospital room or lab, but all I could do was watch as critical systems went into emergency mode and feel my thoughts slowing, like I was falling asleep in the dream. There was a power plug sitting on the counter next to my container but I had no way to plug it in. There was an IV stand nearby loaded with full bags but the lines were just dangling uselessly. I was yelling for help but I knew that no sounds were actually being made. I don't remember what was happening in the dream for a bit, but the next thing I remember is seeing the IV lines start swaying after I looked past them, and then noticing that it kept happening every time I looked at them. My dream brain just skipped right over rationality and decided I was going to use telekenesis to plug myself in. I started with the power plug because it was closest. I could feel it like I was reaching out with my hand but I would try to pinch it and it was like my fingers were moving through thick mud or clay and the plug would just move a little bit and then stop. I got frantic and was really scared as I pawed and scrabbled at this thing, moving it only little bits at a time. Finally I got it close and it just jumped and snapped in like one of those magnetic macbook plugs. The sleepy feeling was replaced by something like an intense thirst so I reached out for the IV lines and was only able to set them swinging, nothing even close to enough to get over to my container. I don't remember what happened next but I remember trying to Green Lantern the IV lines, imagining a lasso, then a little grappling arm, and I remember being very frustrated that nothing was working. The dream just immediately skipped to the IV plugs floating in the air and being inserted into the ports on my container. At this point I got frantic because I felt like I couldn't breath and I saw an oxygen tank across the room but things were already fading. Then I woke up face down in my pillow.

I was in a nightclub bathroom trying to escape a group of patrons who were intent on beating me up. I flushed myself and the young girl I was protecting from a crime boss down the toilet. We ended up very deep underground in a large cavern with maroon walls and a very high ceiling. I realized that I had the ability to levitate and so I grabbed the young girl and flew up to a large opening in the ceiling that looked to be filled with water, almost like gravity was messed up since the water in the opening was facing the ground but not falling out. I entered this opening and was propelled to the next cavern, one level up. I continued to do this with the young girl in an effort to escape and eventually we reached a cavern where the next opening was covered by a laser grid. In this cavern there was a large display monitor with a live feed into the security room of some facility. It was implied that the entire network of caverns was this facility and the young girl and I had been monitored this whole time. Finally two men entered this cavern and knew we were in there. The began to chase us. I took the girl and found a passageway that led to the door of a control room door in the side of the cavern and somehow defeated the two men.

The rest of the dream is a weird blur but I remember a very eerie corridor that had smoke, strobe lights, and loud EDM music playing. Whenever I stepped near this corridor an overwhelming sense of dread and unease came over me.

in my dream i went to a university where everyone was celebrating an annual haunting. people were buying full length mirrors and weird masks for the evening and sitting around in circles at home with the mirrors around them, waiting for spirits to appear. they were taking it very seriously but i woke up before anything showed up

I dreamed that I was trying to sleep at my desk at an old job. I was nearly getting to sleep but people kept coming up to my desk and handing me CDs. I would take the CD and put it on my desk but I kept falling down into the CD, it was like falling into one of those portal transportation scenes in TV and movies except it was dark grey and striated with rainbows. In the dream I could somehow read the data as I was falling through it and was exhausted trying to error check each disk. I would fall out of each disk and be back in my office chair, then I would try to go back to sleep but someone would come up and put another disk on my desk. I did this a few times (hard to tell in a dream) until someone came up with a blueray disk which when I fell into was like falling into water, it even felt like scuba diving with the pressure and everything. I was falling normally with the water rushing by and me trying to correct the data as it passed. I missed some bit of data and was trying to swim back to it desperately against what felt like a pretty strong current. I swam hard and made it to the bit which I grabbed onto in order to correct, grabbing on caused me to swing towards the wall of the tunnel and when I hit it I realized I was not in the current anymore. I took off my belt and used it to tether myself to this bit by the ankle and was finally able to fall asleep drifting in the calm water near the edge. That is when I woke up.

i was in a room with a lot of clocks, then i heard a windows alert sound and the clocks started melting

In the dream I had a job doing some sort of electrical repair on a massive industrial machine. I was working inside a huge panel full of wires with lots of connections that had been jerry rigged together. I had some sort of wiring diagram next to the panel but every time I disconnected and reconfigured a set of wires the diagram changed and it was wrong again. I went to reconfigure a big bundle of wires and started getting shocked, I thought that somebody was supposed to have turned off all the electricity but for some reason I just kept going and getting shocked. I got one really bad shock and when I looked down at my arm I had a bunch of little raised scars tracing up and down my arm. I sort of recoiled and the dream went a little hazy. The next thing I knew I was looking at my arm and noticed that the scars traced out a sketchy approximation of the wiring diagram. That's when I woke up.

i met tim tebow and had a beer with him at a restaurant with my mom. i was so excited to see him but he didn't say two words to me.

It was a vague dream with moments of clarity. I was outside in my garden picking corn cobs off the stalk. Most of the corn was normal, but I knew that the last row was from seeds that I had been given by a roadside fruit stand guy. The stalks were sort of blue green and I decided to open it and see if I got blue kernels. I peeled back the husk and saw vibrant blue kernels but my fingernails had broken some of them and a grey powder came out. The dream got indistinct at this point and the next thing I knew I was in my garage extracting individual kernels and putting the powder into test tubes. I ran some chemical tests but all my results were showing nothing. I decided to try burning some of the powder on a watch glass and got ready with a lexan face shield and a torch on a stick. I touched the torch flame to the powder and after just a second of contact the powder ignited and a fireball rose about 20cm into the air. A cloud of smoke billowed from the fireball and so I quickly turned and opened the door to the outside and turned on the extractor fan to let the smoke out. I turned back to see what residue had been left by the flash and instead I saw a roiling fireball floating six inches above the watch glass. There was no smoke coming from the fire anymore and the watch glass had only a light coating of burned material on it. The dream went a little hazy as I tested the floating fireball, I remember putting a candle wick into the fire and having it light, and I remember dropping a piece of paper onto it and having the rising heat push the paper away. I can also remember using copper salts to turn the fire green-ish but then it went back to a normal red orange fire color. The next part of the dream that I can see clearly is me putting on a thermal glove and trying to move the watch glass, unexpectedly the fire moved along with the watch glass. I almost dropped the watch glass in surprise but managed to put it back on the table. I grabbed a piece of paper and put it between the glass and the fire but nothing happened, next I waved my hand in the glove under the fire and almost panicked when the fire jumped up and stayed six inches above my hand. Without thinking I grabbed the watch glass with my bare other hand, but it was if anything cold, I slipped the watch glass under the fire again and it seemed to scoop the fire out of the air and it followed the glass leaving my hand behind. I think the dream faded for a while but the next thing I remember was putting the fire over my bare hand and feeling my skin cool down under the fire. The last thing that I remember was flexing my hand and seeing the fire ball grow and burn more vigorously, I was so excited then I woke up.

Dreamt it was the morning of a big interview at a company I wanted to work for. I was gonna carpool there with my dad because he worked in a building next to the company I was interviewing with. Very busy traffic on the way there and in the parking lot. I reach the suite the company is in and it's very busy. Lots of people. An HR employee greets me and begins to show me around. Dream ends there.

The setting was that of an old Florida town by the beach. Roads in desperate need of repair and businesses on busy roads with low ceilings and walls with faded and chipped paint. Houses practically falling apart with short chain link fences and crooked gates surrounding their property. I parachuted in on a mission to find, infiltrate, and expose a criminal operation that had been working in the area. I was tracking the target with a device that showed me their location, though I did not know who it would be. They were growing closer and soon enough I found myself approached by a beautiful latina girl my age in a car. This was the target. She told me to get in and revealed that my cover had already been blown, and that she would take me back to her higher-ups and have me killed. I, entranced by her beauty, tried to seduce her but did so very clumsily. However, she was at a loss as to what to say after that. Apparently she had been speaking from a script which was poorly memorized. She apologized and instructed me to be the driver as she tried to remember her lines. I obliged. We drove around the oceanside streets and talked. Eventually I discovered I had to ability to reset time back to a specified time that I must establish when it happens, similar to saving your game. I told her how to do it, and then drove the car off of a cliff into the sea. As we were about to drown, I told her to reset, and we did. We appeared back in the car. We discussed this power a bit and did even more dangerous stunts, resetting each time until we eventually were so bewildered, excited, and exhausted that we engaged in carnal pleasure with one another. That's where the dream ended.

Was listening to a Game of Thrones podcast that is actually real, and the co-host was a woman whom I thought sounded hot, so I looked her up but I did not find her attractive. Then I found a video of her doing a strip tease on YouTube and I didn't enjoy it.

It was the end of the work day. Someone in my office was playing Fire Emblem music which was awesome. I was in a good mood and about to leave when my boss stopped me and told me we needed to dig a ditch. Aw man. So we did, and then I went home.

A friend from highschool popped into my dream and we decided to go to target. We walked into the seemingly normal store until she walked me up to a line in the middle of the store. The line brought us to a photo booth where a curly-haired woman was fiddling with her camera. My friend and I were waiting patiently in line when a green haired woman came walking past us in line to get her photo taken. The photographer put a green backdrop to match her green hair exactly. The photo was taken and the green hair blended into the backdrop making her look bald. "Perfect!" The green haired lady shouted as she looked at the portrait. My friend then walks up to take her photo but instead just tries on different lipsticks and then leaves. She did not get any photos taken but she was happy. It may not make sense to me, but at least my dream friend got the lipsticks she wanted.

I was out food shopping and one of the staff kept telling me to buy Birdseye fish fingers because they had a pirate competition. Then some random said that fish didn't have fingers and I was like yeah true. I bought them anyway because they were cheap and as I was walking out the shop the alarm started going off and the security guard asked me why I was stealing fish fingers. I kept walking and the captain birdseye guy came running up to me telling me I'd won and then I regretted buying them. All I remember then was everything going black and waking up on a pirate ship and being the captain of it and wearing pirate clothes. All the other pirates were skeletons and speaking in a really heavy Scottish accent which I didn't fully understand. Then Tommy Wiseau came out and told me to get off his boat and everyone was like who tf are you and he pulled out a sword

I was moving into a new apartment near this really ancient cathedral and like every kid I went to middle and high school with was also moving in and there were various shenanigans but then Jessica Cothern showed up and I wanted to run her ass over so bad

So basically I'm in Westeros and an expedition team led by my brother has made contact with the white walkers and has figured out their secrets. My team was waiting just north of the wall monitoring their progress. That part was very nerve racking because we could tell via a tracker that they were fighting the white walkers and that it was a very close battle. It's weird though because my team is about to go through the same experience, as if this whole thing were a theme park ride. But anyway, we go north and make contact with a WW scout who shows us that they are actually children of the forest but they spray this liquid on them to turn their skin cold and hard to protect them from fire. We enter a cave with the WW scout and he leads us to a subterranean city that's all green with hard vines making up most of the walls, floor, structures, and ceilings. The WW then made us participate in a game show type of event or else we would be killed. That's where the dream ended but my brother had mentioned that later on we would have gotten to an even deeper city that had lava and that's where the real fight would begin.

I was inside of a nice but simple house. My brain accepted that I was now around the age of 25 and had a house and was finally fully independent. On the counter was a strange rectangular device that had a dial on it. I usually kept it low at around 200 (no clue what the units on it were) but that night I felt adventurous and turned it to 1,600 and went to bed (no memories of leaving the kitchen and going to the bedroom just kinda passed out after turning the dial).

I woke up on a baseball field midway taking to the field. It was a rec league and there was lots of adults I grew up knowing but have long lost contact with. I had no clue what base I was supposed to be on so I kinda just went into right field hoping that was okay. The first batter of the inning came up and hit it towards me but I missed it and the center fielder caught it and drew it back in. It was about this time I realized I didn't have a glove or cleats and started to feel anxiety. Next was I looked around and noticed there was 4 of us out there in the outfield (another left fielder, the center fielder, and right fielder) but there was nobody covering second base and as I noticed that a ground ball went straight through the gap and cost us a run.

I quickly ran out there to cover the gap I made because I entered the dream too late to hear our positions. Now we are going and I'm noticing my normal shoes are really sliding a lot out on the clay. A line drive comes towards me and I attempt to catch it and it really hurts my hand and I am unable to fully stop it and it putters out into the outfield and the center fielder catches it and throws it back which gets us an out and ends the inning.

I get back into the dugout and realize that my dad is the coach.... Backstory: he was always my team's coach when I played little league from age 4-12. I ended up quitting baseball entirely not because I was tired or unhappy with the sport but because I no longer could bring myself to put up with the physically and psychologically abusive man he is thanks to alcoholism... To this day I regret leaving baseball and wish I had another option besides that to play without him.
I kept trying to talk with him in hopes things were like they used to be back when I was little and he had not picked up the bottle. He greeted my attempts with silence. At this point I got frustrated and told him that I was gonna run to the sporting goods store and buy a glove, new cleats, and a good bat so that I could make him proud again. He looked but said nothing.
Off I went out of the dugout mid game on a trip that at a minimum I knew would take 30 minutes if I was fast. The game would be over or at it's end by the time I made it back but I knew there was going to be another chance for this... I just hoped.

At this point the machine in my kitchen turned off and I felt a deep sorrow because nobody can control what dreams that the dream machine will give. I felt sad and tried to play with the dial to get the dream to come back but the machine needed to cool down.

And then I woke up.

I had a dream that started out in my old highschool's field. There was a lot of people there but I knew I had already graduated. Then they split us up into two groups and led my group into the gym which to my surprise had been temporarily converted into a massive WWE arena. The announcer started going and introduced all the wrestlers that were all standing in the ring at this point and I was really confused because the guy closest to me in the ring was a kid that graduated with my class and was just in normal clothes even though everyone else looked like normal wrestlers. Then someone in the row behind me told me that I need to scoot back a row because the front row was dangerous to sit in at this event if the matches get out of hand. At this point my dream self turned total ADD and stared out the window towards the field and saw the other half was taking part in a massive Easter egg hunt and had a pile about 5 feet tall with all the eggs they had found. I kinda just left the gym and went to join them. However for some reason by the time I got out there I had seen that a silent auction of cars which could be best described as vintage Mr. Bean style cars was going on and I placed a $7,500 bid and one the smallest one which was a very very short and gray car. I then started to drive around the field in it and had fun but was surprised I fit in it since the car roof was a little higher than my waist when standing next to it.

Now at this point I woke up inside a nicer looking house in a city which I think my brain accepted as my house. And there was a woman standing next to the bed very unhappy with me (no clue her relation to me but she lived with me so I assume dream girlfriend). She was pissed because apparently I really had just bought a $7,500 car but the catch was it was her company which ran the auction and apparently that car auction was real and I had slept walked into it and placed the bid and won.

The next section of the dream was me desperately going through the phone book to find a lawyer that would argue that a sleeping/unconscious person can not legally place a bid in an auction. This went on for some time and eventually I found one and I woke up because I was getting a lot of anxiety as the dream entered a courtroom over the matter.

There was a little girl who looked and dressed like Chucky from Child's Play, except she wasn't evil and was human. She was being attacked by a man with a knife and she had a knife herself. The man ended up pinning her down but she stabbed him. Before he died, he pressed his blade longways diagonally across her face. This gave her the scar that I think Chucky has? Idk I've never seen the movie. But yeah I guess after that she turned into Chucky and that's how Chucky came to be. I'm aware that's not how it happens in the movie but whatever.

Went to a new dentist, whose office was made from an old colonial style home, two floors. Walk inside and his staff is all beautiful women. Before getting my teeth cleaned, I use the bathroom. While pissing I can hear grunting from the room above me. I linger trying to figure out what it is, when an employee knocks on the bathroom door. I open and ask her what the noise is. She listens for a moment and kinda gets a smile on her face like "oh lol I know what that is". She says to me "come on you know what's going on there haha" and I tried to defend myself like "okay but should people in a dentists office really just be fucking like that's totally normal and okay?" She got a bit rude at that point, making me feel like I was the weird one. I was a bit put off by the whole encounter, but shrugged it off when I went in to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist complimented my Henley I was wearing and that was the end of the dream.

I got to go to Japan and sit down with Masahiro Sakurai and the Smash Bros. development team to discuss future games in the series. That's really it. We talked for a while and it was interesting and after, I thanked them for the honor of meeting them and being receptive to my input. Very nice but very simple dream.

My dad and I went to an amusement park where my brother's sister-in-law was celebrating her softball team's recent victory. There was an odd maze you had to go through to board a train that would take you to different parts of the park. My brother and my sister-in-law were also there and the most realistic part of the dream was when she just kept snap chatting their entire trip.

It was Christmas-time and I got Goebel an NES Classic Mini, which he really wouldn't give a shit about in real life. So anyway, I presented it to him in a warehouse and he was about to smash it with a toy lightsaber but I stopped him and said "okay look if you wanna hit something with a lightsaber, hit me" and I pulled out my own lightsaber and told the DJ (there was a DJ) to play Duel of the Fates, but that had already played earlier so I said to just play Battle of Heroes and Goebel and I fought with toy lightsabers and I can't really remember what happened after that but then I was in an airport looking for someone and then a conference room with a bunch of people and my brother was supposed to be paying attention and leading the meeting but was just playing Runescape on his phone. Then I had to write the closed captioning for a piece on the local news about firefighters. That's it.

I was in my apartment and my mom and brother and grandma were visiting me but my boss showed up and he was like wtf are they doing here and I'm like look man idk but why is it a big deal?? Then my mom started to talk about alcoholism.

This dream was boring and it sucked but it's the first dream I've had in a while so I'll take it.

Was in a forest with a bunch of people. One was German and another Swedish and I can't remember the others. One was Australian maybe. We were sat around a fire and one asked to hear people's most embarrassing stories. I remember one girl saying she wet herself on Santa's knee in her teens and he got mad at her and told her all she'd be getting for Christmas was some pampers. And someone else said a really happy moment in their life and we were all confused and realised they didn't know what embarrassing meant. When we got in our tents they were super spacious and had nice beds and really warm lighting. And there was a really nice patterned rug covering most of the floor. We all had to "couple up" as all the beds were double and I got the girl who peed herself and told her not to do it in the bed. Then it was suddenly the next morning and I was the only one in the tent. I woke up irl then

I was back at school in my old art class and we had to draw a picture of how someone died and then showcase it at their funeral. I got assigned to draw someone having a stroke so I drew a picture of them masturbating. My art teacher said it was disrespectful and I had to show it at the funeral and apologise to the family of the man.

I woke up in my bed and it was night time so I looked out the window and saw a small orange glow in the distance. I got dressed and hopped on my bike and made my way towards it with some sort of curiosity mixed with fear. As I approached I noticed it was some sort of big castle like building with old fire torches outside on the walls. I made my way into it and it had a red carpet and dark wood flooring and giant oil paintings on the wall. They all looked very old and one was just of a skeleton that looked out of place. It had a "hello my name is" badge on it and his name was Steve. Which I thought had a good ring to it, Steve the skeleton. I made my way up some old spiral staircase and saw a ghostly apparition walk across the upstairs hallway and into some room. I quickly followed and he was sat on some old red chair in front of the fireplace drinking something out of a glass. I asked him what he was drinking and he told me it was a new cocktail made from whiskey and the saliva of a horse. I told him that wouldn't catch on and he said "what do you know". So I told him people wouldn't drink horse saliva and he countered it with people eating horse lasagna. I told him it was a bit different but he wasn't having any of it. I asked him his name and he said Steve. So I asked him if that oil painting was of him and he said yes but his skin doesn't show in photographs so he just looked like a skeleton. I told him it was a painting and not a photo and he just said yes that's right.

A group of Holocaust deniers/antisemites occupied my old elementary school and was secretly cloning soldiers to carry out their plans to ignite another Holocaust. I infiltrated the school to learn that all of the clones were coming from this one man out on the soccer field dressed like Michael Jackson. I had killed several guards to get to him but had no way of actually killing him since I used all my bullets to kill the guards. I ran to the nearest kitchen to grab a knife but by the time I got back more guards had arrived and they began to open fire. Pretty sure I died.

Location: Westeros or maybe Russia, it wasn't very clear

Opens with a chase through a subway tunnel. Russian terrorists are plotting something, there is a man at the back end of a subway train and if he jumps off at a particular location, it will somehow cause an explosion. I, or someone else (idk it kept phasing from first person to third person) thwarted his comrades who would tell him the exact moment to jump off. I then fed him false information so he jumped off on the wrong spot and died. (Yeah idk this one was a little serious)

BUT THEN I'm in Westeros, I'm on a plateau and I discuss information with a high council about information I obtained from the Russian guy before he died. Apparently the Mountain is launching an attack upon Winterfell. The Russian mentioned an attack from the south, which we had previously thwarted some time ago, but also an attack from the East. East? What Cleganes hail from the East? Quick cut to the mountain riding on horseback against a setting sun with a thousand men at arms to his back. Beside him, another rider, a woman who is his mother and was playing by Natalie Fucking Portman. They ride to Winterfell to engage the enemy.

End dream.

I was in some modern facility rumored to be haunted by a blue demon. I was sent there by Dumbledore, who lent me a time turner and the Master Sword. I was walking down a corridor when the floor fell out from under me and I was in another corridor. Three men heard me fall and came over to me. I inquired about the blue demon and at that moment they became possessed by it and attempted to come attack me. I used the time turner to escape. Then, I tried a different corridor and ended up in an area that looked like Hogwarts. There was a large room with writing on the wall like in Chamber of Secrets, making a veiled threat about several people being drowned. The next room was a tall, winding stone staircase. Master Sword in hand, I began to descend. I heard someone around the corner and I was preparing for the worst when
my alarm woke me up

This is more like a two part dream.

Part I: I'm trying to go on a tour of this one apartment complex, but I can't figure out where to park when I get there. I end up parking in the employee lot, and I walk inside with some luggage that I have apparently. The receptionist warns me the general manager will freak out on me if he sees me, and then right after that he walks by. I drop my luggage and act like it's not mine so he thinks I'm just a traveling salesman or something, and not a potential future resident. But he sees all the luggage and tells the receptionist it's all going to be confiscated. I then have to travel into a storage area in the back of the office to retrieve my luggage, but the general manager catches me in the act. I attempt to distract him by saying his wife is cheating on him with my friend Steve. As it turns out, that was actually true (likely the reason is, I willed it into existence in me dream). Steve and the general manager's wife appear and they all begin arguing as that part of the dream fades out.

Part II: I was at my old middle school. I was a reporter and was covering a story there, when the marching band did a sort of flash mob thing in the entrance breezeway. They were playing Star Wars music. My friend Kyle, who loves Star Wars was there with me. After the first song we decided to head home, when all of a sudden we heard them start to play the Cantina Band theme from A New Hope. Kyle loves that song (even in real life), so we stuck around. Now, there was a bar in the breezeway so we each got a drink. After that we left. I was driving home and I got a call from my great uncle. He was trying to get to my house but was lost. So I had to drive to where he was and escort him to my house. I was a little drunk from the drink I had at the middle school while the band was playing, but I paid that no mind and continued drinking while escorting my great uncle. I was definitely speeding and thought maybe I might get a DUI but I woke up before anything else could happen.

Don't remember much but I was back home with my family at a restaurant and it was really nice.

I'm standing in a ruin, descending a staircase along a wall, both made of stone. At the bottom is an arch doorway and on the other side of it is a group of beautiful women, most of whom I have no idea who they are. But one of them is this girl I was seeing for a little while in college until she flat out cut contact with me.

In my hands is the two-handed ultra greatsword Zweihander, from the game Dark Souls. As the women become aware of my presence they turn hostile and begin to approach me, one at a time.
I clutch my Zweihander with both hands and do some strong attacks, the sword crashing down on them from above. I don't actually end up killing the girl that ghosted me, she just kinda fades from reality after I slay her companions.
Finally, the matriarch of this group confronts me, berating me for disrupting the ancient tradition of being ruled by a god rather than a man. I tell her the age of gods is over and the age of man has begun; the world has no need for god's anymore.

Danny Devito was the janitor of the ruins by the way.


A new cafe opened in town. I wanted a sausage roll and a can of drink. The guy kept giving me the wrong amount of change for well over 20 minutes and everyone was blaming me

I was about 15 again and my friend asked me to go to a theme park with him. I got on one of the rides where you had to half sit and half up. Almost like sitting on one of those wire zip line things(?). It was pretty fun and Halloween/autumn themed. At one part there was just a huge slope going downwards in the pitch black and a giant door at the end. We stopped for a few seconds at the door wondering if it would open. It did and we started travelling through a more well lit area. We got to the big room like something similar to the natural history museums entrance room. It was decorated in pumpkins and orange leaves and Halloween decorations. I was walking around and trying to film a video for [friend] to show her. I heard a big rumble and awoke.

- in a car with family driving through a narrow road between endless residential tower blocks (sandy yellow bricks) in some kind of cheap estate. smash mouth's all star was playing. talked about how i'd hate to live there. got out of the car and looked up and there were loads of people who'd hanged themselves from their windows. it was apparently in korea and they were mostly teenage koreans. i was disturbed and didn't know where to look cos they were everywhere. i told my mother that suicide rates were rly high in korea. then i was hearing/watching a news report at the same time and apparently this kind of mass hanging was a trend on celebrity's bdays and it was to do with Rihanna and she said they did it cos the hooks they hang themselves off of get sent to that celeb

also loads of them weren't dead yet and were slowly asphyxiating and writhing around

- i was watching a retro cartoon about a small round black bug and his older brother who was dressed as a knight and they infiltrated the castle of their prey. the castle was blue. the prey bug was white. the small cartoon bug was on his first outing and his job was to sniff out the white bugs and lead his brother to them. they encounter a white bug who is a tall handsome bug in the bug community and he's wearing a knights armour too. i think he has a dog with him but he's very chilled out and composed. the young bug is dumb and just stays there and talks to him instead of calling his brother and the white bug decides to taste a little bit of the black one, not sure how. anyway white bug decides it's rather tasty and he's never eaten that predator before and he realises the whole predator prey relationship here is a fallacy based on fear. he then leans in and gently kisses the black bug on the mouth and then eats him

ah and there was a cutscene of the white bug in his bedroom with the black bug chained up whilst he slowly ate the black one. there were weird sexual undertones

Somewhere I don't know. I can recognize something, but I don't know if its a voice, person, or the setting. It's all a haze. Things starting getting clearer, colors coming and forms appearing, it's happening very fast. My reality is becoming something I can interrupt, my mind is making something tangible. But this implies my mind created something intangible, something out of me produced information in a system I don't understand. But that's not the focus. Buildings are in front of me, some touch the sky while others have stopped forming. Half a city gleaming in technological defiance while the other half I can't interrupt. I look to see nothing, but I know there is something. I only know it exists and I can't register it.

I think i'm going to die here, this must be limbo.

As the fear settles in, people begin to appear. Unlike the buildings I can see all of them. They are the same and different simultaneously. Familiar faces, I know them from somewhere. But where? I realize they are impressions of people I know. Not exact copies, they are like a photo of a photo. I turn to talk to them, but I stop. I have no voice. I knew that to start with. I realize these are people are visions, I made them. I have no desire to speak to them anymore and it dawns on me I never wanted to speak to them to begin with. I want them to disappear. And so they no longer exist. As soon as I do however I panic. Did I kill them? Can I bring them back? I start losing focus, it's becoming a haze again. The colors are leaving, the shapes deforming. I've just turned off a number of existences.

But I know this fear quite well. It's been with me since my first memories, this I know without a doubt.

So I snap control. Focus, focus, focus. I turn off everything and it's just me. No emotions. No loss. And I remember who I am. I slowly bring back the buildings and the people. It's exactly the same as before but somehow not. I wonder whether to stay here or wake up.

I dreamed I was up in the air, maybe a plane flight or something but basically on the outside able to see everything, and we saw one dark bird fall out of a flock of dark birds, and as it drifted down I said it looked like an ink blob diffusing into water, thinking it had just happened to die midflight, but on closer inspection it wasn't dead at all, just a baby bird that hadn't learned to fly quite yet, with its mother teaching it now, hopping from one small cloud to another, because it didn't yet understand that you can't stand on a cloud for long without falling through

puppies licking face. man fucking sheep and there's sheep shit on my denim jacket which i have to wash off at home. stinks bad , having a really not good time.

above bed dense fog clouds andfoliage instead of ceilinhb

running away in hospital w purple ray gun. at first i think it kills u but then it sends u to sleep for 7 hrs. running and meet diff staff along the way, number of us decreases until we're nearly out of the hospital and i don't shoot the remaining few bc i trust them and i know they're good. we all run out and it's golden hour and i think we run across a bridge and there are red bricks on buildings nearby and the sky is blue. then we run to a park. the ground is flat and grassy and the trees are autumnal and short but the light is passing through the leaves and it's beautiful and i say something about how wonderful nature is because you don't need to have money to enjoy a tree. i mention that in the end it wasn't so hard to leave behind things like our CDs bc music can be found everywhere. this is before i talk about trees.

I dreamt that I was unclogging a storm drain at the bottom of a hill near where I grew up. The rain just kept coming and washing more and more debris into the grate clogging it more and more. The water level would rise around me and then drop as I reopened the drain. A couple of times the water got high enough that I had to completely submerge myself to get to the grate. Eventually I felt like I had finally made significant progress, the water had drained to my ankles and was flowing into the storm drain unimpeded. Someone shouted at me and the voice was familiar but I can't remember now if I knew who it was in the dream. I heard a grumbling, groaning sound, and noticed that the water on the edge of the still draining pool was starting to freeze and big chunks of ice were cracking and lifting up. I slogged out of the water towards the uphill side and got out just as the ice-front reached the edge behind me. I watched the ice build up as more water flowed around me and onto the iced over puddle. The rain picked up again and the mass of ice kept getting bigger as I moved further up the hill to get away from it. I had already backed up about 10 feet away from the ice and watched as the flowing water that I was walking through started crystallizing just a couple feet down hill from me. I backed up faster but the ice was quickly gaining on me. I sidestepped to get out of the flowing water, hoping that I could let the freezing pass me by. Instead the ice took a turn away from the flowing water and came at me. I backed up the hill faster and faster but the ice just kept gaining on me. Next thing I knew I had tripped and fallen and hit my head on the pavement. The dream faded at this point but came back very vividly as the ice started growing around my ankles. Immediately I could feel the heat being sapped from my legs. The ice continued building around my legs until it was up to my waist, at which point it mercifully stopped although my legs kept getting colder and colder. Just when my legs were starting to go numb I woke up.

I was snow camping at the time and as it turns out my sleeping bag had come unzipped exposing my legs to the cold air. Apparently in my sleep I had pulled my wool blanket up towards my chin and was exposed my legs even further.