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I was somewhere in Western Europe and had a rental car so I swung by Bread’s house to say hey. Obviously driving there with a car isn’t really feasible but it worked in the dream.

When I arrived, Bread and Bread’s mother came out, who was very polite. They looked very similar. We chatted for a bit and then I had to leave.

A short and rather tame dream this time.

i left my parents house and didnt set the alarm/lock it and went across the street to my old friends house for some reason. and then my dad-like figure comes out and tells me that “the oracle has stolen your mother’s vision” and i go out and theres this like dark souls type huge lanky scary crouched monster person (kind of like dancer of the boreal valley movement but with no sword or twirling. moving around hunched with knees really extended squat walk).
and me and my dad are casting spells at it and i go inside and dont wanna believe it. my mother only has one eye and is walking around out of her mind not accepting it. and im super upset in the dream and wake up super upset seeing her like that. also we battle some more and he takes her other eye

Some kind of disaster had left two holes in the Earth and humanity was facing extinction. I was on a Navy ship, one of two dragging a giant nuclear bomb like a wrecking ball dragged along the shallow blue tropical ocean floor. Everyone was excited to be on the boat despite knowing they wouldn't live very long due to the radiation the device was already giving out. Some people had paid a few dollars to buy a live streaming camera and were streaming their final moments so other people could watch them. Fast forward to the future, and the planet was fixed. Plants had been genetically modified so blueberries grew in seconds.

Bread solo produced a very successful indie puzzle game, as well as a highly anticipated sequel, which was coming to Nintendo Switch. I don't remember the basis of the gameplay but I was very excited to play it and was telling everyone I knew to buy it.

I dreamed someone sprayed paint in the air and showed me the sky was just a painting, and the aliens found out and started a nuclear countdown

at an indoor pool with two friends. me and a friend grab hands and dive in, then push off the ground and use each other to sling around the pool at high speeds. the pool has wildlife in it, we see mantarays and i remark how unjust it is putting such big guys in such a small area. there are birds in the water i guess and my friend says theres an eagle and imagine if it flings you youll go far. flinging around the pool makes me giggle and yell like a child. it was so much fun

I recently started hooking up with a new girl, who stayed over this night...in the dream, she was awake as I was still in bed, and was on the phone with a friend. All I heard from the conversation was "Swallow it, betch," spoken in a very Paris Hilton/Britney Spears esque voice.

Later in the dream, she was absent, and I was hiding behind a corner in my apartment (wearing only my underwear) because I heard people at the door. It turned out to be my two landlords (an older couple), entering unannounced. Before I could visually identify them, I screamed a battle cry and lunged at them, thinking I was being robbed or something.

My dreams had led me to believe that the girl had left my apartment already. So when I woke up and saw her sitting on the bed with a hand on my arm, I shrieked at the top of my lungs and frightened her (and then mumbled "oh sorry i thought you left")

My father and I were in a snowy park. We sat in a section reserved for "conspiracy theorists." Lord Voldemort was the president of the usa, and the subway stations had blood coming from the walls--we were conspiracy theorists for thinking something wasn't right with the world. I entered the subway station alone later and finally found a train after waiting a very long time. After disembarking, I noticed I was wearing strange, neon pink running shoes. I started speed walking, at about 3 times the pace of a normal human. An enchanting asian girl saw me and was somehow able to match my speed--her hair was the same color as my shoes. We both walked in unison for a very long time through the long hallways. The whole time this song was playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kkjmos0tjbc

When I woke up I couldn't get the song out of my head, but couldn't remember what song it was. Eventually, I remembered, and smiled as I began to make my coffee.

I was in some kind of summer camp or resort or something and it was mainly people my age or younger (like kids running around but also early 20s people)

There were mountains but it was also right by the beach, and you could either walk on the beach or slowly walk up a hilly dune/cliff and at the end of the cliff it trailed to the edge to look like this (Right is top of cliff and the trail that leads to edge, Left is aerial of cliff and water below)* drawing absent

Something happened and I was super emotional but I don’t remember what. The sun was setting and I started running towards the edge of the cliff and in my head I was like wait am I going to stop or am I just going to jump off and die on purpose teehee. But when I was getting closer to the edge I realized there was a whole bunch of people there and some of them had tubes and were jumping with the tubes but it wasn’t dangerous or anything idk why I thought I was trying to kill myself lol anyways…The landscape kind of shifts for the next part to happen, I was running towards the water and as I got close a huge wave came and it knocked me over and now there were only three other people on the beach - a guy that looked like someone at disco, a teenage girl, and a boy that was probably like 12. The guy from disco was scraped up but fine and the girl and boy had been completely fucked up and their legs and arms were broken and they could not feel or move anything. And I was telling them not to move because they could make it worse and they were crying and losing their minds and it was getting darker. I told the guy to call 911 and he said “why am I always the one calling 911” and then we all fell asleep kind of like stranded on this beach ?? That wave like took everyone out to the ocean and completely destroyed the cliff and nothing looked familiar. We all fell asleep and then I woke up when I heard a guy mumbling to himself - it was a doctor. And I was like thank god someone came. And this doctor looks like Robert deniro with a tooth pick hanging out of his mouth and shit 😭😭 he’s looking over the girl and I asked him where the boy went and he said “there was no other boy when I got here” and then he gave the girl one last look over and pulled out a gun and shot her ?? And I was like wtf why did you just do that and he went on a whole melodramatic speech about how she was as good as dead and what’s the point of making her live through all of this when the best medical care they could provide to her was what?? Dentistry?? and then the doctor sat next to me and started talking about how he doesn’t know where the hell we are and his gps stopped working on his way here, then the guy from disco says at least we’re on the beach. And out of nowhere a reindeer or some or some shit comes but it is like. Carnivorous and apocalyptic and trying to eat us😭 it comes out of nowhere and it smells like death and its eyes are huge and red and it’s dark and there’s only light from the moon but it is so scary I see all of it in great detail. It bit at the girls leg and swung her across the beach and then bit at the guy from disco and the doctor shot his gun in the air and it ran away. And then the doctor and I ran up to the guy and he was bleeding out and looked terrible and when I looked up to the doctor the scenery had changed completely and we were in the mountains in falling snow and the snow around us was all red and we were somehow in diff clothes ?? Lol. And now the doctor had a cigarette and I was like well?? And he said what? I said aren’t you going to shoot him he’s about to die and it is NOT a slay 😭 and he leaned back and started reaching for his gun and then the deer thing jumped out from the trees and pounced on the doctor and then it was standing over him looking him in the eyes as he’s clawing at it and kicking and the doctor just stopped and then disappeared into the snow like it was quicksand and then the deer turned to look at me and it was like. A shot zoomed into its eyes and nose and I woke up 😋

i was on a rooftop (some disused brick building) at dusk by myself, and i found a mug sitting by a chair--dark blue, with something like, "the nectar of ultimate despair" written on it in sharpie. i took a sip from it, and it was really tasty--a warmed up strawberry mead or something. i really carefully climbed down the side of the building with the mug still in one of my hands. when i got to the bottom i found some of my friends (not real people) milling about and tried to get them to try my mystery juice, but they thought it was gross that i was drinking out of some random mug i found outside. it was so delicious though. and then out of nowhere, Emily Gilmore jumped out and tried to blow my head off with a Giant revolver.

i am walking across my elementary school campus with a coworker when the intercom says that it sees my ankle twitching, orders me to freeze. we are swarmed with cops and one asks if i have a bomb on my ankle. i say no and my coworker begins pleading and crying. i say no again basically laughing at the ridiculousness of it.
an officer next to me then begins unloading an uzi style fast automatic gun into my side, moving up my arms. once the bullets reach my head, everything gets darker. the scene gets smaller and further away as all else becomes black.
my brain makes one last joke, saying something like, “well if you dont want to die the last thing you want is a bunch of bullets in your head.” i sit in the empty dark “death” for a moment before waking up.

i had a cool dream where I went to a sort of theme park and one thing there was there were tablet computers with wheels that drove around and you could get them to do anything like move furniture and they would team up and work together but then there was an EVIL PIT where somoene was trapped and it all blew up

ron swanson comes into my room at night. idk why but we struggle and a grenade ends up goinf off rhat hurts him. he dies later that night of confused circumstances. some think i did it, including ron? im not too worriee about it

later im swimming in the ocean with my mom. we dive deep and i get a whole ass squid suctioned to my entire arm. i calmly tear it basically to pieces off me. shortly aftee i notice somethjng wrapped around my arm. it is calmly trying to burrow thru my shirt. it kinda looks cute doing so. i tear it off and throw it but not far enough. it swims back over and sinks its 2 fangs into my hand (its a sand flea). it hurts a lot and i wake up feeling an ache in my hand

i was a florist. we had to bring flowers to a wedding venue the night before we were supposed to set them up because it was a huge order. we took three vans, two people each were in the other two vans and i was alone in mine. it was raining really hard, and we were driving through crazy country roads that had a lot of curves. i got to the venue and waited a bit before trying to call my coworkers. i called them each five times and no one answered. i got back in my van and drove back. i saw white, black, and yellow (almost gold?) flowers all over the road and slowed down my van. i realized both vans had crashed in the rain and there were flowers everywhere. the lights from the vans were lighting up the flowers in this really haunted way…like something out of x files. i got out of my van and started towards one of the vans, and i saw that both of the people in it were dead and one of them had their face coming off of their head. i started walking towards the other van and someone was moaning. i got close enough to see it was the coworker driving that was still alive and i asked if they could hear me. he turned his head and coughed up blood and stopped breathing. i sat on the side of the road with flowers all around me and called 911 sobbing and the rain got heavier and heavier and the operator could not hear me and i just screamed and another car’s headlights started slowly coming towards me. i stood up as the person driving asked if i was okay that is where the dream ended

Everything was upgraded- all senses, sight, vision, taste. They were all better. All pleasure but also upgraded to maximum. Also everything just worked perfectly- all machines and devices and plans. But it was by accident, so god downgraded us back to economy.

my friend asks me to be the drummer for the backing band of vampire weekend for one show. i havent played drums for nearly a decade, but i say yes because how could i pass it up?
a little before the show im like, oh god i havent even prepared at all. i dont know a single song. i start listening to their last album and air drumming the parts. my friend assures me itll be fine. we’re backstage and im looking at the setlist on a playlist and it keeps growing. songs that arent even by them.
i decide to take a little breather walk before the show. i walk to some apartments near (dream) mine. i decide to knock on some apartments and have them help me practice? i knock and they let me in and it’s a group of like 6 college age people. theyre looking at me like? but when i say nvm ill just go they say no you’re good. so we start to load up a song on youtube and i guess i wake up.

i currently have an immense crush on the friend of someone i had a one-night encounter with (some context. i'll call the crush T and the friend B). my dream starts off with T and me going on a date. we have a fun time and we are really vibing. then it's like a montage of us dating and getting closer, a large part of this is sharing music with each other. T and i get really high and we're like "we should start a band..." B has a shit ton of music stuff (they play guitar and piano and have little projects already, though nothing big). T says we should do it with B, since they already have more things and experience than us. we practice together and learn songs as well as make a few of our own. none of us are particularly talented at any one instrument, and a big bit of ours is switching instruments mid-song because one of us is more suited for a certain part of the song. we also always sing with two people or all three of us at a time because we have terrible voices but it's harder to tell when we sing at the same time. we play a show at a bookstore (owned by someone else i had flings with, lol). we do a few songs and then i say "this is my roommate's song, but they don't want to be in the band because men are in it...but they're gonna come up and do this one with us anyways." and we all do their song and it's really fun and they join our band by the end of the night. it was a crazy dream because it felt like a memory of something that had already happened, like even as i was dreaming it i knew what was going to come next

His name was John. I had known him in high school for some time, he had a good head on him and an equally good personality. We had never known each other as children before yet we were standing together in the elementary school I attended as a child. The young saplings I'd ran around as a youth were now proud trees, surrounded by newly planted flora all around. "Looks a lot different now," I said to myself and John, but mostly to myself. I looked over to tell John how there only used to be three trees in the whole yard back when I was a kid, but when I turned to him there was only a child standing there. I recognized this child was in fact John himself.

This realization triggered this great vertigo in me and I realized I was also a child. I had incorrectly believed we were both aged due the the passing of time indicated by the trees. While the trees had indeed grown, me and John had not. Old and forgotten memories of my childhood began flashing to the flux of my consciousness drifting in and out of the dream. Most of it is lost to the blur of thoughts.

Once my perception starts to solidify I notice I am standing in my high school as a young adult. John is still there and he isn't a child anymore either. Standing next to him is Cory. I met Cory in middle school and we were pretty tight knit for a while. Cory also had a good head on him, but he was a very tired soul. The kind of tired where it doesn't matter so much if you have a good head on you or not. We were walking around on the grass yard, talking nonsense as any group of youths do, when John discovered a dead bird. It was the perfect thing to capture our grotesque teenage curiosity, in it's terribly rotted and mangled state.

We crowded around the bird and I saw John's eyes glance me over and in a flash he stomped on the bird. It's bloated corpse exploded, it's entrails perfectly aimed at me. I was splattered with mangled flesh and I start to gag at the smell of it all. They all laughed at me, but of course I'm not laughing with them. Instead I'm horrified and hurt. The laughter is John's encore as he steps on it a second time, this time splattering my face with rot. They reel over in laughter as I stand there trying to maintain composure. I stand there struggling to understand why they are being so cruel to me.

I try not to cry as I walk away from the laughter. Their joyful howls ring in my ears as I finally let go and bawl. I walk for a bit till the tears dry up and I end up in some kind of dormitory. No one gives me any attention as I walk around and help myself to the showers. I mill in hot water for what seems an eternity till the lights abruptly shut off. I struggle to find my way out of the restroom and find some of my possessions have been stolen, presumably as I was distracted by the sudden darkness. I helplessly look around, but all I see are people whom I'm invisible to. My things are long gone.

I make my way back to the yard where John and Cory are. As soon as he spots me, Cory jeers, "Smells like something dead walking over here!" They all laugh at me again. I continue waking to them to rejoin the group.

Then I remember the trees that have grown and the old memories I have forgotten. They make me have this idea. This inkling that maybe I don't have to walk over to them. That I don't have to live that kind of hurt anymore and I don't have to feel those things. So I stop walking. I start to turn around and catch John's eye. For a second there is remorse in his eyes. He knows what he did was cruel and he's admitting it to me silently. It was a nice moment till someone yelled out, "He's walking away, what a little bitch!"
"Where you going bird brain?"
"Let the loser leave haha."

So I start walking away and don't look back again.

I realize I have nowhere to stay now. I walk aimlessly and hopelessly in a small outdoor market. I'm alone and I'm scared. Although I'm not a child anymore I certainly feel like one.

I walk some more until someone catches my attention. A woman, she looks to be Spanish and dons a mostly neutral expression, accented by a subtle smile. She is incredibly beautiful in the unconventional kind of way. Most people would not bat an eye, but to me she is beauty and warmth incarnate. I have dreamt of this woman before once, but I did not speak Spanish and could not communicate with her.

This time I can though. I walk to her and In Spanish I simply tell her, "I have no place to stay."

She smiles warmly and replies, "That's ok, won't you walk with me?"

And so, alleyway after alleyway, street after street, we walk together. In those moments I felt like I was drifting from the purples, to the blues, and the pinks that make up a good sunset. With her I felt something I had not ever felt before: safety. I could tell she knew I had never felt this way before either, which made my soul ache even more. I truly understood she would never harm me, for her only language was love and she would teach me to speak. To be hers was this warm, body encompassing euphoria, an infinite fuzzy tingling everywhere. I wish I could have spent an eternity with her. How cruel is it to feel safe for the very first time and then wake into the cold.


I dreamed I had a boss and we had a plan to install some new server or something for some customer. Part of the plan was I was going to experiment with it to get familiar with it. Once I got started doing the work, he then said do I really need to be experimenting, and was trying to be cheap. He video called some guy in Africa that had nothing to do with anything, who for some reason was using a old style phone handset (during a video call) and holding it sideways while dribbling into it. Also the boss billed them for some paper, which we saw on the bill when we looked at the carbon copy. What the. At some point we walked past his house which was flooded with water.

I dreamt that my parents and I went on a massive ship, all white and several stories high. It wasn't a luxury cruise ship, but was more practical. We hung out on the top deck, while it sailed toward open ocean. After a while, they announced they would be doing a challenge course and that all passengers should hold on. My dad went to the the middle of the deck and held on to a pole, and my mom and I huddled along the railing on the right side. The ship went impossibly fast for its size. First it made a left turn, but then quickly switched to right and it turned so hard that the right side of the ship (including my mom and i) dipped into the water, and our grip broke free and we were released into the water. We were both scared of the thousands of feet of space below us, but the ship quickly came back and hosted us up. We had a good laugh, and the only consequence was that her camera wasn't waterproof. Theee end.

at a dinner table with an older lady and two dudes and a younger woman. the older lady alludes to our meeting a bad fate at a dinner. she switches something and toilet plungers fly out at the rest of us, landing on our chests. we all start to sink in pain but this only seems to take out one of the dudes.
the old lady now has a box cutter and a man comes in with a rifle but it's really thin. i get behind a low cubby and move about.
me and the younger woman run down what is essentially my childhood bedroom hallway to what would be my brother's room. i have the box cutter and im hiding in the closet. i wonder if i should go and help the other dude on my side, but the enemy comes in. i jump out and try to slit his throat with the box cutter, but it does no damage and he says something like, wow really effective.
he then goes to knife us, but the other dude runs in and knocks the enemy's high ponytail clean off. after it falls we see that he also got a slice of skull and brains. the wound squirts blood and the enemy falls after a pregnant pause. im like, damn nice man.

I dreamt that I met and befriended Thor. He was definitely a god, but he also alluded to being Chris Hemsworth several times. He gave me powers to fly, so we zoomed around doing stuff and hanging out. He was determined to get me a date, but he also scheduled us to do something every day. When it got late at night, I went to go home so i landed down in this futuristic city that had fast moving canals that you could swim through instead of streets. I was looking for a hotel, but i ended up at an AMC theater. There was a live play going on, about a romance between two teacups. Then, I woke!

I was waiting in line somewhere that required you to use a pen to fill something out, maybe a bank or post office, with a counter to write on which outlined where to stand while awaiting service. This guy began approaching where I stood, wearing a basic white tshirt and jeans, but on the opposite side of the counter. When he leaned over to sign something, I immediately noticed that he was Tom Holland. Instead of going full dweeb, I acted super nonchalant and only said hello. He smiled back, laughed and left Zendaya for me. Then my alarm went off. I watched dune that day so I guess Zendaya’s lack of screen time translated into my dreams at night.

I was staying in a hotel for a few weeks and I didn't want to leave, so I just ignored in the back of my head that perhaps today was the last day I had booked it for. When I got back from a trip to my hotel, I found a huge pop band (maybe 30 people) had moved in, and because I had overstayed, my items had been archived. I looked around the room for hours, and nobody seemed bothered by that, but I couldn't find my stuff. I eventually asked, and somebody took me to an archive room where you had to sit in a tiny cube and it moved around other cubes. We never found my stuff. I did get delivered to the future where the downtown part of my city had been burrowed out to make more space, down at least 15 stories. Somebody was alarmed I was walking around the burrowed out area, saying you need to get inside now. It turned out a giant sphere that turned around once every few seconds was beaming out radiation, to cleanse the area, and the only safe parts were the workers hotels at the bottom. I went into the workers hotel and took a slice of pizza. THE END

I dreamed there was a major energy crisis to the point of rioting, but my friend had a horse. He let me ride it but I had to transfer it's poop in my mouth to the market where you sell the poop. The poop was worth more than gold.

I went through some kind of dimensional portal to the same time, but where plastic was banned, and got arrested because something I owned contained plastic.

I dreampt that I got invited onto a luxury cruise by my friend that I kinda have a crush on (it's complicated) (she recently invited me to a wedding next weekend IRL so it probably stems from that). We played games with the other guests, like battle beam (had to look up the name) and ate at buffets. I befriended the guests, who were mostly men, but I also felt jealousy as my crush often opted to play the games with them instead. However, there was one woman aboard who all the guests recognized as a famous Latin singer. Everybody was too nervous to talk to her, but I could tell she was lonely during the games and dinner. I didn't know who she was, so I talked to her like it was nothing and it went well. I didn't feel anything romantically for the singer, but I wondered if this would further divide my crush and me. And that's all I remember!

I had roommates in college, but haven't had any in years and don't plan to. However, I dreampt that I got a new roommate. He was a tall white male, with an obnoxious short haircut. Immediately he's bothering me, following me around everywhere and prodding my things. Then I go to poop, and he comes in and stands right over me, looking down at me as I poop. I yell at him, and he goes back to my room, where I see he also has a mischievous sidekick friend throwing my things around. I finish and confront him, but suddenly dream mechanics kick in and all my yells are muted and I start punching his chest but I have the strength of a toddler. This doesn't affect him at all, and my dream ends there.
Not a great one but it's the first to break the chain of horny dreams I've been having.

me and a few dudes are training for war in this medieval castle. i suppose it is about to be besieged. i forget most of the training but towards the end we're just trying to hype ourselves up for it.
as though it was some tradition, this cute blonde woman who was in classic medieval maid clothes got up on the stage. she was blind and it was a game of chance where what she reaches for could be helpful to us in battle or not. she pulls out a banana but out of the banana comes a sharp kitchen knife. she tosses it around and cuts her arm, so i figured she had hurt herself and we were safe. but no, she giggles at the cut and begins her aiming towards the small crowd of us. i run into an adjoining room and wait a bit.
i go back to the large room. at the door stood an older man i knew to be an experienced warrior. as he knife flew at him he caught it in the crack of the door as he closed it.
then we all went as sat back down. someone revealed a mini fridge with energy drinks. i had the choice of a monster ultra or a monster super. checking the caffeine amounts, the super had 10 more mgs, so i chose the ultra cause it's already too much caffeine. guess they wanted us all stimmed up for battle.
we then began to dance to some old-timey, maybe italianish music. the room was split by metal fencing like it is at events, and on the other side was the other army i guess. there was an old man absolutely going in on his dance.

i am in a fictional circus themed house (brothel?) from GTA, which becomes irl. the house is a front for something illegal. franklin and michael are with me. the house gets busted and swat teams are infiltrating and throw bugged devices at us to track our location inside the house. we scatter and i run outside. it’s sunny and we’re in the countryside. it doesnt feel very scary but it is very high pressure. it also doesnt feel like we are criminals. we are just trying to be free.

i run outside across the field to a row of a couple houses (4?) with washing lines inbetween them and a fence on one side. theyre built directly on the grass- there is no paving. the houses are 2 storey and look unkempt, and their height and proximity causes the areas inbetween to be shaded from the sun. eric andre and hannibal buress chase me between the houses. i am running like crazy trying to slip from their sight but every time they spot me they throw a bugged walkie talkie shaped thing in my direction which helps them know where i am when i run behind the next house. i complain it’s not fair that they can see me. finally i dodge between the houses well enough that they lose sight and then i hop a fence and run across another field.

mort from madagascar is with me now and it changes so i’m mostly watching him escape for a bit. maurice is with mort too i think, and we are both guiding mort.
there is a huge SWAT team chasing us and they are the “bad guys” and we’re good and trying to live our lives and not wrongfully go to prison. all of us from the circus house are in this together despite not all being close to one another. we’re united by the shared cause, but we’ve all split off into our own small groups during the chase. i cant stress enough how high pressure the chase is- it constantly feels like they are an inch away from getting us. there is no time to spare. i mention this now because i was thinking about this in this moment in the dream.
the bad guys are chasing mort down a wooded hill but he gets under tree cover which helps bc he blends in bc he is a little lemur (maurice and i suggest this to him). i’m talking to mort while he does this and telling him to run/hide etc. he has been going straight downhill (“north”) and hopping fences in the woodlands but after losing them for a bit he turns 90* to the right (“east”) which i think is a great idea. he runs a long time then turns north again to continue downhill, and after a while turns east then north and downhill once more.

eventually we exit the forest and continue downhill until we are on flat land in a residential riverside area. it’s still countryside but by the riverside houses there is dusty gravel instead of grass. it is hazy and sunny and feels quiet and calm. the canal goes from west to east.
while watching mort escape i didn’t rly have a body but i do now. me and mort celebrate because we found eachother again, but there’s no time to waste so i get in a pedal boat that’s docked and we start going down the river/canal, eastwards. the pedalling is very fiddly and slow, and mort cant help me because he is a lemur. i look around for a motor boat we could jack but no luck.
we overtake a bunch of people in boats incl a fat guy in a nice motorised one and i want to steal his boat but i don’t. we pedal on for a while and leave the people behind. the calm quietness resumes and the sky is darkening as we approach twilight. there are small houses extending onto the river surface, with wooden docks and piers all the way along. on the right of the river behind the houses are hills in the distance, which is the side we came from. on the left behind the houses is flat grass and a few evergreen trees.
i spot an open window to a house on our right so i suggest we make a quick stop to grab stuff. there’s a blonde girl (18-24) like julia stiles/christina ricci with her grandmother. the room is dark and the walls are purple. i run in, steal an outfit, and climb back out the window. the girl looked unimpressed. it’s a very quick scene because we constantly feel like we’re being closely chased.

i stand on some grass further ahead and change. the outfit is a red camisole, dark jeans and brown cowboy boots. it’s very 2000s. suddenly we spot some of the other guys from the circus house, which was now like a zoo in my head. one guy there was the “snail keeper”, and maurice from madagscar was there. there were a few other people i was friendly with, like someone from work. we were all so glad to be together. we walked on and noticed we were entering a city. we had no idea where we were so we were pleasantly surprised that we had made it out of the countryside. we were on a grass yard by a big road and there were a few run down, large apartment blocks scattered around. it was cloudy and dim now.

we called an uber to take us into the city and it arrived. it was a 7 seater as requested. we all got in and the driver was happy to aid and abet us. we went down a residential street like a british one and i was wondering about it being out of place here, since it was the US. this made me suspicious of my brain influencing the surroundings. when entering the city outskirts i also noticed it was being made my by brain to an extent because i was manifesting it a little. i subconsciously made us enter a more appropriate city street, and now we could tell we were in NYC. one guy in the car was my uncle now and he and someone else and i were talking about swimming. we drove on a large crossroads in the city centre. on one quarter (surrounded by skyscrapers) was a flat grassy park with a big food stand like a nicer version of the ones they have in london.

we start discussing where we should go now that the chase finally feels like it’s less urgent. it feels like we have almost Made It, but we're cautious. we talk about a country in south america where we don’t need to pay taxes (we have a bunch of cash in bags like we just did a heist, but it was taken from the circus house). we will all live comfortably wherever we go, as long as we get there. i mention that our lack of ID is gonna be a huge issue if we go abroad though. some of us think about going to a nearby city (it’s easier for us to hide in cities) like in massachusetts.

it feels sweet discussing the future because for most of the dream it felt like we were going to get caught and stuck in prison Forever. now it feels like we could actually make it and live our lives, at least for a little while

as i was getting done working on a plasma donor, i checked the notes in his file. there was one i had assumedly put in, as it was something i thought about him before. and another, and there was a bit about one of my days, and a bit of creative writing i did… what’s going on?
i go to one of my managers and show them. he says that corporate doesn’t just keep record of what i write in the files, but of everything i write. i was shocked and dismayed.
luckily i didn’t have time to dwell on it, because a kaiju attacked the city. i saw some alien pod fly through the sky and destroy a building. i spent the rest of the dream running between buildings with employees. it was basically cloverfield

walking home from a cul-de-sac a street over from my parent's house i see two guys, one with a scoped rifle aiming at me. a bullet rings passed, barely missing me. as i hurry home i see them chasing my childhood friend around, he is narrowly avoiding bullet spray. i am watching this through a slit in my garage door, wondering if i can help with my (uh) RC controller with long antenna that i think shoots BB's. but i dont wanna shoot them if they're using a fake gun. well anyways he makes it home and i go to sleep.

i wake up (in a fairly realistic state) to a buzzing sound, sort of like a lot of people talking but in the distance. eventually i know the two men with guns are in the house. i look through a slit in my door to see them rummaging the fridge and around the kitchen for like coins or whatever.
my brother periodically bangs on my door and stretches the slit open enough to peak his head in. i would let him in by the time he stretched it open but he would always leave.
my mom comes in as im about to call 911. i call and the lady on the phone makes some machismo joke about how even if their guns are fake the cops' guns are real. i guess they get arrested.

also it was odd how they never really seemed interested in me or my family as they rummaged around. my brother just came and went no problems. very polite home invaders, 8/10 would recommend.

i was watching a video of the band Black Midi play live (as i have done many times), though details were changed such as the lead having an afro and painted nails, and they were missing a second guitarist.

later, i became the second guitarist. i was just filling in. we were on stage and i used this rickenbacker type of guitar, though only have the strings were doubled and it had way too many knobs and switch positions. also, at first the strap was way too long. i struggled to play it, feeling like the classic rock punk guy who plays their instrument comically low. eventually i got it up higher, though i would continue to struggle with it a bit.
also, i didn't know the music. but that seemed okay. no one seemed to notice much. i even figured out the chord progression (it was I IV V in A, but starting on the E, though i could have sworn there was a minor chord used too). i played it kind of solo as the lead fucked about with a synth in a song that is way more chill than their songs typically are.
there was an old school friend in the crowd to my left who was quite impressed.

i spent the first part that i can remember searching various bug termination stores, first for bug poisons but then for weed. yet legal weed is just so expensive. i stress the price and go back and forth on it, eventually accidentally buying it, paying over 100 dollars. the real life corollary being that i did weed last night.

after that quest i go into a bar where some friends are meeting up, almost a reunion. when some of us are gathered, i remark how we got along so well, except for one person: Austin. not that there was anything wrong with him, we just didn’t Quite have as much in common with him. they agree but i feel bad for bad mouthing. he walks in and i hope he didnt hear it.
the real life corollary being that Austin, a person i had classes with most of my life, brutally murdered my dad’s friend and his wife while either on a research chemical or just severe schizophrenia, probably both.

the way dreams draw on real life can be quite funny

I dreamt that I was back in school for some reason, and I had to take a required gym class, so I took a diving class. But it was just this tower standing next to the corner of a medium size pool, and there was no diving board and we were basically just jumping off of it without doing anything fancy. Luckily though I was put in a group of 4 people - 2 girls and 1 guy. We all became good friends over time. One of the girls was essentially Nicole Byer and we became best friends, and I got a big crush on the other girl. On the last day of the class, the girl and I did a light cuddle while we were drying off in our towels, and I asked her on a date and she said yes. And my heart was happy when I woke up. What a treat what a dream!

This was a very unique type of dream to me. The whole dream was that I was painting a landscape. I've never had a strong desire to paint, nor would I know where to start. But the painting came out really well. It was just a pretty picture of nature that I had seen online in the dream. Light forest with a small creek. I showed it to my parents and they were happy with it.
The end.

Sad dream that a girl that I liked and liked me got turned into a giant spaceship for the war effort. She was really excited afterwards but over time she disappeared and was just a mean warship.

i was at work (of course) and there was this bag of like brown hay-like stuff near one of the patrons. i sifted through the stringy stuff and i guess he said they're shrooms and i was like this aint like no shrooms i ever saw. later going through it i found a keychain with a gold pig. i was like oo yay pig keychain but the guy needed it for the key.

idk how it connected but i was now going to my ex's dad's house. except the dad looked nothing like her dad and the house was more like a mansion in the middle of no where. we go in and he's showing me around and eventually i figured out that hes trying to get us to take those shrooms and that they last 48 hours. some real cult-like shit. at one point i think another person was trying to slash my tires so they did not want me to leave.

eventually i excuse myself and make for a hiding spot in the mansion. i go one way and run into my ex's sister (who doesn't exist) and she just kinda shrugs, i go up a spirally stair and enter one room but it is the room where my irl roommate keeps his dogs. they would for sure give me away so i go up another way. i end up in this dank low-ceiling dark room with mattresses and the carpet is like long fur.
eventually my friend v*cky pops in and says im clear to make a run for it despite me hearing the dad. i go and jump off half the stairs and get out.
on the way out the dad is approaching me and im threatening to stab him with my keys. i get in the car and scramble to lock it. as i start engine and go to drive off i wake up

i’ve had this dream three times now. it starts off with me loading a truck (it’s mine but i’ve never seen it before) and driving down a highway. it looks like the pnw, but i’ve never been irl. i drive and listen to music and i get to a trailhead. i walk with a fishing rod and box to a stream. it’s really picturesque (de película tbh), and there are stones stretching out halfway through. i just stand on the stones and fish for a few hours. i finish fishing and pack everything up, then on my way back i almost hit a bear and i pull over and start crying. that’s it

Another water dream!
I dreamt that my mom and I drove out to a tourist spot, a dry prairie with a small canyon below. We navigated down the canyon until we reached a circular body of water. It was clear and had no plants or fish in it, but it was so deep that there was only darkness when I looked down it. I swam in it a while, and then we left. It started pouring hard while we headed back. When we got back to the parking lot, the rain flooded it and my car and a few others floated away. The dream ended there

I dreamed I went to TX and I was on a job interview for a job where my ex girlfriend was working. It was a huge corporate company. It took 20 minutes every day there in a queue at the door to get in. I said this would be terrible, waiting so long to get in, and they said that is just how it is with big companies. I kept arguing with the CEO of the company and it could go either way if they liked it or not. The restroom/toilet was awful and you had to piss into shoes and stand in piss. I remember thinking if they don't put much money into this then it isn't a good company to work for. Then my ex took a ride on a very dangerous looking badly maintained helicopter.

i awake because of the first of two loud pops (a car or other motor backfiring? gun shots? something unimaginably worse?)about 2 hours before i must be up for work. fine, plenty of time to finish up.
so i lay, and lay in a new way, and another, but it's not happening. after a while, i opt to read. i run my eyes over half a page of this new edition of As I Lay Dying by Faulkner, thinking that this is much more readable and interesting than the other one. why would this be, though, it having been in english originally (though this is debatable)? ah, well here is a randomly bolded phrase, one of those seemingly senseless oddities that made me dislike the book the first time around.
a voice behind me says something. it's my younger brother, also awakened by the noise. he says he's unsure of what to do, since it's 5am and he must be up at 6am, and sleeping just an hour would only make him feel bad. he then begins to do some stretches and exercises on the floor. after observing his inexperience for a bit, i get out of bed to show him some of the exercises i had done the day before. as i go to pull out the yoga mat and explain further, he decides he doesn't want to bother. i get back in bed to resume sleep.
but from what could barely be called sleep, a voice in front of me says something of the sounds of the shots. it's my tall half german friend. he's offering me a hit from a bowl of weed. i decline and go back to sleep.
i wake up again and think of how disappointing it was that i never truly fell back asleep after the shots. i assess that it's 5am, that it would be futile to try to sleep since i have to be up at 6am. i feel worse than i did when they woke me up. oh well, i can do some reading and stretch before work, maybe visit the stuff museum.

I have two recurring themes in my dreams (water and elevators), which have always confused me but maybe I will see patterns here.
I dreamt that I was kayaking down a narrow canal of light brown murky water. Light vegetation on both sides. There were other kayaks with my friends in them. I could not see through the water, but behind and to my left an alligator tail was poking up through the water, swishing slowly back and forth as it was swimming beside my kayak. My hand was in the water, and I felt the mouth gently but firmly clamp onto my finger. I panicked at the realization I couldn't break free, and that it could turn violent any second. Ultimately nothing happened, and I woke up.
Also I have not seen the new Jungle Cruise movie so i swear its not related but it seemed a fitting title

i dreamt that i lived in my grandma's house (presumably alone) and some people were roaming her neighborhood and knocking on doors trying to convince people to tailgate to a high school foot ball game. the vibe was bad though-- it was the vibe of a public health crisis or looming violent weather, with the sky a dull bright color like the kind before a tornado. they were masked-- i don't usually dream about covid masks but i did this time. one of people was a girl i used to have a kind of affair with, and our relationship ended on very bad terms. she was very persistently (with two or three of her friends) trying to get me to come to this football game, to tailgate with her, calling me and harassing me, and she approached me when i went on the porch to fill a bird feeder or something. i declined or ignored her and went back inside and closed all the blinds completely shut and bolted all the doors and shut off all the lights, and from there the dream segued into something else that i don't remember, but it stood out as a particularly harrowing and frightening dream. i can only discern this through vibes, but it shared a continuity with another dream i had a month or two ago about being in high school and getting ready to go to a football game (i think the football game, in this newer dream, was understood to be the same game. i'm not just theorizing-- i can tell from vibes). i have to stress these are the only two times i ever dreamt of football that i know of, and i have never been to a football game in real life, nor do i care about football at all. we're talking american football here. i woke up with really bad anxiety that has persisted throughout the day. although an uneventful and rather mundane dream, something about it really affected my mood and has made me kind of nervous and scared. it was really vivid and uncanny. thank you

i show up to a small building for a job interview. i park up front, right next to the wheelchair ramp leading up to the door. i go in, it's all old people, as if it's a doctor's office in my (elderly) home town. i sit down with a lady and she gives me a large stack of stapled printed papers. first thing i fill out is my degree. "BOLOGY" i basically write, though the "I" is there, just kind of squashed. i try to fix it, give up, go on to other questions. she stops me and asks my degree. biology, bachelor's. "this job needs a PHD." "well the listing said minimum was bachelor's." "sorry it needs a PHD." "well, thanks for your time," I say out of cordiality, thinking, well if i qualify for the minimum im gonna apply.
i go out the front but my car is gone. i look all around, clicking my key, until i see a small print sign on the spot that says they'll tow. so i go back in and ask who their towing service is.
i go back outside and start getting texts. they're kinda silly with gifs and stuff i think. they're the person with my car. i start walking around the run-down area, hoping to see them driving my car, getting some texts from them. i pass a car with a bunch of people smoking weed (real big nugs) that offer me a hit at a light. no thanks.
i get to this weird like train stationey impasse. it has little trams going up a white slope. i try to walk up to get passed, almost get hit by a tram. the sides by the tracks are inconsistent and also kind of slippery. i try for a while and finally get up to the box at the peak of the slope. there is a kid also struggling up. i see clear slip ons that go over your shoe, prob to make it not slippery.
at some point i see on my phone the person live streaming driving my car. i try to make out signs. one reads something like "20th way street" yeah no, i'll fuck that up i need a street with a real name. another says "okeechobee avenue." i put it in my phone map: 30 minute walk. i would have never found them without this stream.
i walk over and look around. eventually on the other side of a busy street i see them in a helicopter. i take out my phone and zoom in on the camera, just totally feeling like it's a video gamey gun. i try to take some pics/shots, but it's hard to aim something so zoomed in on a moving target. i finally get him in the neck and heli goes down.
i run over and actually now find it's a woman in a crashed car. i go through her bags, which have smaller bags in them. shes talking a lot about idk how i deserved it or something. "i don't care, i need my keys for an interview at 3 tomorrow." she gives me the keys

i dreamt i was drinking cereal milk after eating and i noticed a eyelash hair and took it out. as i kept drinking the milk i kept finding more only to realize they were spider legs.

basically me and a group of people, some who i know, are running these mario kart like tracks. most of them had a main track but you could also run off to side areas and still make it to the finish in time. i wish i remembered what more of the maps were like.

the third to last one ended in like a tower. i won that. i had been winning all of them, and my friends were getting kind of sick of it.

the second to last one was a desert. i had been running with no shoes on for a while, and thought i left them at the beginning of this map last time we were here. me and others tried to find my shoes, but only found singular random ones. so i gave up and began running. i saw some dunes out in the distance, the sky was becoming twilit from the computer generated looking sunset on the other side. i ran out but it was hard to keep my eyes open. it became too dark, and i hit a river before i got to the dunes. whatever, so i went to finish.
but then my friend called out to me. the whole group was near the shoe area, that now had a van. i pressed B to teleport to them, which you can do apparently despite no other controls and no controller being present. she held what i figured was my shoes, but it was a baby. i didn't take it, was like what the hell? she was just trying to slow me down i guess. as we finished, she was holding the baby and i was walking behind her tall muscular ex with her, mostly just seeing a triangular back. i was like, fuck am i gonna do with a baby? i dont want babies. her ex agreed.

on the final one, we dropped down a ramp (oddly in third person) which when it went back up had a gap in it. i didnt understand whether i go through the gap or past it. i wondered if this round would ruin my lead. i thought it was more substantial, but i checked to see i was only 10 ahead. most maps gave about 10, didnt they? so i woke up.

I dreamed I was in China and it was repressive, I walked in a building to the 5th floor and needed to go down and they said use the lift.
I dreamed everyone just watches their neighbors 24/7.
I dreamed again downtown a hotel as a tourist attraction which is a lift that goes up 200 floors, and at the top it is shaky so I'm never going to go there because the lift is barely used and not maintained.
I dreamed planes take off on concrete ramps going under electricity pylons, and it is not uncommon for them to bounce and crash.

taking a bathroom break from work (except the building is long, old with a conference room that i went to before and saw some motivational bullshit, i see these two young girls (i figure near 18). not sure what happens, but we end up on the floor and one of them is kind of tickling me.
i say that i have to go back to work, im taking a long time and someone is probably looking for me. she says, what is time anyways? it just kind of passes by. or something to that effect, maybe better written. i was like damn she seems cool and she is cute, i should give her my number (i was going to make sure she was old enough over text but didn't have the time to ask now).
i start mentally struggling to think of how to give her my number with no pen or paper. she pulls out her phone and i take it to put my name in. again i struggle for a bit until i find the contacts app. i go to write it in the name line but keep getting it wrong, and then it keeps deleting it, assumedly cause it doesn't want numbers in the name line. i give up and go back to work.
at work we're basically done and my rush wasn't necessary. we all leave and people are out in the dark parking lot talking, but i go past them in hopes of seeing the girl. i pass through adjacent lots in front of other buildings and see two of my friends are doing so as well. i end up at my car and wonder if i should drive it back to my work building to search in there again. but instead i go inside a close by building that i notice is open.

i quickly see that shes in a room alone. i think there's a record playing, window open with swaying white curtain. she's on the ground muttering to herself, seemingly along to the record, yet nonsensically she says words and gibberish and then nods to herself.
i get close and get her attention, but it's like she barely knows im there. she is in her own world. she seems kind of happy to see me, but in a way that she only slightly recognizes the real world. i try to make sense with her, and she keeps on doing her babble then going "wow." i finally admit to her that she sounds like owen wilson, feeling it's hurtful but hoping it'd wake her up. she just laughs a little more than usual and carries on with her limpness.
it seemed to me like she thought she was possessed, but was actually mad, and/or possibly very stupid. i realized that her statement on time earlier which i read philosophically may have just been her genuinely not understanding. i felt that i was a bit stupid to have thought we gelled given her state.

as i decide we should get going, i turn around to see her friend from earlier holding up a hammer, as if shes sneaking in to slam it down on me. but my two friends come and disarm her. then we walk down the hall to leave, and she again sneaks off and grabs a chair, and is disarmed as she is holding it above her head comically. i wake up.

I chanced not checking out on time at a fancy hotel and came back to my room made smaller by the manager with a tape measure.

im like an old timey mob guy trying to run an operation at a baseball game (though we aren't really italian seeming, more like blonde 50's gang). i get ahold of a gun i dont think i'll use, but people keep coming into the control room im in and i keep having to shoot them. it's annoying to reload and aim.
at some point some like mayor guy comes on the loudspeakers and declares our mob idk dead or in trouble. we all start running (more blonde gangsters and also fancily dressed women (who i definitely also shot a couple lol hehe)). we make our way towards the back of the stadium and a hail of bullets comes down. the mayor calls it his buzzing bees or something cause they are just stinging the ground or anything they touch.
we are on the outside which is stair-like, but towards one edge it gets impossible to cross. it looks all deformed and gross like a wasp nest, so we head down instead of around.
the mayor guy is in the field evil laughing.
we encounter this big pod on the ground and people are saying that if one of the wasps in it stings you it like lays some poison that helps spiders (i still dream of spiders crawling across my bed type beat) hatch in you or something similarly gross. scary, i wake up

i go to the store with my childhood best friend. most of it i spend deliberating over which on sale meat to get. they were nonsense meats called like paradia or cascadia or something so i was like uhh uhh are these like italian??? chinese?? is that a thing??

later im “home” and trying to make soup. i am struggling to find the right pan cus a few coworkers there have taken a big one. i assemble a bunch of veggies and simply need to add boiling water but can’t find a sauce pan big enough. i am annoyed cause a coworker i dont like has used a big one.

at some point i enter into a room and there is a dog. this dog is not normal but demonic looking, as if the standing figure of lucifer in his goatish form had the skin and inviting face of a gray dog. his eyes told me all i needed to know before he turned around, and i got on his back, which was perfect for riding. he carried me around for a bit, and at some point i think he became more like a horse of the same form.
i showed a couple of the coworkers and they said i should show the one that i dont like. she was sleeping in her room, and i knew what i could do. should i? i will. so i told the devil-horse to attack. it jumped onto the bed and stomped all over her.
she was fine though and then the dream became me reading through the illustrated book of a philosopher im reading (who does Not do illustrations)

felt like a rapid collage, or clipshow, of various dreams i might have had, like my brain couldnt settle on one idea long enough to let it play out. the entire perspective was first-person. i was looking out my own eyes and could always see the edge of my vision and felt the glasses on my face. it was like that movie enter the void.

i was in some humble corner of san francisco, with street merchants and a friendly vibe. felt like a farmers market. the sun was in my eyes but i could make out the blurry sillouette of a father pushing a baby stroller. i heard a gentle spanish guitar. it was nice, like one of those days you let your brain just soften and take in the world around you.

i was in my bed now, and it was night. the windows were open. birds and crickets and frogs were chirping incessantly loud. a bright screen was in front of my face. i couldnt tell what device it was. on the screen was some horrible video of a woman eating an ice cream cone with tiny wriggling insects in the ice cream. i had the video paused and was skipping around to various parts out of morbid curiousity. it wasn't scary or unsettling. just bizarre.

i was on a plane now. this was the longest part of the dream. the seats were that odd purpley-patterned fabric you would find in old bus seats, and they were claustrophobically close. i stood up from the middle seat and squeezed by a few big white men and made my way to first class. everyone on the plane felt kindly familiar, but i couldnt pick a single person out. i pardoned myself and sat by a window in first class. the mood in this section was like the back of the school bus, with young people fidgeting in their seats and talking to friends. a woman in front of me poked her head between the seats and smiled, excited to see me. she had black hair and dark brown skin. i felt my heart melt. i was so happy to see her, like she was my best friend in the entire world. we talked and laughed and were excited for our destination. i couldnt say exactly where we were going but the vibe was some big, chaperoned school trip. we could feel the people around us were eavesdropping on our conversation but i enjoyed the eavesdropping, like they were all included on our friendship. it felt like a beautiful memory

there were other tangents between these moments but my dream consistently drifted back to this interaction with the woman on the plane, not replaying the incident, but smoothly continuing the storyline. i woke up feeling calm and warm

i got a tattoo of a bread drawing

when i went home i looked at it in the moonlight and it cloned itself and jumped into the drain, and then the original laughed on my skin

The dream started out with me having a massive book of stamps it had everything from tiny 1 cent stamps to massive 6 inch by 10 inch 50 cent stamps made out of glass with very ornate ancient Chinese style designs on it. I was looking through the book with what I assume was my girlfriend and mom. It than transitioned to me and my girlfriend attempting to affix the 50 cent stamp to something but it was very hard to do as the stamp only came with small sticky balls on each corner of the glass stamp. As we were putting it on the paper below wrinkled and we lifted it to fix the paper beneath and than the sticky material from the factory would not work and we got very flustered because of that.

Abruptly the dream transitioned to me in a massive cathedral filled with theatrical like haze that made any light source cast rays through the room filled with a very warm light and I was standing now behind that nameless girlfriend who was in a beautiful wedding dress [was a mostly open back dress] and beside me was a nameless person holding the other coroners of what was now a 1.5ft x 1 ft paper like material version of that same stamp from the previous section and we were attempting to see how it fit onto my bride's back.

The dream transitioned again to my bride standing in the middle of the very wide aisle in the cathedral with all of her bridesmaids in a fairly wide circle around her. I was also standing as part of this circle and so was some other guys in nice suits. With the bride was a man with what looked like a hand held grinder but in the dream I knew it to be another tool for this purpose which was to affix this paper tattoo I was previously holding behind her permanently to her back as part of the wedding ceremony. As the man was going to begin setting the paper on her he noticed the sticky corners on it were messed up (my brain somehow tied that to us messing up the glass stamp version of it). This brought him to halt the ceremony and he asked the crowd for help. A man in one of the nearby pews stood up and said that if instead of 500 Celsius he used 300 Celsius. it would stick. The attachment man acknowledged the advise and adjusted his tool for 300 Celsius. As he was about to restart the attachment ceremony someone at another nearby pew stood up in objection saying that if you do not do it at 500 Celsius it would lead to it being dangerously charming.

This was not meant as a complement but instead as a magical issue which myself and the room took to mean that the dust that would be given off from the tattoo/her during the attachment ceremony would have a cupid's arrow effect on anyone who was touched by the dust/mist given off by the attachment ceremony. Quickly all of the other men that composed the circle backed away and her bridesmaids closed the circle tighter and all looked down and looked very solemn. They quietly left a gap for me to stand in centered in the aisle looking towards the my bride and behind her the large stained glass preaching area of the church.

I knew I had to do something I ran forward and touched the still unattached tattoo and was teleported -either back in time or just somewhere else I'm not sure- near the twelfth wearer of that tattoo design and had to than touch their tattoo which took me to the 11th wearer. I was frantic and knew I had to get to the first wearer before it was too late. And than I woke up.

the owner of the Stuff Museum™ website and I were assigned to do some sort of like short video or comercial or something. we set up two wires going between the walls way above a bed. we wanted it to be as if the two actors were sleeping on the wires up really high. i think behind them would basically be a greenscreen of a sleepy sort of night dark blue black gradient.

we got the actors and began filming. yet half way through, we noticed the actors were just on the normal bed sleeping on the ground. we were upset and stopped it to argue.

they thought the idea was stupid and made no sense. we tried to explain how it was kind of funny and surreal to sleep so ridiculously high above the bed. they weren't having it, the assholes.

i end up at this sort of camp thats in a concrete overhang/warehouse type of place. there's also a big opening in the back that has a bunch of plants. i guess im there for a while with a bunch of people, don't remember. but i leave, and the world is like semiapocalyptic, society half broken down.

i end up coming back. people are in a group of chairs, and the people i supposedly knew from before i left the camp were laughing to see me. i took this as they felt i failed to make it out there. i decided i must take this in stride, going over to them and laughing, saying i simply like to come and go.

that group and some others became split off from the main group, apparently over a difference that must have been that one group wanted to be able to leave more and one didn't. as i went between the groups, a woman confronts me, saying i never want to get political. i again say yeah i just drift, come and go. she rolls her eyes and goes to walk away. i decide to go up and say, "oh yeah, you want political. im a socialist." she laughs snidely and says, "ugh i don't mean your little 'corrupt corporate democrats' or whatever."
i didn't know what she could have meant by political, then.

later her group were up on this green fence that has one of those top structures to stop people climbing over it. it bordered a highway and a drop below. they worked at ripping the structure off, and i helped. someone from the other side of camp came to stop us, and this stops the younger kids. i help another get him to back off, seeing it as the chance to "get political" and prove im not just some drifter failure.
to add insult to injury, i pick up this chair and pants that were inexplicably on our side, which were i guess the opposition's. i walk over to this girl from the opposition, say "you'll want to sit down for this," threw the chair down, then threw the pants at the chair.
my group laughs in approval, and i feel validated in several ways

me, a friend, and another person are in the no man's land of a battlefield, apparently. it's all hazy of smoke and gray and scary. since we weren't soldiers we went to hide behind big fallen cars. we decide to hide behind the tracks instead of the heads of the vehicles, thinking this will be less likely to be bombed (or they will use less strong bombs on that part).

we run over to a safer part and have the enemies send a doctor for some reason (i guess that's just considered polite of them to do). the doctor hears our coughing maybe or just sees the fumes and says to consider being tested for lung cancer, me and another friend specifically.

i was training in a dojo with several characters from the naruto tv show (i watched it that night). in each room there was a different ninja practicing a specific technique. i went from room to room and got a little training in with everybody, then went to see naruto last. he told me he has this new ninjutsu method that will make me feel like i’m on fire, wherever i have hair on my body. told him i don’t want to test it out with him, but he insisted. spent the rest of the dream running away from him and hiding

i leave my parents' home in the dead of night to go to some meeting. the roads are that eery emptiness of the early morning meeting the late night. i don't remember what i did at the meeting but on the way back home i was weary of other cars.
i get home and start around this bush enclosed path leading from the front of my house to a garage door. i see a small lizard get jumped on by a bigger one (which i now realize resembles the red-headed agama that is invasive and that my mother said she has seen recently). then i see a very small aligator. i decide to go to the front door instead.
on the mound of mulch near my front door i see a small aligator. i get to the door, but as i get my keys i see the mother and father aligator: real big boys. one stirs a bit and i worriedly go to the back yard door instead.
but i don't have a key for the back door since it is a sliding glass. i figure i'll have to, to little success, knock on the room where my mother sleeps.
yet the glass slides open. it was unlocked, as it was the night i went to see the pink moon. i'll have to lecture my father about remembering to lock up, and so i went to do so, but i woke up.

while golfing the last hole of golf with my mother and a couple others, i told and maybe wrote down dreams from earlier in the night. i dont remember which dreams, i just remember trying to quickly get them down before it was my turn. my mother missed three shots in a row and i made it.

earlier, i told two dreams to a woman during [redacted]. we went to my room after a house party. she had breasts tattood green around the nipple to look like watermelons, plus other little watermelons stamped on.

earlier, i put a dream into my phone dream journal while sitting in an older home. there was the kind of vibe that we just inherited this home. i kept being interrupted by men coming in, probably family members. after, i went onto the porch that was close on the street and close to my across street neighbors. eventually i realized the neighbors were out. i went to talk to them, but then i saw there were people all the way down the street. there was a bit of a parade happening, or some other celebration.

i don't remember the first dream, despite having so desperately spent my other dreams trying to preserve it. maybe it was a scary drive to the house, and whatever preceded it. i also think the stuff museum CEO was in it. the stuff museum dream journal was never far from my thoughts in this odd cascade of dreams trying to preserve other dreams, though not explicitly stated.

someone who I know is a patron of where i work shows up at my house. he keeps asking to come in and i say no. after the third time, he shows up at the time time as my grandmother. he gets behind her with a knife. my mother and friend try to get her safely from him.
he oddly hands my friend the knife. from a distance, i see this is because he is pulling out a gun. i run over with a fish hook and start going to town on his arm. i am slicing into him and pulling open his arm veins.
we go inside and my arm took considerable damage. we are all shaken and im afraid of seeing him at my work again.

hanging out in a room not unlike my home bedroom but more sparse, i ask my buddy how his progresson sucking his own penis is going . i knew i hadn't seen him stretching, so i figured the answer was poorly. he began to try it. i, on the other hand, stretch often. i figured id try to get my head to my crotch too.

as i was pretzeled up, a crash sounded in the window behind my friend. things became action movie slow-motion. a grenade-like object dropped into my friend's lap and exploded in light. i didn't see what happened to him. i flipped my desk up to protect myself.

hearing gunshots and knowing soldiers had entered the room, i tried to remember things i tell myself while awake: death is inevitable, i have no control, i am not really this body that's currently panicking. as i tried to distance my mind from the situation, to slow the adrenaline and anxiety of the man i knew was above the desk and about to shoot me dead, i woke up

there's some construction project in the everglades. i sneak into it and destroy some machine that is i guess destroying the swamp. i sneak back to my school from there, then delete any picture of me at the swamp on twitter (people were posting swamp pics against the swamps destruction)
i go back into swamp and see my housemate. hes chillin and then theres a figure in the water, then he's chased by a gator. i catch up to him after he comes back out and he's fine

in another dream im at work and one of my coworkers just accidently stabbed themselves with a contaminated needle. after this, it becomes desolate, and i notice machines arent working. then, it all kind of gets icey and i guess people are running into these ice caves near that are also sort of diff dimenensions. vaguely there were different types of dogs including brian griffin from Family Guy? shit got really nonsensical before i awoke

I dreamed I got a job and after a week I got called in to the boss who said I had A+ but in my work I'd forgotten to delete a mean message so I got fired.

i was playing a third-person batman game like arkham city and messing around with different outfits for batman. i found out that when you changed the character's skin to the Adam West version of batman he would run super weird like the QWOP guy. his legs were flying all over the place and he was waving his arms like he was marching.

i started laughing my ass off and turned to my friends and was like "what the hell is he doing?" but they just stared at me super serious and said "batman runs like that. thats just what he does"

i suddenly remembered this dream a couple minutes ago and started laughing again so i thought i'd share it

at my family home, it's my mom's birthday (as it is saturday). but I have work at 1pm (as I do today). I set an alarm to make sure I don't just forget to go to work amidst the celebrating.
at some point a photo is being taken with my mom, and I grasp onto her waist emotionally. after the photo I ask if I look weird doing this in the pic. they say yes and I wish I hadn't done it.
hanging out on the porch I realize that earlier I had cut off the alarm at about 1:43pm. now it's nearly 9, and I begin to panic. I go and put on my scrubs, put my hair up, and run to the garage. there are several cars blocking mine. my uncle moves one, and i begin to drive away without even putting my hood down. he's like, what the hell? i drive a little down the street and now I've ditched my car to bike in the pouring rain. I go back for my car cause obviously.
I get there and the weird manager guy who has been in another work dream tells me that it's too late, and that I'll just have to deal with the fact that one more no call no show and I will be fired (new stricter policy).

god this is so fucking boring it's like 80% real life. if in my next dream im not riding a dragon or something I am gonna quit my job

was visiting my friend. we arrived at his place at night so i went straight to sleep on the sofa bed. he was also on the sofa for some reason. at some point we end up close enough that he accidentally puts his arm around me while fast asleep, out of habit. his arm felt heavy. it was nice for me but i was imagining how weird he would feel if he woke up and realised so after a few seconds i moved away

i finally had that dream ive been reading about online for years:

i was walking through my childhood home. the house was quiet except for the ambient buzzing of lights and leaves rustling against the windows. i started in my bedroom and floated downstairs.

the living room was significantly larger and more ornate than in reality, but it still had the same vibe. the decoration had been replaced with that “old lady” aesthetic — thick intricate rugs, glass bowls, semi-rusted golden fixtures, brown walls. a comically large version of the couch i remembered as a kid sat on one side, beneath an enormous green painting.

the further i went into the house, the stranger the rooms became. i was on an indoor balcony we never had, peering over the metal handrails at an incredibly messy guest room that never existed. clothes and books were strewn on the floor and i was aware that, despite this mess, no one had actually stayed in this room for many years.

the scent was like an old towel. i seemed to see particles of white dust illuminated by the sunlight, gently falling through the air. as i continued through this maze of abandoned, quiet rooms, i got the feeling i was in a ghostly museum; i was going through a moment in this house’s history frozen in time, decades ago. there was a strange familiar comfort in being there. i was more at home than id ever been in my entire life. it all felt particularly orange

i dreamt that i was really thirsty because i was exercising, so i went up to a huge pile of shorts on the ground and sucked from them like a juice box. i didn’t get much water out of it, but they still did the trick. don’t remember the rest sorry

on a train car, at a table with two guys. there's a western style suspense. the guy to my right is my friend, to my left is my foe. i pull out a small shotgun like pellet gun and aim it at my friend. i think i told them id be performing a trick, and the foe wasn't worried cus it wasn't aimed at him. but then i had my friend hold up a post-it note stack, and shot. the bullets bounced off the notes and hit the foe.
we run away from him and to my house. we run inside but my friend stops in my room. stupid, we need to keep moving not get trapped. but it's too late. i go to my office window and peak outside. my mom comes to talk to me, and i sass her that i'm busy. i regret my rudeness quickly.
then i see my step-grandma on the porch. i take a shot at her for fun, then regret it because i'm worried a pellet in her leg would cause an embolism or something. but she was fine

this began to have the feeling that it was a childhood thing, as the pellet gun did little and i was sassy to elders and made regretable decisions.

we’re all gathered on a viewing platform to watch some new device created by elon musk to be launched into space. it shoots up into the sky and zips off at the speed of light. it crashed into a satellite and sent it crashing to earth, then 10 seconds later the moon crashed to earth as well. this created a huge shockwave that blew up the planet, and we all fell into the molten core of the earth.

wake up. im floating with thousands of other people in some kind of purgatory. all of a sudden about 50 different portals open up for us to float through. i choose one and am brought to a gymnasium. everybody gathers at their seats and waits to see what the hell is going on. a woman appears and tells us we’ve all been killed, and are now 260 years in the future.

we get whisked off into groups where they show us some of the new and important gadgets we’ll be using in our daily lives. there was some kind of vacuuming tube with a button on it. i pressed it and it made everything move backwards. i took a cup of water, held it up next to a pitcher, and it poured back into the pitcher.

next was combat training. they had a reluctant timothee chalamet demonstrate new fighting techniques of the future; such as incredible strength and power ups we can get. he was fighting a floating practice disk that absorbed his damage and hit back with equal force from those same spots it was punched.

after that they let us loose in the lobby of the new world. it basically looked like a giant hotel lobby, or an airport. at the side, there were floating disks that were coming and going from a platform that you could take to certain levels. later in the day i took one up an elevator shaft and accidentally rode it all the way back to the beginning (it was cruising like 60 mph i was scared). next to the disk platform, was a stand with a bunch of different main items i’ll be needing or can use. saws, guns, ammo, utility tools, etc.. i had the feeling each item i grabbed could fit in my pocket, and sure enough they shrunk to properly squeeze in there. i asked the lady working the stand how to make money on this world, and she just winked and said “you have to kill” and i went “im sorry, what?” and she winked again and said “you kill for money;)”

so i’m walking past that stand now, and there’s a long path with vendors all along the right side like youd see at a food court. pharmacy, EZAccess hospital where they give you an injection to heal you up, stand where they sell basic needs like toothpaste and such. i grabbed some contact solution and a glasses case because those are the only two things i could think i needed. then i look to my left and see the dining area.

i’m in the dining area, but didn’t get any food, i’m still just too focused on checking out the next thing. so i head up a level and try to find a bookstore. i find one place that seems to be a bookstore and walk in. there are individual columns with the displays of books and then drawers below them. i go to the lotr display and open a drawer, but it’s all fragrances and lotions that smell like the lotr series. i was pretty pissed because i wanted to read, and some girls were giggling at me when they saw my confusion. so i left that place.

then i realized more people were giggling at me. i finally stopped one girl and asked her what’s so funny. she replied, “your hair, dude, it looks ridiculous.” i scrambled to a mirror and saw the top was jutting jutting directly sideways and the back was sticking straight out. mustve been messed up from dying or something.

that’s about all i can remember. there were random little details, like a guy busting into a vending machine with credit cards and giving me 5 with $500 each on them, otherwise not much else important stuff.

towards the end of a long dream i was thinking about the word EPONYR and i looked it up on google and it meant "half-light"

i was wondering how to pronounce it
in order of likelihood: eponir (surely), or eponur (like myrrh), or eponire (ridiculous)
the epon- is prouncouned eppon-, not eepon-. there was no debate about this

I was in a small, dirty office with fluorescent lights and corked ceilings. The room was tight and windowless. A friend with me, and she was drunk. She was basically incoherent, slurring her words and dancing around the room chugging from a wine bottle. I was terrified of her.

It felt like I had been in this room, trying to calm her down for many weeks. At some point, I led her out, and we had an intervention. Afterwards, we made a decision. We were led to an enormous concrete greenhouse, full of plants and nature but entirely indoors. It reminded me of the candy room from Willy Wonka. I was to stay in this room with her and make sure she stayed sober, and only once she recovered would we be allowed to leave.

I vividly remember peering down and seeing that I was wearing a bright, gaudy purple suit. Like Willy Wonka. What felt like a moment later, the vest was grimy and torn. Old sweat stains covered every inch and it smelt terrible. We had been there for an entire year. It was finally time to leave, so I journeyed into the thicket to retrieve my friend. I felt indescribably tired and stressed.

She emerged from the forest, laughing. She danced through a river to where I was standing and started speaking excitedly. I realized she was drunk and collapsed into a ball on the floor. Somehow, she had found a hidden menagerie of wine and had drunk it all as some twisted celebration of her sobriety. She grabbed my hair and tried to force me to drink as I screamed in agony and frustration, the waterfall of wine blurring my vision in the most awful way.

I was in the woods now — the real woods, not the Wonka room. It was dark and my heart was throbbing. I couldn’t see anything in front of me, like my FOV had been turned down to minimum in a video game, and I felt inconsolably panicked. Family members were calling me on Facetime and I would open my blindingly bright phone to see one or another person I knew laughing at my expense. There were no words, just them relishing in the fact that I failed at something important. Their voices swirled in my head as I continued to blindingly run through the trees.

There wasn’t an end to the dream. I sort of just woke up, feeling more tired than when I went to sleep. I don't really know what to think about it; I’ve had nightmares about addiction and relapse before, but never like this. I've been thinking about it all day, so I thought it would be helpful to write it down.

there seemed to be a lot of context before i remember this that I wish i did remember. it seemed almost like we escaped from a building with zombies in it. i think the building is inspired by my work which is funny if they were zombielike.

a man woman and i get into a car to get a reprieve. i know the girl in my car has powers of some sort. while in the back seat i look at this odd part of the car that has a light shining through a watery plastic bag. on the bag is written a note which is hard to read due to it being written on something with condensation. it said it was from the janitor, and he has been following the girl cause he knows what she's been through: he has also taken a giant dose of psychedelics and gained powers (i vaguely felt that this was sloppy and convenient back story revealing. a critic even in my dreams).
i can tell this janitor is not Well. i convey this to the others as they drive around the building avoiding people.

we have to go back in to get some important guy. we start walking down a hall with all the zombielike people, and now we're being followed by the janitor (he's a guy i work with who's a bit weird). his head will not stop bleeding (at my work a guy's arm wouldn't stop bleeding for like 15 minutes). his body kept fading as he cloyingly talked to us, telling us that of course the girl wouldn't let him die because they're similar.
we get to this operating sort of room with people on beds all looking half dead. we see the important guy we have to save, she goes to him. meanwhile i see the janitor's body on a table nearby and i hold his head to try to stop the bleeding, but it won't stop soaking the gauze. then i wake up

we were roommates and it was like a show about us over a winter and spring. we had so much fun but i don’t remember where we lived...we were by the beach AND mountains though

in a city that looked a lot like Seattle during the summer. the weather was perfect, blue skies, fluffy clouds. i was not a character in the story. more like an omnipotent narrator. i saw people at the mall, in the park, and riding bikes like establishing shots in a Ghibli film.

i wanted to warn them that something terrible was about to happen. the ground was starting to deform in small patches, like when textures in a videogame glitch out and become splotchy, but much more disturbing. it felt like an infection. nobody noticed.

an enormous alien ship descended over the skyline, a thousand times taller than anything else in the city. it looked like a giant orange squid, with one large yellow eyeball in the center. it seemed like a DMT entity, asking you to "be not afraid." twisted carnival music seemed to emanate from the ship.

six organic tentacles erupted from the bottom of the ship and plunged into random places around the city. where they landed, the disgusting effect on the ground accelerated in all directions. anyone who was caught in it was shredded to bits and absorbed into the ship with whatever else. i saw people fleeing for their lives and felt their panic and confusion before they were disentegrated.

the dream became a jumbled mess at this point. i felt as though i was watching the same events unfold on a loop. peaceful city, ground gets infected, eldritch abomination lands, everyone dies. each time, i seemed to want to play out the scenario in a way that would save everyone, but each time, it always ended the same way. i woke up feeling like scrambled eggs

i went to this chain-like book store, or book section of a large superstore twice.
the first time i found nothing i wanted. but when driving i did an annoying u-turn because i really wanted a book i guess.
the second time i picked up Night by Elie Wiesel, which i read in middle school. but i put it back because i don't want to reread it (yet).

walking an aisle i saw a young man getting shamed by customers. he was cancelled. i vaguely knew he said something transphobic. i was surprised he was allowed to work here in light of this. but at least he was being shamed

As I pick up my worn copy of The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, I am suddenly plunged into remembrance. I went through the same motion within a dream last night, but with different results. As I opened it, a large chunk of pages came out. Where did this come from?
It's simpler than you might think. See, I have had a used book come lightly undone on me before (my copy of A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch). Surely this could mean no more than that I don't want my books to come undone. Yet isn't this book quite important to me in subject? Didn't it open with a meditation on how our lives only being lived once can feel both freeing and disheartening, as our actions carry little weight?

Yet in the dream, I knew what I had to do. I grabbed my book glue, and I glued it back together. If Being were so frivolous, why should I have cared to fix a book that would itself help me know if Being was made too light by its impermanence? Deep in my subconscious I know my own answers to the question posed in the book. But if I know them, why even read the book? Idk cus i guess reading is fun lol

i am leaving dinner with a couple of friends and my roommate's parents. we stuff into car and begin to drive kind of rural drive. we learn that Maine is attempting to secede from the union.
we drive on highway and basically see stormtroopers and wookies fighting on both sides. our side (Maine) was mostly wookies.
we're heading into Maine on helicopter now. as we fly by i start getting shot by tiny darts. my legs are filled basically by tacks with smaller heads. i try to pull them out and beg driver to stop swooping in on the fighting. i dig some more out i guess

i was a hockey wife

watching some sport on tv i notice my friend in a sky box. im then there with him, watching the game. he pulls out some cigars for us to smoke. but as i smoke them the tobacco keeps falling out siilarly to beef falling out of a taco.

im walking in some 2 row line, and the girl next to me does some rap about despite me being irish and her being latin american we can get along. then her line starts to move faster and shes 4 people ahead. i see a gap and go around some people to catch her. i keep repeating this catch up, all while my shirt begins to stretch out as if i struggled to put it on and mangled it. im basically running now and my shirt is just deformed around me. she asks why im even doing this and i dash out of line and to the right into a plaza. she chases after me and i find it funny for whatever reason
(also, during this whole thing i was both thinking of my meandering career path, deciding eventually that i should just be a teacher. i was also very aware of the way i was narrating in my head, as if i were deciding how to write it)

a mansion, one of those modern ones, with white slanted walls and a big classy window. the ceiling was high, but room felt small. outside was a moonlit jungle. rain danced on a broad-leafed fern.

i felt i had just had a long night of drinking with a friend. he was in the bedroom, watching tv. it sounded like old clarinets. i went to join him and the bedroom was pitch black, but not scary. I felt that he was sitting on the edge of the bed, awake.

i was lying to him about something. there was a dead body somewhere deep in the jungle, hidden but not buried, and it was my fault. he wanted to look for it. i would pretend to help him.

we searched for hours. i had gotten ahead of him and was standing in a clearing with tall sequoias. it was dry and the dirt felt like carpet. the body was here, and i knew he would discover it. it felt like buried treasure.

my friend wouldn’t know i had done it, but the authorities would. getting caught didn’t scare me. i decided to come clean the moment we went into the jungle. i had lead my friend to the body to make the process quicker.

then, i was lucid. i recognized that everything leading up to this moment was a fantasy, and i found it interesting. i wasn’t capable of the perfect murder, and this story felt like proof. i saw the dream disappear into my eyelids

im in on a government conspiracy to fake a plane almost crashing. im one of the only ones on board who knows it. we begin to descend and the captain takes our wings through a sign or something, which sends us about to crash. but he maneouvres it back to safety. everyone is relieved but i know what they dont.

i get on plane again, but this time i have a gun with a ramshackle clip stowed with me. we do the fake crash again, but this time the captain is really showing off with the theatrics of the crash and regaining balance.

we land in the street and it's germany 1945. the nazis havent surrendered yet, but they know they're beat. we taxi and nazi cars drive at us and past us, with cop cars putting on their lights. a whole procession of vehicles that come but don't really confront us.
now i'm in a car, driven vaguely by my italian father, with my mother and sister in the back. we roll our window down for a guy who is asking for guns. i'm not answering him but he notices the small rifle i have. he keeps bugging us, jogging now. he goes into a yard eentually but i get worried of the consequences. i toss the gun out the window and vaguely know that a ryan gosling type is looking for a gun to find his girlfriend? and he comes out of the house the guy jogged into.

but now i'm in the car with the gun again. i open the clip but notice most of the bullets are all weird. big circular bullets, a big rectangular metal sheet, a special bullet shaped like a small duck which actually seemed like it would exit the clip successfully. i dig these defective bullets out and go to search the car for actual bullets but wake up

something happened at a childhood friend's old house, which led to me and friends being drunk/high. we decide to go to this indian restaurant.
it's one of those kind of small homey restaurants that's clearly owned by the cook. she is standing in a big metal fanned area stirring food up in it. it was like mushrooms and sauces and stuff.
the wall around her is plastered with dozens of little signs which were mostly quirky jokes or fake menus. there was only maybe a couple that had anyhting that sounded like a real menu item.
all of my friends just defaulted to a cheesecake on one of tbe menus, but i really wanted something big and hearty. plus irl ive only had indian once (this is why the menus seemed so incomprehensible).
so they all sit down but i determinedly poured over all the odd nonsense menus and jokes. there was one single item (slightly less gibberish) that seemed real. i kept that in mind as i kept looking. i was growing embarassed and another group came in too.
i finally went and sat down to keep looking. at this point i kept also taking off my glasses and that made it hard to read the gibberish signs.
suddenly the song Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie by Joanna Newsom comes on (lovely song and lyrics. woke up with it in my head). my friends are like sing it but i couldnt remember any lyrics.
so now i look back to the menu, locate that one seemingly real menu item, and shoot up to the sardonically smiling small woman (who i now realize was definitely not indian, probably chinese). i go to say it but lost where it was on the wall. i keep searching and she asks why i got up if i didnt know.
i sit back down in defeat and wake up (and listen to the newsom song)

my housemate said he ordered a synthesizer, but what showed up looked more like an arcade game. i told him i would help him find a normal sound out of it. but the knobs i was twisting at the top said like scream or something. i twisted one with a picture of a scary clown on it and yep, it had chopped up screaming sounds. the other had a picture of a woman and it also made scream sounds when i twisted it. eventually i see that there are lower knobs that make sine, triangle, and square waves. i start mixing those in and the screams become drowned out.

then i am in some place with my housemate and someone else. it's sort of this red rocky tunnel. after a bit we start being chased by someone who my brain decided would have a resemblance to Tekashi 6ix 9ine. we were running and i ended up getting further ahead of my friends, but kept getting closed off my him. there was a bit of a tarp above the route and i got on that and was running. but him and his squad was just laughing at me because they could see my body shape in the tarp anyways. eventually i stop on a piece of tarp and he puts his hand up and i bite it. but then i start to stroke it? and i think me being intimate with the hand woke me up

we were walking in some cave or something, when all of a sudden something lands on my hand. i look and it’s a bat, but it’s one of those really cute little ones. it’s hugging my finger and i am excited and trying to take a pic. not sure how it becomes this but then one gets in my friend’s mouth and he tries to spit it out, but it becomes this whole ceremony where he has to have it in his mouth for something. by now it’s just become a fly that he keeps losing from his mouth and ill grab it a few times. i dont think anything else happened

i come to my parent’s house but it’s more bare and abandoned. a lady tells me to hide under the office desk cus there’s a serial killer. i hide under there until she tells me to find a new spot. we run across the house to a bathroom closet. she opens it and there is a square hole filled in by brown adhesive type foam stuff. i tear it off to find a hella long hole.

i realize that i had seen about this killer on the news, and vaguely think that hes been living in an alcove somewhere down that small hole. we decide to call the cops. we move around and then see this ultrafuturistic blue cop car out front. except next i look it’s just a blue pickup. then it’s just a civilian car and my uncle gets out. he comes in and is all cocky that we need him cus he has a gun. we keep begging him to get down as he gloats.

i get into this room on a train, but it's like a classroom where we're all watching a movie. my roommate sits a few spaces to my left, across an aisle, but right next to me is a guy i knew throughout school. there is some ted bundy documentary playing and i turned to my roommate to say that the group of kids in the documentary are called "the odd ones." he then proceeds to quote I Think You Should Leave (which we've watched dozens of times and always quote (and i woke up with its theme song in my head)). the joke is "they're not even supposed to be there, theyre like not even real people).
as we're lauging the schoolhood friend to my left gets annoyed. "you could have just sat with him."
i respond "what, did i spit in your face or something?"
"yeah" and im like damn hes for real mad.
he keeps ranting a few more times and i impulsively get so up in his face that our grimacing mouths actually touch.
i say "i'm gonna piss your fuckin pants"
and hes like "wh-what? piss my pants??"
and im like yup, it's already happening. i gesture down to his pants in order to convey the joke, but i also kind of saw myself really pissing into his short legs.
we both burst out laughing, and i probably woke up because of it

this vaguely has to do with a car so i made that the title Lol so this is also connected to roommates ? im with one of them in my car and i didnt drive bc i had a drink and then she was like im drunk too??! and i was like bro stop driving pull over. and we turn a corner and theres a COP and he is about to pull someone else over when they drive into a barrier and get out and start running towards US and my roommate is like Bro ?? and the guy is running at her and i punch him and kick him !!! and my ouid pen falls out and then the cop gets there (he is still running after the Guy) and he’s like wow so ur bein a degenerate and u have pot on u . and i dont say shit cuz its MINE !.!.$:$3 and then my phone is broken?? the screen does not work !! and i say “this better be a fuck ass dream” then i wake up and it LITERALLY IS !!??

the house i was in with crazy roommate has roaches ??)/$2&:&: mom comes with my EX STEP FATHER ?? and she makes it worse by opening doors no one goes in and basically drawing out the roaches. im crying bc i cant even go outside bc its raining and there is no escape from the roaches, my mom, or my ex step dad

i am swimming and wet and it feels like i am flying. i go up to surface and sneeze then i’m like wait this is not how i sneeze. i realize i am a whale

saw mustache bf in the street and we are walking around and talking then this random woman comes up to us like wtf thats my husband and im like ???? and i am walking alone after and run into massage bf at the park and we go on a hike

i wake up from THIS NAP in my childhood home and i walk out of my room and my Old family members are all passed out NAKED ??? i freak out and run outside and i get hit by a car Lol

i was at a table outside eating with my mustache bf and the crazy bitch roommate is disguised and reveals herself and tries to take my food ??? and my mustache bf punched her

was in house living w my friends and one random girl that kept stealing my shit and threatening me ??

biking around an unfamilar eerie sort of place. it was kind of the vibe when youre a kid and your neighborhood is empty for work, but at dusk instead. everytime i stopped somewhere, my bike would go flat and i would have to pump both tires up. i stop outside this house and these two guys were walking towards it, excited because their grandpa makes a ridiculous amount of food. they share their hype with me as i pump my tires back up and i leave

this dream quickly changes scene. im in a dingy sort of computer lab room (similar dusky vibe). i go over to a girl's computer (i vaguely feel like im a girl now?) and she is doing character creation. im aware that it is probably cyberpunk cus cyberpunk has good char creation.
she leaves her computer and i get on it. she has this character that has a face/eyes like coraline but much larger head. like cartoonishly large and cutesy, with red hair like queen's gambit style. i decide to change it to more my liking, so i make the red hair dark, i stretch the face and eyes to a proportional noncutesey degree, and make the eyes blue. her and an older woman come back, so i make the eyes more gray blue, cause somehow that'll make them less annoyed with my having changed it.
(subtext: i think the girl that left was blonde, and so is my roomy. he has a thing for redheads, whereas i like brown/black hair)

me and my mom and a couple other adults got on this sort of open freight elevator in the middle of a mall. the operator was rambling on to them about how he used to not like it when people stood at the front of it near him, but now he does. they were facing each other talking and not listening at all. he then turned to me and said “they don’t listen” to me. i responded “they never do”

vaguely elsewhere in a mallish area, some vaguely seinfeld guys (kramer, jerry) say that we’re gonna be late to donate blood. someone suggests we should “do the popsicle method” we then run through the mall with a tons of popsicle sticks in our pockets, getting angry looks and maybe chased by a cop. i make it to that same elevator and go to get my blood drawn. i woke up when the guy was vaguely having trouble getting my blood to go. i was basically close up on my veins watching the blood have trouble leaving them

I dreamt flashes of light. In between the flashes I dreamt of aurous and beams, morphing between a blue and yellow color scale. With each flash a new color morph.

I dreamt of plates clattering. A old seat, a familiar view, a known palette. I belive it's quiet until I realize all the white noise. I feel a sickening level of deja vu.

I dreamt sound, fragments of rhythm. No words are sung, just a humming struggling to keep a tune. Despite that it's quite pleasant. I imagine the tune is what a loving mother would hum for her child woken by night terrors.

I dreamt a blackness. A limbo. Till peach colored roses start to dot the blackness. The same rose from a neglected and hidden away bush I would sit alone by in secondary school. It had haggard growth from being in the shade, the soil was laden with litter, it's branches hacked to pieces by the groundskeepers whenever as so much a tendril brushed the concrete floor. It received the same care as a weed. Every once in a while it would sprout a hand full of beautiful flowers hidden away from sight. It felt wrong to take the bush's lovely labors so I always waited till they had withered a bit till I plucked one. Like dust motes floating in and out of eye sight those peach roses sprouted and withered in the black.

I’m living where I am now but the guest house is an apartment complex, and the pool is instead a big port on a river. Someone coming off a boat asks me if he can rent a room for 2 days, and I think about moving in with my dream gf temporarily so I can let him stay in mine. Then I don’t remember what causes it but I start running down a dock, and a father chaperoning his kid on a date starts yelling at me that I’m disturbing them. I taunt him, he starts running at me, I get in fighting stance and take a swing. I don’t make contact but he disappears and then I wake up

a guy, a girl and i meet in a movie theatre. this was a cover as we discussed something of the vaguely dystopian society i assume we want to crumble. we go to leave trying to be incognito. they make it through all the line tape stuff, but im still leaving.

an old woman working the counter yells “there sure are a lot of people buying but not seeing that movie!” (i think it was joker) in response, a cop comes in and is sus af. (im wearing a tophat and trenchcoat, and holding up a lamp all old timey. this fit was inspired by my roomie’s bloodborne character which is a really well made joker lol).

i stop weaving through the line tape and start going under. he comes after me but i make it out.

i go out to the left in the mall but then go around the balcony to the right to fake out. i look on phone to try to find friends and we meet behind some wall.

i got my mouth on a couple inches of my penis, but was interrupted. i was thinking how id have to try that later. was pretty happy how easy it was to do. very disappointing for awake me!

i stood on this stone castle-like walkway watching a line of prisoners going by. i was happy i didnt get involved with whatever they did. i stood by d*be and my mom.

then i peered over the edge to my back right and saw a crashed car. i realized that it was my friend’s ex streaming persona 5 in real life (this makes no sense on multiple levels). i went down there and he got out. we then went around a corner to a small section of blank stone wall. he used a special move that placed a tone of small font text on the wall, which we were able to climb up.

we were set on going to surprise d*be by coming out the door he was at. the inside of the castle looked more modern with bussinessey glass windows and tan walls, but it was only half lit.

we went up to the door which was very reflected. my friend’s ex got mad that i may have given us up, but we didnt so we came out the door and d*be was surprised

i vaguely feel like i left some party at my home. i walk to the front of my neighborhood and am surprised to see that it’s sunset. the clouds are all orangish, so i take some pictures. im able to get unnaturally high good angles cus it’s a dream.

i then go to walk back, and it’s really dark so i get scared of being killed. i remember watching some videos about Michael Myers (killer, not shrek) and walk very fast. i get to the next part of my neighborhood and it’s basically day time lighting. there are children playing soccer, and they begin to chase after me saying that they’re Michael Myers, but i pay them little mind.

i make it home and go to find the video where i think a woman was saying that Michael Myers is like a split personality of this guy. yet the channel has so much junk i can’t find it again

beneath some home, down a hill we had our sort of trailer parked. i was nervous it would get broken into. what do you know? it does. but since i was suspicious, i was watching. i went out to confront them, a guy and a girl. me and idk my mom? or someone go start to fight them. as that's happening, this real outlaw sheriff type comes. i think he has a cartooney entrance, as if there was a freeze frame on him, or at least that's how it felt.

i start to pinch the guy im fighting with my nails, then drop him. he tumbles and runs away, cursing the girl robber as they go. the sheriff presents me this silver badge with an eagle on it, which again seemed to be presented with this zoomed in freeze frame type dramatic movement. he says something like "i wouldn't wanna get pinched by those nails" and then leaves

At school. Friends gave me some drug to try, looked like a little pink crystal but we called it DMT. There was like a phone interface that I looked at, and whenever I got given a crystal it would pop up on the phone saying what category the trip would be. Don't remember much of those but there was definitely "suicidal", one "angry" sort of one, and another which was "crazy"/uplifting.

So the first one I had was in the angry category. Was in a dark castle battlement sort of area where there was a mirror. I went over to the mirror and there was an angry Ron Weasley looking back at me - I think in the trip I was Harry and Ron thought I was screwing Hermione. He did some weird shit in his anger like summon a bunch of rain clouds and make everything dark, I fell back on my ass and the trip ended. I woke up on the floor at school with all my friends laughing and I felt tired as shit. I asked how long I'd be out and they said about 3 minutes. I kept talking with them about it whilst walking to PE class.

I decided to do another, and this time it was in the "crazy" category. In the trip I was in a class at school doing a maths test. First off I made a fuss because the maths test was for the people who did shit on a previous test, and so were in the "lower" classes. Then I sat back and looked out the window of the class to a large green field. A bunch of weird giraffes and shit walked out into the field from an enclosure. I specifically remember pointing out one which had spots like a zebra and an orange "mane" (not sure what the hair on the neck of a giraffe is called). Everyone got up and looked out the window at the giraffe that was running around. There were several more odd-patterned giraffes roaming around but I don't recall specifics. That ended that trip.

After waking up I decided to do yet another, which was in the "suicidal" category. Unfortunately this one never actually gave me a trip of anything, I just felt weird and had to lay down with my eyes closed for a bit. I mentioned this to my friends and don't remember the response.

After all that it was apparently time to go home. I walked to my car and it was gone - I looked around the corner and it was there, it had been towed away from the spot I parked it. There was also a parking charge notice for like £300 because I had parked in a professor's space.

Other details but they're lost on me.

i dreamt that i woke up from my nap and ordered brownies. i actually woke up from my nap and sat in bed for a bit then decided to go downstairs to get something from my car. i open the front door and there is a bag outside. i had actually ordered brownies ???

At a turnpike rest station. Walk outside, Steve's roommates Daniel is behind me. Steve is in the parking lot and the plan is for him to drive through the Jack in the Box drive thru with me. Dream ends before that happens.

I’m essentially Batman and I’m currently thwarting a plot by the Joker to kill a young woman by luring her in to a mansion under the guise of it being an acting audition. This is a plot he’s tried many times and I see the cracks in his false narrative and call him out on it to which he just draws a gun and is ready to kill me. There’s a tension between us that is almost playful, as we’ve been in this situation many times before, yet still serious. However, before he shoots, another party fires a gun into e building from the outside and the Joker is engaged in a fire fight against this unknown party. Soon after, the gunfire ends, and a large group of beautiful women enter the room, led by a single man whose identity I didn’t know. Among these women, was the girl that the Joker was originally trying to seduce and kill. It’s apparent this new guy had just now brainwashed her and was safe to assume that all the other women were past brainwashing victims themselves. The Joker and I escaped and I regrouped with my friend Matt at a communal shower in the city. While showering I was researching what I could about this guy and discovered that he kidnaps beautiful girls and brainwashes them to be actresses in movies he makes. I then made a comment to my friend Jake, who was outside of the showers that I thought his sister was really hot and that she was a potential target. After doing more digging, we discovered that this new villain’s plot was somehow related to a cursed beta version of Super Mario 64 called Super Mario 52. I found an article in the shower and would follow up on it later. I got out of the shower and walked out onto a pool deck. Just then, a brother and a sister (twins) that I went to middle school with arrived. I was better friends with the brother so we exchanged greetings and caught up a bit. He told me to stop pursing this guy who kidnaps girls because one of his friends tried to do the same and ended up falling down the rabbit hole, losing his wife to the villain in the process. I then started to tell Matt how hot my friend from middle school’s twin sister is (they are both extremely attractive in real life) and I told Matt I’d give both my nuts to have sex with her. The dream ended with me recalling a time (didn’t actually happen irl) where I saved a picture of her from Facebook and it sent her a notification when I did and I was embarrassed.


I'm vaguely driving a group of my college friends through some oddly winding roads (which i remark are named afte Thom York lol). I get us to my ex's house (part of my college group), and it's not like her house actually is. I'm talking to her in the front seat and she's in front of me (physically makes no sense, since that'd be where the steering wheel is). she's telling me about her job, and I look behind her to notice in a pot there is compactly combined maybe 20 plants. it was like a small tree and a bunch of smaller and bigger plants, all bearing different colored flowers. it was quite beautiful. it signalled to me that she's been up to a load of new things, which reminded me how i've also changed a lot since we broke up

I then went to drive away from her house, and parked in a spot, but her and another college friend were in my car still. i start to drive us somewhere and we start hitting dead ends like stairs and ramps. i start to realize that we are in a stadium (how they have little ramps and walls and stairs). it was almost like a labyrinth made out of a stadium, and the more i drove the more i ran into things that stopped me in my path, such as a long line of cheerleaders or just more random stairs. the frequency of me getting stuck increased, as if it was shrinking

at some point in being trapped i realize we can sort of climb straight down the side of something. how can i climb in a car, you may ask? well the car by now had shrunk down and i was basically holding it around my waist like a hoolahoop. so we climb down trepidatiously, holding onto and climbing down on various jutting out edges of other constructions, which arent meant to be climbed.

we got to the bottom and she started telling me about her job again and i wondered if it was multi level marketing. she then said something about dating a guy, but then coyly said "im still, like, a lesbian though." i was like yo? what was that? but before i got an answer I woke up

it’s fall 2021 and i have decided to move to providence (rhode island). there is essentially a montage of things leading up to my move: looking for an apartment online, talking to my friends about it, trying to find a roommate that isn’t insane via the internet, packing up my current apartment, figuring out how to ship things there, etc.

after the montage, i’m sitting on a plane and looking out the window. i think about how i will never Not be amazed at the way clouds look when you’re above them and i take a picture for twitter (hehe).

the plane lands and there’s a girl that’s probably 7ish? that is found out to be alone/lost on our flight?? she is crying and the flight attendants don’t take her anywhere or do anything ? and she looks at me and puts her hand in mind and then i am told that i have to bring her to a police station, and i’m just like “yeah okay sure.” did not question anything...stupid!

i get things squared away with the girl with a woman that is a social worker who is actually the same worker that came to talk to me after the police were called during one of my parents’ fights (let’s Not think about what this means to my brain). once that is resolved there’s another montage about me moving my stuff in and cleaning my new apartment and ordering thai food for dinner and this montage ends with me falling asleep on facetime with my friend.

i wake up (in my dream) and start on my second day in my new place. i only remember walking around and looking at the trees, not really anything else. i run into one of my old professors while i am walking through a park and we make plans to have breakfast at his friend’s new restaurant the next day. while shopping around for things to decorate with i make friends with two people that are already my friends in real life (but are new to me in the dream). i get home, relax, and set my alarm for the next day. i hear an alarm going off in my dream, like an old fashioned one with bells, and wake up in real life. i was really confused because i woke up feeling like i had plans but could not remember them at all. it wasn’t until later in the day that the full dream came back to me and now i know why i woke up with such a sense of urgency :P

i repeatedly have this dream but there are slight changes to the plot, setting, or ending, although the premise is the same: timothee chalamet and i must hide from some sort of inspector/agent so that our friend (who is a girl) can stay in our house with us. i don’t know why it matters that she is a girl, but when i think of her character it’s like a close friend that i care for a lot and see as a sister, which is part of the reason why timothee and i take hiding so seriously. it’s like we are doing this for beth march or something lolz.

in this iteration of the dream we are living in a house by the ocean that is big and modern and white. it is 8 am and a woman (who is not older than us but is kind of like a house mother or something) comes into my room, timothee behind her, and says the dude is coming and we have to hide right now. we usually hide separately but in this dream we end up in the same closet, changing our locations as the man gets closer and closer to finding us (i start in the kitchen and can hear the man looking in the cabinets opposite from me and slip away before he gets close enough to realize someone is in the cabinet i’m in, and this happened for like two other locations. also, every time i have to move locations, the pov switches to timothee who is having the same issues and constantly moving around).

we both slide into the closet and turn on the light. timothee climbs into a bin that is on a high shelf and waits for me to fully hide to reach up and tug on the light to turn it off. as i jump into a hamper and take the clothes that were at the bottom and use them to cover my head from view, he is saying how sick he is of this and how much he just wants to kill the guy so we can live in peace. i tell him it’s okay to turn off the light and we wait in the dark for about two minutes when the closet door opens. the man is being thorough and almost leaves when he hears timothee sigh (tim thought he is about to walk out and that we were safe). i should also mention that the feeling i have when thinking about getting caught definitely makes it seem like getting caught means we are in physical danger...like there are stakes Here and it’s not just our beth march friend being forced to move. i hope i have a dream later that explains the situation (usually i have one dream repeatedly and then a few months later i’ll have more explaining it).

anyways, timothee sighs and the man steps back deeper into the closet (where i am). i am shitting bricks when i feel the clothes above my head get yanked off and look up to see this guy’s menacing ass face. he makes me get out and calls someone and says,”yeah i located the girl but the boy is still somewhere in the house.” there is rumbling in the shelf above our heads and timothee jumps on this guy’s back and slings himself around his body and starts kissing him ??? and the guy is into it . Like A Lot. it’s very passionate and intense and after watching it unfold for a few seconds i realize he is doing it so that i can run away. by the time im out of the closet timothee is suckin cock like a true cock destroyer, it’s Wild. i turn down what feels like 10 hallways and two flights of stairs to the backyard. we have stairs that lead down to the beach (the people the man was on the phone with are in the front and this is seemingly ? my only escape). i rush down the stairs and trip halfway through, i fall and scrape my legs and arms and there’s blood on my clothes. when i get to the water, i turn around to look at the house. there are men coming down the stairs i just fell down, and there’s a thin trail of blood leading to me. i don’t feel any pain and look down and realize how fucked up i am Lol. i wade into the water and start swimming towards nothing. a wave comes over me and i can feel water tugging me around, i don’t have any control. i open my eyes and only see black. then i woke up

i go into my friend's house after some adventure i cant remember, feeling that i'm entitled to some food because of it. i go to this mini fridge with this package of sweet bread type squares and grab one, fuck yeah these are good. his sister standing in the kitchen then offers slices of bread to make it a sandwich, and im like uh okay i dont want that but dont want to be rude, so i go over past my friend to her and she's laid out like 5 fucking slices. i begrudgingly put them on my half eaten loaf, and notice a corner of paper below them.

their dad comes in and sits down on the couch, and i take my leave out the front. i read the note, and it says to sneak back. so i run through the nothern style snowy front yard until their dad cant see me out the window anymore, circle back around, and climb up their half roofs and go over to her window.

i come in hesitantly and say what did you want to his sister. she says something about loving me i guess and being scared due to my adventure, and i give in to kissing her passionately. we then are talking while i very briefly [redacted]. after i say how horrible i feel for doing this and that we can't again.

i then wake up due to how ashamed i am of myself. what the fuck dream brain couldn't you have at least made their likenesses worse?

first part: me and friends in a diner type place late at night. i realize i dont have a mask on so i go to my car to get it, but realize no one is even wearing them anyways

part 2: im at what is sort of a combo of my elementary school and my university stadium. i go to go inside one entrance and do go in, but my friends call and say wrong entrance. so i cross a courtyard to go to another one, still not right. im getting frustrated. finally i find their entrance but then realize i left my mask in my car again. i go to get it and come into stadium near field trying to find friends. again most are maskless lol

3ird part: me and a group are walking through some poor barren streets to get to a plane to go somewhere else for like research. we then are in another poor place, and walk by a body in a trash can filled with water. they just want to pass it, these things are normal in this violent country, but i want to report it. we decide to phone one of the classmates who stayed behind and to tell them that our research professor got bitten by a snake and he must come quickly. while he is coming we feel bad for the ruse

i show up at a hotel for some conference, avoiding people cus COVID (that shouldnt be in my dreams FUCK). i go to crowded checkout counter area but its weirdly a lady standing in front of 2 hotel beds instead of a desk. i think thats my room cus it has a number above it and the checkout lady sasses me (again, shouldnt happen within my own dream).

go to room and a friend of mine and a woman (who is named sam but is not the same thats my friend (who is a guy)) are there and we need to shower. the faucets are like out in the open, and we try to clean ourselve without touching much or getting nude infront of eachother. my friend barely rinses so i do same, but then im like nah i cant handle being gross. i go into a corner to rly shower and then the room is full of people drinking. i try to get reclothed without exposing myself for the sake of the women in the room. some guy plays a weird beer opening prank on me while i struggle. me but also not me decided theyre done with this and switched to a drink of cocaine and ginger ale????

i then wake up in same rbig hotel room. Camila is across room, going to pour coffee from a put and sees me and says "good morning" really cheerily like 4 times, then got really sad cus i wouldnt respond. i felt bad and tried to explain to her that i was not able to understand that i could be perceived, but gave up and asked wher my friends went

The End

I was anxious and scratching my head a lot. I ended up scratching my head so much that it started to feel raw. I ran over to the mirror and I could see that my face had detached from my head and was starting to slide off.

I was riding in this wagon and there were these gian earth movers digging up this hill. Later went and there was a giant cliff/ledge where they had dug and workers were falling down and I fell down but it was a sandy incline and I grabbed roots. I had a work trip and I kept thinking about how I could try to go skiing or move my flight up and see the city before work stuff.

I was hanging out with a girl I follow on instagram but then had to leave to get to work. She messaged me and said that she has been a lesbian since her bf left and asked what I was looking for...fracking? with some emoji

I was thinking about subway style sandwiches, there were some that had really good reviews but that a lady handmade the night before so preorders so they were very good.

I was sitting next to Donald Trump. He was actually very nice but still annoying. I thought about asking if he wanted to endorse that sandwich shop. We had to leave suddenly. As we were getting leaving I thought about asking him to challenge me to ridiculous bets where the odds were greatly in my favor.

I was going in to some government briefing and I had my stack of badges. I went through one checkpoint and they didn't even check badges or make me scan. As I was walking to the second one I someone reminded every one they had to scan their badge. When I got in it someone had a guitar and it was more like a high school assembly. The room was now more stadium like. I think I saw some friends and was going to sit by them and then thought maybe I would find different friends to sit by. I saw them and was going to then and then it became ridiculously crowded. I went around back of the section because of how full the rows were. Even the aisles. So I stepped over rows to get to an empty row. Once I got around realize the stadium is on the cliff from before and the lower rows are not finished. There are tarps down the hill and tarps now cover the top where there were people. I roll down this section to get under the tarps and I'm thinking of the sandwiches again. I make it under the tarps but then I wake up

i had a dream bill clinton, obama, and george w bush were ice-skating in like a ps2 style realm. and bill clinton couldnt figure out how to do it, and he was like awkwardly getting into the water (the way this realm/video game level worked was, you were supposed to skate on the ice but avoid the water) but obama and bush were too polite to tell him he was doing it wrong. he was having a lot of fun so they just didnt tell him

me and a few other people were walking through a mall with guns. i have like a very small AR. we were very plainclothes and there were still people shopping like normal. then we see some young blonde woman who has a small pistol and my group starts shooting at her. i idk catch up to her and disarm her, because I dont want her to be killed. then once my friends leave, i tell her that i'm going to take her giant deagle gun and one of her tiny pistols, but im going to leave one of her pistols in the back of a clothes store, out of a feeling of compassion for her that she still needs protection and is not a bad person like anyone else. i go into store and dodge the employees to get to the back and put it in a cubby.

then i see a bunch of my like agency going to some store, and i start to panic a bit cus we're leaving without my friends who were likely my irl friends i was gaming with last night. we are sitting in this glass large room waiting for some vehicle and im still trying to get ahold of them. maybe i went to find them i dont remember

at the beginning, i was revisiting a tweet thread which i had participated in and was embarassed by at another time (was sort of aware it was as dream and thought it was a recurring dream), and almost jumped back into it to restore my honour but thought better of it.

then im in a stadium, and some dragon type creature has taken it over cus he got some vague orbs activated. soon he had attacked a lot of people and they were like hypnotized or zombified. i was with a girl i can't remember, but we became separated and were (we thought) the only ones left. i kept going to a stairwell trying to get a peek at the dragon who was celebrating, and was attacked by zombies and cats? then i go to other side of stadium, grab 2 knives to kill dragon, fight off a zombie with the smaller knife(F) and go to escape outside and i find some others who are alive. we agree to all go deactivate orb things and i go around to see the rest of survivors playing bball outside. i talk with those working on stopping the dragon and it kinda ends there.

and then im informed the dream i was just taking part of was an internet series made by [the owner of this website]. im very impressed by her talent and also vaguely i thought it was animated?

then outside of that i dream that i wake up and go to write it down (probably for the express purpose of writing it on this website), but i cant find my usual dream page on Notes app (i never can cus its untitled im stupid). i find it but the app is being annoying and adding stupid shit like emojis and fonts but i write some of it down. while writing it down i think i got the notion that the beginning tweet dream was a recurring dream IRL. now i know it is not

I had weird dreams. But the parts I remember are disjointed.

Some girl trying to finger my bum, texting on this tiny phone probably a pager, my ex trying to argue with me and having a full back tattoo, and finding out I had a hot tub and pool in my garage

i was with family driving around a small town, there was something to do with a woman who had gone missing or died there and everyone was trying to figure out what happened. i ate a weird fruit with someone (looked like durian but not spikey) and then went to some kind of banquet or reception. i sat down at a small table where my mom was sitting and looked at the screen on stage. it was a wikipedia of my brother, i could clearly read it and it said that he died of a "tai bite" which i knew was a snake or lizard. i looked at my mom and she said she was so sorry she hadnt told me and i started crying. then sort of woke up but was still half dreaming and thought that i had woken up and found out the dream was true and he really was dead. when i fully woke up i was very depressed for a few hours and felt like it had really happened.

I had read a news story about an old man living in the desert in this compound with thousands of guns. He had attacked the mailman or something and was in jail and they were planning to disassemble his base. I went out to look at it one night and he had all these full size real chappies posed like action figures.

I wanted to see what happened if(when) the chappies came to life, so I came back with an IT friend and we set up a hidden security camera to watch. As we were leaving I realized that they would eventually find the camera, and could trace it back to me. We called the camera company to get my name removed from the camera and the guy made me answer math questions incorrectly over the phone.

Then we were attacked by a ghost man. The ghost man killed my IT friend and I had to behead him with screwdriver. I took the camera down and left. The ghost man's head shriveled up like a raisin in the sand.

i was walking up these old white stairs to this ruinous looking building that was open with like ancient style white pillars, and everything was very green and white in a dark kind of haunting way like some dark souls areas. as i walked up many other people (maybe 30) were walking up with me. we were maybe in highschool, and we played basketball in the middle of this large courtyard area (which does not fit the ruin vibe).

later, when older, we all came back to the ruins. as we filed in, we looked for our old cubbies in a mass. in them we found our old things. the mood was very somber, and i looked through my things sitting down near a lot of girls. they must have known what i was looking at, because one began to ask me about an (irl) middle school friend who they knew confided self harm/suicidal thoughts to me. in her giving me sympathy she implied or stated that it makes sense but is very sad how she killed herself.

oddly this was obviously inspired by both Virginia Woolf books i read (the waves, to the lighthouse). one with the suicide, and another with somberly coming back to your childhood summer home after a death. makes me want to read them again

in front of my house i built like a minecraftish tall structure very tall and wondered if it could withstand much. then i guess i went inside and was told some story about a man a long time ago who was called in to break up some protest. the protest was over a woman who works at a family type shop soon to be deported. the man decided the right thing to do was to marry her to let her stay in the country. in the end they ended up being happy and having like 14 children. after this i walked down my street and a tent like shop was set up in front of a house. a man was sitting in a chair and a small child was running around excitedly tending to the business. it was a charity, and if i gave them the shaving cream (i used irl night before) and one other thing, theyd give me 2 Burger King™ Whoppers™. he took my things and i wasnt sure if he would give me whoppers. i didnt want to ask because i was feeling a lot of humility from the story and from this kid doing charity.

Was at a house party with a bunch of people. The party itself was very laid back and I ended up in a room towards the back of the house where some people were laying around chatting and watching tv. Some people from high school, college, and work were there, as well as a girl I used to talk to from none of those places. There was a moment whilst everyone was discussing art where this girl and I were just laying on the bed in the room, looking at each other smiling. There was a slight pause and chuckle at how corny it was objectively, but we still appreciated the moment regardless. It was extra funny because when we used to talk, I would send snaps of myself just kinda laying in bed sideways with a smile on, which is exactly what her view of me was in the dream, but this time it was in real life, er...well, a dream.

became spontaneously lucid in the living room while sitting on the black spinny chair. mother was doing stuff at the table and i decided to have some fun and tell her she was in a dream. i made her do a reality check to see if i could prove it but she just got confused and kept smiling & nervously saying “i don’t understand”. i felt bad so consoled her by lying & reassuring her that she is the real her and maybe we are both dreaming and met up. i then demonstrated the fun you can have while lucid and took her flying with me over the city at dusk. everything flowed so well, no fuss or effort needed to materialise new situations. eventually we landed in an ice rink in the city because i willed it. later it became less lucid but still clear, although i forget now

i was hiking in the woods at night, wearing a headlamp, and i found one of those old Hi-Bounce Pinky rubber bouncy balls right off the side of the trail. then i must have camped out there, but i don't remember it. in the morning i came into a grassy clearing lit up with golden light that was completely teeming with all types of colorful birds. i stood still and they landed all around me. they hopped right up to me

me and a woman are hanging out and she seems like a familiar amalgamation of several women that i can't place. we are just hanging out and talking and then she [censored] and in the midst of that we are having oddly light conversation and then before [censored] her dude friend comes so we stop. he seems uncomfortable cause he knows [censored]. then while hes right there, in a different fashion, we [censored]. i say to him he cant complain cause he knew what was up and he accepts and keeps chilling. i use meditative techniques ive been working on to [censored] and i succeed in that manner. she lightly chastises me for [censored] and i apologize and offer to [censored]. suddenly, we get word her mom is coming to visit, whom ive never met. while im still putting on my tank top, she comes in and it's backwards. she seems suspicious and disapproving, but hugs me all the same and we leave.

Part One:
I was wandering around some location (no idea where) and I stumbled upon a house where I guy was putting in a small garden in his back yard, just behind his house. I began to notice similarities between this house and and my own (layout of the property, adjacent house colors, etc.). Nothing was exactly the same, but everything was similar enough to be uncanny. A coworker of mine came over to my house later where my parents were throwing a party, I was trying to explain this bizarre similarity unnoticed between my house and the house I was at earlier but I kept being interrupted by guests arriving, most of whom I did not know. I was also naked this whole time, but nobody seemed to mind. The last guests to arrive were a man and a woman. The woman is the widow of one of my dad's oldest friends, who died (seriously died irl like 2 years ago) and her new boyfriend: this tall as fuck jacked black dude. She seemed happy and he was a really nice guy, but I was a little surprised as to how quickly she had moved on from her husbands death.

Part Two:
I moved into a new apartment with the fellas from the coop (matt, goebs, and sepia) along with Hen and another dude I did not know. It was on the second floor and the apartment buildings had communal bathrooms, co-Ed. Me, Matt, goebs, and Sepia got there a day early and picked out which beds we wanted. Hen and the other guy arrived a day late and got the remaining beds. Nothing else super noteworthy about this part.

so im hanging out with my boys and they want to order some meal that i dont want, so i look on google and find a wing place with good reviews and it says its not very far just over the bridge (san francisco i wrote down). so i take a bike over it and its seeming further and further. i put my bike in things on the right alcove of the other side of the bridge and start walking. the area gets spookier as i walk and people are acting sus. i get into the wing place and pay and its way more expensive than i thought. the cashier is being snarky and her friends are intimidating me and the youtuber idubbz is there and grabs my food for me (wtf). so we run and he has a car and drives me to the bridge. he for some reason cant let me out until a certain exit on the long bridge. we get to bridge and its up but then it starts cartoonishly bouncing and that scares us. we see its some fuckin teens jumping up and down on it. i think that made me too nervous and i woke up

I was riding a Jeep in the Australian Outback when a parcel was airdropped to me from the sky, courtesy of my mother. In it, some provisions, first aid, and a Chicago style hot dog. I couldn't have been happier.

morning lucid dream where i was scripting/directing the dream to make it cool and perfect. started with a fight over sea on a wooden plank bridge on the surface. a tree was at the intersection between another bridge. sky was dark grey & sea was green/blue. villain was fighting the ‘hero’ with electrical attacks.

villain ends up retreating to ocean so i follow him and make it so he looks more like poseidon. he’s building an ocean castle in the deep sea and using enslaved (personified) fish to do so. he’s psyching himself for the next battle and decides it’s time to bring out his old ‘pets’ who have been locked away in hibernation for ages. a crowd gathers for this momentous occasion. the pets are kept in individual dark long tunnel stables spread out in a lake enclosure. it’s still all underwater in the ocean. the pets are summoned and i’m going for a cerberus type deal with water dragons. it takes a few attempts & a lot of thought for them to look right but i got it eventually. dark teal scales.

the dragons are talking and the villain king decides to show off their abilities by taunting the crowd & making the dragons go after a few fishpeople. an old lady chucks a piece of shark meat on the roof where i’m lurking, semi invisible, and the dragons advance my way. i’m not supposed to be there because i’m spying so i gtfo and fly (swim) upwards and out. the water dragons are on my scent trail but in the sky i run into my friend dragon who is yellow with green ear scales. he is larger but slower than the water dragons, and is a regular fire dragon. i fly onto his back and sit and the scent of the friend dragon masks mine so the water dragons abandon chase. i considered the dragon movement physics and how it would feel to ride a dragon with its wings beating. afterwards i flew down to the ocean surface onto a circular area with some girls. dream then devolved & ended

I was at a hotel pool and there were many beautiful women around in bikinis. An old man approached me, asking how much he would have to pay me to suck on some of these girls' milky tits. I told him “I wouldn't do that for all the money in the world you sick fuck” and I spat on him. Not sure why I reacted that way. Maybe I was trying to seem like a “nice guy”

There was a Children of Men thing going on but instead of no babies it was that no one could get hungry. People starving to death. Only way to eat was to use a hungry orb like a power up.

I am the mentee of the Joker. I can tell he is a disturbed mind but is not inherently evil, just misguided in his actions. I stick with him, because I feel as though I can help him, but at the same time, I become friendly with his daughter who is a few years younger than me. She and I have a class together and we grow closer. She is completely uninvolved in her father's activities but likes spending time with me because it helps her keep up with what he's doing.

long dream started with daenerys talking to pyat pree. she looked into his eyes (which were milky and pale) and saw the future or past. cutscene happened which took over the dream. showed a dothraki khalasar stepping over a boundary they had never crossed before and riding north. it was a sweeping camera shot from above, first filming directly below then moving upwards to follow the dothraki and settling when the horizon was in view.

an asian boy from the tribe got stranded in a village they passed and the dream derailed completely.
the boy missed his father who worked in space rocket facility. he dreamt he was in the station walking up the stairs that spiralled around a rocket and had platforms along the way. there was no rocket so just a hole. at the top he talked to his father and they hugged. then the father threw the boy off the top so the boy could be freed as there was no way he would ever manage to get home in real life. but then the boy woke from the dream and it turned out he had killed his father through it irl instead so he could move on without wanting to go home. there was a girl in the village he was starting to like, and she liked him too, so the boy asphyxiated her while she slept by covering her mouth/nose with his hand. again it was so that he wouldn’t have any attachments to places ever again. he did everything with a peaceful melancholic smile.
later he was travelling with heavy vintage suitcases and entered a vast futuristic brutalist building. he encountered a peppy cow who spoke cheerily to him and walked past him to reveal her body was like a train made of cow torso. she was an extremely long serpentine cow. the boy felt annoyed that she had so much back surface area and didn’t offer her servitude to him to carry his bags. dream derailed again in this place and was about me and my brother getting married (not to eachother). our cousin wanted us to go to a cultural school for the day where they’d assess how cultural we were.

me & my brother admitted to her that we don’t give a shit about culture and neither of us wants to get married either. cousin seemed disappointed as she had a part in making the marriages happen. dream derailed again, still in this vast indoor area of rooms and spaces. now i was walking and trying to give a cereal box to a classmate (different cousin rly) who had asked for boxes. he didn’t want to take my box right now but i’d gone through the effort of bringing it especially for him so i made him take it. i remember meeting some other classmates i hadn’t talked to in a while and begrudgingly greeting them.

later i was outside and it was outcast and grey. i was on a grassy field with picnic tables surrounding a small red and white circus tent. the circular area was contained in by a short wooden picket fence. i sat on a picnic bench and talked to my actual friends along with a red haired guy from a neighbouring school. he was handsome and both my friends were into him. i complimented him for it. friend 1 then had a flashforward of herself in the future (20 years or so) writing a letter to him expressing that she still loved him, causing current her to feel sad because that meant that he never returned her feelings so it was pointless. can’t remember much more after that

This is one in a series of recurring dreams. They center around the idea that I signed up for a class in college and then forgot about it. The background emotion is a constant worry about how the zero's on all the tests will wipe out my GPA and the tragicness of the loss because it's simple carelessness. A simple mistake with serious consequence, all the other work for naught. There's a faint inability to really check the schedules and figure out what is going on. There's a desire to just get to the end of the degree, and always a possibility one thing is missing, and a fear that years have been long trying to get all the way to the end.

I'm in the classroom. There's one female (1) that I've known for a long time, deeply connected to, maybe intimate a few times, but not that much. And she's there. This other female (2) just walks up and I don't know her but she looks pretty nice and she wants to have sex right then. I get under a sheet with her literally on a small bed that's in the classroom near the front. I'm thinking maybe that other female with the deep connection won't really notice if we're under the sheet... but sheets never work perfectly for hiding things. It's like the sheet is just a way of being polite about it. Struggling to do the calculus of if having sex with female (2) is worth it if female (1) is getting upset, but pretty much doing it anyway at the same time. Female (1) may likely just disconnect from me because of the incident, and I have no idea if I'll see female (2) again. So maybe it's a stupid move, both will soon be lost, but I can't say for sure.

The president of cheeseburgers & more wouldn't let me take a coffee to go from the main restaurant for free, instead telling me I needed to go back upstairs to my party reservation that had unlimited drinks. I sympathized, realizing that I would be taking away resources that weren't assigned to me. Instead of walking back upstairs or purchasing the coffee downstairs, I just left, a more understanding man. Then I woke up.

Stabbed a lot of people
Shot them as they walked by
Some didn't react
So I blew their heads off
Not out of malice you see, they were coming into an area I did not want them in
So much strife
And you know?
I didn't feel any regret

In a house
My house
A hidden door is found,
Down and up I go
That leads to me a room
There is a man in the room
He's older, graying, silent
I believe him to be my father.
The man makes my hairs stand
The way He talks and acts
Like he is pounced and ready to snap.
He does not acknowledge me, which frightens me even more
He walks and I follow
More downs and up.
My house has many hidden passages and rooms I did not know
We make down to a final room,
A door leads outside
To an area which I hate
A area I avoid
I imagine He will snap my neck here.
Instead he acknowledges my presence for the first time
He simply looks at me with tired eyes
Regretful eyes, for He has done terrible things
He walks away.
Back up I go
Parts of the climb feel impossibly narrow
End up coming back into the house through a different route from which I came
I end up dropping through a attic door onto my bed
I drop into a memory
I'm a child now, hiding in bed

And here I realize
Who that man was
It was Me.

Everything is a mellow haze, like light through frosted glass. There's no sense of sound or rather no indication, no reason, to believe sound even exists. Between the hazes are clutches of clarity, all unique scenes, spliced together to form sequences of image and sound.

The first of the light shows forms into an incredible cityscape. The roads are a fusion of cobbled and paved concrete, they seem to exist in tentative balance, each one competing to exist in the same space. The buildings are the same, in between the litters of beaming glass structures are remnants of old architecture which are still in use. The dated buildings so clearly have their history written over them with their cracks and faded colors. It's such a stark contrast I almost think this place is pure abstraction. Around me are streams of people milling around conversing, some very clearly going somewhere others talking to each other. The city is very much alive and thriving. There's no shortage of scenery so I walk and walk. I marvel at the buildings struggling to decide what they want to exist as. Existence is more than anything I can desire right now.

The first haze takes over,

Clarity comes back and I piece together I am a customer in an aquarium store. The store is unique, in place of the front door there is an absence of an entire wall. Much like an outdoor cafe, the store is extremely viewable from the road outside. I'm a bit distressed as I can't seem to get my aquarium together, so I lean on the counter and talk. The owners, male and female, talk great lengths about what exactly I might be needing. They beckon behind me to a large pile of driftwood in a crate. There's an incredible rush of vividness as they give me their advice, it's here I can remember their face and voice. Gleefully I chose out these incredible, curved pieces of driftwood remsicanet of a river's current. I choose out a number of pieces and as I turn to purchase them the vividness of the dream collapses, an intrusive thought brings down the entire store. I am just a visitor here. These things can't come with me, they belong wherever it is I am. I have no way of bringing them home.

A haze takes over,

I awake back into the city. Buildings are no longer competing for existence, the masonry and concrete intertwined like vines on a tree. It's peaceful. While on a jaunt I can begin to feel an unmistakable ocean wind blowing over me. I turn a number of alleys to be greeted by the ocean blue in front of me. The occasional could peppers the otherwise perfect sky blue air. The pathway merges perfectly onto the breach front and I find myself on a platform looking down onto the beach's sand. The platform has this incredible glass railing stretching as far as I can see, it follows the pitch and turn of the beach creating a myriad of lights refracting off the glass into the horizon. There's quite a large number of people here enjoying their time all over. The only direction I can go is right, so I begin down the platform. To my left the ocean and to my right is a wall of buildings.The amount of people noticeably begin to thin out as contine walking down the platform, it starts to quiet down as a result. Scenery starts to meld together. I prepare for the haze to take grasp, but instead a great nagging tells me to turn my head. To my left, in the ocean, is this grand crescent island covered in fog and greenery. It's so out of place it shatters any sense of contitunity I have. This dark, foggy island abruptly plopped into the blue like a blemish. People start to pop back in existence and the dream fizzles out.

Another haze takes over,

I'm in another store. It's quite small and cozy, nestled in between two large shops that overshadow the one I'm in. As a result the store has quite a slow traffic flow. I'm not entirely quite sure what it is they sell here, but it doesn't matter. The shopkeeper is a dear friend and it's her company I'm here for. Judging by the way we talk I seem to have a great history with her, this is not the first time we have met and talked. I talk with her for what feels like eternity and a great high rolls over me. Warm joyful waves, like those of a tropical beach, wash over my mind and body. Once again, existence is more than anything I could desire right now. Despite how bliss everything is I find myself checking the time repeatedly. I'm not entirely sure why I am, I have nowhere to be or even anywhere I want to be here. I can't shake the feeling I'm going to be late, that I'm going to miss something important. With that I leave the shop keeper, my last memories are turning my head as I leave out the door, “I'll see you later! Promise I'll be back.”

I smile and a haze takes over,

It's now sunset. The sky has a beautiful gradient of blood orange to amethyst and turquoise. The glass panels to my left catch the colors in reflection, creating a brilliant surrounding of color all around me. I can only describe the sensation as walking through colors themselves, as if such a thing was even understandable. I walk and walk, the only objects around is a seemingly infinite supply of sunbathing chairs, tables, parasols, and little designated areas of greenery. All of it feels incredibly tranquil. Between the light grey concrete and ocean blue, the color gradient sunset is almost beyond my ability to revel in. Eventually I reach the end of the platform, which shouldn't be possible because if I look back I can see the platform stretch off into infinity. But here I am at the end, the architecture curves into a single point, finally admitting it has nothing left to give. It's on that single point that I sit. I feel a great sense of pain, the idea that I may never sit here again or never see these colors again, is more than enough to bring me to tears. This is all to stupendous and I know I will never see this again. Sat there on that point I live as much as I can.

The haze takes over,

I'm now in a very real city. No abstraction, no grandeur, just a regular city. It's night time, the orange glow of street lights fills the area around me. There's an unshakable mistake pang of anxiety racking through me, I've missed something quite important. I walk and walk but it doesn't feel like I am going anywhere. No matter how far I seem to go the scenery doesn't change, if I take 10 steps forward existence just takes 10 steps with me. So I get nowhere.

A final haze takes over and I awake.

so i go to my friend's parents' space mansion (definitely Dune inspired) thats all white with high ceilings and lots of glass and open space (like most boring rich people houses). while there one of my friends breaks a glass window, and my friend's mom says that technically that is punishable by death on their planet (shes very unbending on this cus shes based on my friends very strict frustrating mom). they execute my friend and im absolutely pissed so I grab this see through glass gun (kinda looks like a tee shirt cannon) that, when i press in on this weird deep rubber button it sucks up the glass shards and i can shoot them.

so i declare war (as one does) and me and my friends fight and idk they all kinda disappear/die. now its a showdown with the dad (not the irl one) who has armor and acts very video game like. im runing through rooms trying to evade him but just cant win. then my other friends bust through the big glass front window with a giant planet express style ship. but idk we still lose and everyones gone so i start shootin glass at the mom.

i try appealing to the mom with a lot of emotion but she just wont bend. then it straight becomes me arguing with my own mom in my own house. shes saying her father was strict so she has to be and im arguing and my dad and brother are fighting in our back yard. then i just punch her in the face.

then my normal brain gets upset that i just punched my mom in the face (which seemed reasonable as she just killed all my friends but it wasnt really her). being upset about this woke me up and i still feel guilty about the image of me socking my mom (she does not deserve this she is very nice to me).

smashed a giant living bee made of crystal beads into the ground with the blunt of an axe to reveal fifty egg yolks inside

It starts off with me playing some game in the Yoshi's Island series, except the entirety of my dream IS the game, like I'm not just sitting there holding a controller. My entire field of vision is within the game from the perspective of someone playing it, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, it's not a real Yoshi's Island game, because whatever world I was in basically took place in Hell, and I was under the impression that this was a secret bonus world or something as it very much felt like I wasn't supposed to find this world. On the little map where you'd close your level, the environment was just fire and brimstone and smoke, with jagged peaks strewn about the landscape. The next level I was to play was a castle, presumably the final level of the world, except I would see on the world map that there was a staircase ascending past the borders of the screen that began from the back of the castle, so I assumed that this would be some sort of bonus level.

I started the castle level, which had some ominous name that I cant remember, and immediately Yoshi is being attacked by these evil, demonic figures. I try to control Yoshi to just flutter jump over the whole level and for the most part it works. This level was actually horrifying, I'm not sure how to describe it. It just made me feel anxious playing it. I finally got to a later point in the level after being chased by a hoard of demons of increasing number.

My perspective transitioned to first person and I was traveling through a cavern in the level. The terrain in the cavern started to get steeper and steeper until I was basically climbing up the walls. All of a sudden, I was outside in a desert, except the terrain was still so steep it was like someone rotated the earth itself by 90 degrees. To my right was a line of people I went to college with, mostly women, in bathing suits and bikinis. It's as if the gravity change had no effect on them as they were standing sideways from my perspective, feet planted firmly on the ground, which to me was just a wall of sand. They paid me no mind as I continued to climb up via gnarled roots of desert trees and cacti.

Eventually I got to a point where I couldn't reach the next root and didn't know what to do. I finally collected my senses and focused, and the earth returned to its normal state for me, so I stood up on the ground and walked away.

I found myself near a construction site with my friend Matt. A man was operating an excavator nearby but Matt kept pestering the man until he lost focus and knocked a bunch of stuff over causing a lot of damage. I felt very embarrassed and The construction worker and myself scolded Matt for what happened.

Matt and I went back to a nearby house where we were staying when some boys we went to high school with arrived, acting strange. In this dream they were petty drug dealers (which might be true in real life lol) and I thought they might rob us or something. Then, a friend of a friend arrived at the house to announce that he was getting braces. The drug dealers left and so did the braces guy. Matt and I went to another room where a young Austrian rocket scientist was staying and we went to a large sandy field to launch several miniature rockets before a sandstorm formed. Back at the house we discussed when would would leave to continue our journey together.

The dream then transitioned to an airplane where the flight crew had announced that there was a vampire on board. For the rest of this segment, my perspective would transition back and forth between that of myself (a man with my wife) and the vampire. As the vampire, I went around the cabin of the plane announcing that I would turn the passengers into my night-creatures and drink the blood of virgins. I began biting people who would then die (only to be reanimated later). As the man, I had taken refuge in the area of the plane where the stewardesses would stand when not serving the passengers. My wife was scared and I wanted to comfort her. As the vampire I got to a pretty black girl in her early 20s. I began to perform cunnilingus on her, exclaiming that she was no virgin. She chuckled in agreement and continued to let me pleasure her. Back as the man, a stewardess was telling me I needed to return to my seat but I refused and told her to get away from me and my wife. Finally, as the vampire, I continued to pleasure the black girl until the dream ended, forgetting entirely about what my original purpose was, as my newly reanimated corpse servants began to wreak havoc on the rest of the plane. And that's the end of the dream.

I was walking down one of those country paths in between two cultivated fields at night with my brother. We came to a level crossing and had to stop because apparently there was a train coming. Two cyclists in luminous green shirts passed us and waited at the crossing for a second. One of them crossed while my brother exclaimed for him to stop, he just made it before the train rushed past, but the other cyclist somehow made it in front of the train and died. I said I'd call an ambulance but thought that sounded ridiculous so said I'd call the police, but there was no service when I dailed 999 so my brother and I had to walk back down the path we had come down. We emerged from the path into the edge of a town next to one of those little power stations (no idea what they're called; the little 10x10 metre fenced off areas with the big electrical boxes inside that you find near rail lines). Some sort of argument ensued when I was trying to call 999 resulting in me pushing my brother to the floor. Someone answered the call and I reported that there had been a death. I was told there was some sort of "account" interface that I had to sign up to in order to call the police, but I remembered I had already made one so I gave my details. I think it ended after that as I was waiting for some response.

During Syrian civil war. I was riding in the back of an APC (BTR-70 I think, to be precise), looking out of a window towards a town like a mile away that was presumably held by the opposition forces. It was being bombed by Russian jets which was fun, everyone was ecstatic. I then sort of left my body and was overlooking the convoy of vehicles I was riding with. There were a few APC's and one of them had some sort of missile system on it (looked like a rapier or similar).

I then "woke up" from this dream and started logging it in Poch's Discord channel. I remember trying to find what the aforementioned vehicle was called but didn't so I think I compromised with some general label like "armoured car".

i was at my family's house and exited into the enclosed porch. it was dark outside and there was this annoying lego baby kid on the floor asking me questions and his eyes were black circles and were unsettlingly large. i tried to shoo him away and began walking to the train station. i was lucid enough to know it was a dream and that i had some control but i knew that the baby would continue popping up because my dream brain tends to be annoying like that. i got onto the train which was more of a boat (?), we were on a lake or river. the color palette was very pastel and cool toned. it was misty blue and green and grey. the train-boat itself was red, it looked like a steam train but the sort that's a playground prop. the front carriage was open. the baby popped up again and i was irked but kept trying to overwrite its existence with my conscious

I was walking through fields near my house where I go jogging and noticed some things were different (which is what I use to lucid dream but my brain didn't even click it ffs). There was a really nice view overlooking the fields at around sunset and there was some magician looking guy at a booth (which turned out to be my teacher) so I went to see what he was about. He told me if I put these glasses on which see through peoples clothes and can concentrate on the view and not look at the two women dancing I'd win some money so I agreed. I put the glasses on and they didn't even work so it was easy and he said I was a natural and that it was a test to get into some secret place as foot fetishes weren't allowed and they were trying to make them go extinct, and if you looked at their feet you wouldn't be allowed in. He handed me the money I'd won and it was just a few pieces of Monopoly money and said that was the currency where I was going. He told me to close my eyes so I did and when I opened them I was in some weird place underground. It was a long spacious corridor with white flowers hanging over the walls with candles and random doors. I opened one and it was the scene from American beauty with some xylophone type music playing. It was the scene where Angela is on the ceiling covered in rose petals and they're just falling. Everything was so red and the music made it prettier but instead of Angela on the ceiling it was a barbie doll and it kind of ruined it. I tried another and it was just a room filled with lights and mirrors but I couldn't see my reflection but for some reason thought that was normal. I saw A looking at herself in the mirror putting on a hat and contemplated saying hello but ultimately decided not to. At the end of the corridor some girl was trying to sell me a jar full of syrup and wanted to question me on my fetishes. Something something sign about not feeding wotsits to the birds

I was chilling with Bread in my apartment and she tweeted that hanging out with Bake was cool and if it continued on for a few more hours that would be nice. Made me feel happy.

One was a shared office printer that everyone was excited about but didn't work, and I was fixing it. It had four ink cartridge slots, so you could choose four colours but people couldn't decide which colours and it used 14% of the ink when you changed them.

Another was waiting to test drive a car, in a changing room, and someone accidentally put their weiner against my leg and held it there, then got angry when I realised

And the last one was I filled 2 litre cola bottles with water and turned them into ornaments that I put by a roundabout, and they looked pretty. Later I made a machine that could make these ornaments and fill them with the exact amount of water.

I had a hologram projector and projected a giant tree above my house. At night it was visible and super.


I was walking across a small bridge that went over shipping cargo containers. I saw a circular small hole about an inch in diameter, which was illuminated, and could hear someone calling out through it. I listened to it. Then I got my phone out and took a video of the bridge and the illuminated hole, and a group of people passing by said it was for a movie with Jim Carrey, and started explaining it. Then I was inside the movie, in an expensive SUV with people explaining how in the movie the father has to give up their life by living backwards. I saw him every day going to the fridge and taking out food when he was eating, getting younger and younger, but there was a feeling it was taking away his life. Back in the SUV I looked through storage compartments and found some target shooting marker pens (who knew they made specific pens for that) and I said to the people in the car that it's ok if they're into shooting guns. They said in South America sometimes you get a refund if the fire service don't come to your house and your house burns down. I felt through another compartment and it was full of drugs, and everyone in the car except me got shot by some bad guys chasing us. Alas I was going to get framed when they found me with them, when I had no idea who these people even were.

There's a sense of movement. Images begin to form and I realize i'm in a large city, tall buildings all around. The movement is me, I'm in a car going somewhere I don't know. I entered a subterranean area under a large building, it's the parking structure built entirely underground. Images navigate me to a large circular tunnel akin to a tunnel for trains, but this one is built for pedestrians only. I enter begrudgingly, I'm not sure why but I don't want to be here. I enter into a main plaza, which descriptions are incredibly hazy to my memory. From the plaza I enter, or rather ascend, into some nondescript store.

This store is unlike anything I've ever seen. Hundred upon hundreds of items on a floor space large enough where I can't see the end. And the items! It's the items that make this dream worth writing about. They're machines, absolute incredible little machines all moving and breathing, almost yearning. Endless shelves of kinetic art sculptures, wooden marble machines, floating glass, infinity mirrors, everything! The crown jewel are the orreries and the small strandbeests. Gleaming brass and aluminum cascaded by the rainbows of light from the glass all around.

Then an alarm! A fire alarm rings, smoke fills and I can no longer see the living machines. I flee into main plaza, heat searing into my back. Then I awake.

(no longer dream, up to you whether to include this part) My morning alarm had gone through two cycles, meaning it had been ringing for approximately 5 minutes straight. I have strong reason to believe the fire alarm was the morning alarm ringing. Significant to me because it means a part of my mind recognized the alarm and then translated the information into an event that fit the dream's continuity. If true why did my mind go through the trouble of maintaining the dream? Why create the smoke, the fire?

I dreamt that I was in front of a scuffed college campus, on public sidewalk, relaxed with some peers of mine. I decided to antagonize a large group of people in front of us, which were students mingling. I yelled, x university needs change. I was holding a blank sign, not causing trouble. My peers intervened with me after I yelled that demanding that I do not continue to antagonize further because of the university police. Next thing I see, I'm being confronted by university PD, only a female cop though, in front of my peers. She makes fun of my shirt referring it to the 70s and I respond that I do not understand what she's saying. Then the female cop says something about how young I am or whatever. I respond to her, I'm positive I am not that much younger than you are. She then approaches me, puts her forearm between my groin and lifts to attempt to lift me and says with excitement, that I "Committed a felony by" blah blah blah. Forgot what the dream cop said. She put me in the car, I was silent the whole trip in disappointment that I could in fact ruin her whole career and sue for false imprisonment.

I was in a small room such as a closet or a train. A shy awkward woman was talking to me and seemed to be flustered by me and was overly friendly. She came and sat directly next to me and started trying to touch me. When I tried to push her away she became more aggressive. She was touching my shoulders and back and when I tried to stand up to get away her jaw hinged open 180 degrees revealing monster teeth and she bit my back at which point I awoke.

In a native American cement yard. We were not allowed to use anything, K talked our way in and then we used the cement to help someone. Almost got in trouble but they forgave us because we helped. Very good and happy time. Picnic tables. Influencers ruining it.


Floating city old New York. No docks. Pope showed up in Popemobile, pushed beams out to his boat so he could get off. He steals them and puts them on his boat. Some kind of magic system?

It's a weird RPG. I'm very new to it and don't understand. I Log in then quick log out, too scared.

There is now a Battle on a weird floating city. Weird round green man falls into a machine and gets made tiny. This is part of the rpg somehow.

I was sitting on a rocky embankment next to the water of a saltwater bay with my Marine Biology professor. We were talking and throwing rocks in the water and I was trying to be polite but I couldn't understand anything that they were saying, their voice was wavering and distorted. I was leaning back on a very comfortable sun warmed rock. Suddenly my professor pointed excitedly at the water below us and started talking very fast and her voice was very distorted. I looked but couldn't see anything there. I carefully climbed down the rocks until I was on a big rock right next to the water. I still couldn't see anything but my professor was still pointing right at the water directly in front of me. I got down on my knees and looked into the water but it was so deep that it became too dark to see anything a few feet down. I leaned out over the water and was peering into the darkness but there wasn't even anything moving, just some sea weed and a star fish on the rock face below me. Suddenly I felt my professor put her hand on my neck and push my head into the water. I almost flipped right into the water but just barely held onto the rock. I tried to push my head back up because my professor was not a large or strong woman but I couldn't seem to get my head above the surface of the water. I started getting desperate for air. I was trying desperately to not breath in the water but the cold was getting to me so I figured that I would flip forward into the water just to get away from her. I tried leaning further forward but I couldn't seem to do it. The water was so cold and I was so desperate to breathe that I was seeing a closing black ring around my vision. Finally I couldn't hold it anymore and I breathed in. I could taste the saltwater in my mouth and tried to drink it to keep from breathing it into my lungs but before I knew it I was pulling it in and it was burning my trachea and I could feel it in my chest burning and sloshing. The burning was terrible but I felt so clear in that moment, no more dark ring, no more desperation just burning in my chest. I took another breath and another, each one burning more than the last, but I just kept feeling better and better. I sort of slid into the water then, I don't know how to describe it, I just felt the pressure of the hand release and the cold of the water all over. I turned around and was about to surface to breath but it was so quiet and nice down in the water that I decided to just swim around instead. I swam down and to the side, I could see my professor on the rocks above but her image was wavering through the water and I decided to just swim. I woke up then.

had some lucid dreams but couldn't control much as usual. it was exceptionally annoying this time. i was flying high up, trying to change the scenery below me into countryside fields, but it stayed as it was, dotted with pine wood houses with little swimming pools. i mucked around with creating portals to a specific place and it felt almost successful but not quite. eventually got to the coast and after a while of fucking around on a pier building i lost lucidity and played around with a skull on the sand that would eat pennies then eject them again. later on in the night i revisited the same beach to show the skull to other people. turns out it was a replica and not a real skull. My friend pointed out that the teeth were obviously fake. After that I was still at this beach but with my family. A goat escaped from a lady nearby and it jumped into the sea (we were on a raised platform over the sea). i got it back but its head popped off like a lego figure and i was distraught and the goat owner was wondering why i cared about her goat to which i explained i am a fan of goats myself. but then its head popped back on and it was absolutely fine and all was good. It became night time and started raining super heavy so me and my family started walking back. Because the tide had come in, we couldn't walk along the beach, so instead walked along the thin ledge wrapped around the side of a building by the sea. it was all on some pier type thing. very hard to explain the actual layout of the land in this one

heavy rain on a beach at night with the moon out is quite a good dream scene

also, it was a Boer goat for any goat enthusiasts out there

I was a literal brain in a not so literal jar (some sort of support container). The support system was running out of supplies, electricity, water, oxygen, glucose, even the sodium and potassium ion solutions were running low. I had some sort of parallax camera system around the container so I could see that I was in some sort of hospital room or lab, but all I could do was watch as critical systems went into emergency mode and feel my thoughts slowing, like I was falling asleep in the dream. There was a power plug sitting on the counter next to my container but I had no way to plug it in. There was an IV stand nearby loaded with full bags but the lines were just dangling uselessly. I was yelling for help but I knew that no sounds were actually being made. I don't remember what was happening in the dream for a bit, but the next thing I remember is seeing the IV lines start swaying after I looked past them, and then noticing that it kept happening every time I looked at them. My dream brain just skipped right over rationality and decided I was going to use telekenesis to plug myself in. I started with the power plug because it was closest. I could feel it like I was reaching out with my hand but I would try to pinch it and it was like my fingers were moving through thick mud or clay and the plug would just move a little bit and then stop. I got frantic and was really scared as I pawed and scrabbled at this thing, moving it only little bits at a time. Finally I got it close and it just jumped and snapped in like one of those magnetic macbook plugs. The sleepy feeling was replaced by something like an intense thirst so I reached out for the IV lines and was only able to set them swinging, nothing even close to enough to get over to my container. I don't remember what happened next but I remember trying to Green Lantern the IV lines, imagining a lasso, then a little grappling arm, and I remember being very frustrated that nothing was working. The dream just immediately skipped to the IV plugs floating in the air and being inserted into the ports on my container. At this point I got frantic because I felt like I couldn't breath and I saw an oxygen tank across the room but things were already fading. Then I woke up face down in my pillow.

I was in a nightclub bathroom trying to escape a group of patrons who were intent on beating me up. I flushed myself and the young girl I was protecting from a crime boss down the toilet. We ended up very deep underground in a large cavern with maroon walls and a very high ceiling. I realized that I had the ability to levitate and so I grabbed the young girl and flew up to a large opening in the ceiling that looked to be filled with water, almost like gravity was messed up since the water in the opening was facing the ground but not falling out. I entered this opening and was propelled to the next cavern, one level up. I continued to do this with the young girl in an effort to escape and eventually we reached a cavern where the next opening was covered by a laser grid. In this cavern there was a large display monitor with a live feed into the security room of some facility. It was implied that the entire network of caverns was this facility and the young girl and I had been monitored this whole time. Finally two men entered this cavern and knew we were in there. The began to chase us. I took the girl and found a passageway that led to the door of a control room door in the side of the cavern and somehow defeated the two men.

The rest of the dream is a weird blur but I remember a very eerie corridor that had smoke, strobe lights, and loud EDM music playing. Whenever I stepped near this corridor an overwhelming sense of dread and unease came over me.

in my dream i went to a university where everyone was celebrating an annual haunting. people were buying full length mirrors and weird masks for the evening and sitting around in circles at home with the mirrors around them, waiting for spirits to appear. they were taking it very seriously but i woke up before anything showed up

I dreamed that I was trying to sleep at my desk at an old job. I was nearly getting to sleep but people kept coming up to my desk and handing me CDs. I would take the CD and put it on my desk but I kept falling down into the CD, it was like falling into one of those portal transportation scenes in TV and movies except it was dark grey and striated with rainbows. In the dream I could somehow read the data as I was falling through it and was exhausted trying to error check each disk. I would fall out of each disk and be back in my office chair, then I would try to go back to sleep but someone would come up and put another disk on my desk. I did this a few times (hard to tell in a dream) until someone came up with a blueray disk which when I fell into was like falling into water, it even felt like scuba diving with the pressure and everything. I was falling normally with the water rushing by and me trying to correct the data as it passed. I missed some bit of data and was trying to swim back to it desperately against what felt like a pretty strong current. I swam hard and made it to the bit which I grabbed onto in order to correct, grabbing on caused me to swing towards the wall of the tunnel and when I hit it I realized I was not in the current anymore. I took off my belt and used it to tether myself to this bit by the ankle and was finally able to fall asleep drifting in the calm water near the edge. That is when I woke up.

i was in a room with a lot of clocks, then i heard a windows alert sound and the clocks started melting

In the dream I had a job doing some sort of electrical repair on a massive industrial machine. I was working inside a huge panel full of wires with lots of connections that had been jerry rigged together. I had some sort of wiring diagram next to the panel but every time I disconnected and reconfigured a set of wires the diagram changed and it was wrong again. I went to reconfigure a big bundle of wires and started getting shocked, I thought that somebody was supposed to have turned off all the electricity but for some reason I just kept going and getting shocked. I got one really bad shock and when I looked down at my arm I had a bunch of little raised scars tracing up and down my arm. I sort of recoiled and the dream went a little hazy. The next thing I knew I was looking at my arm and noticed that the scars traced out a sketchy approximation of the wiring diagram. That's when I woke up.

i met tim tebow and had a beer with him at a restaurant with my mom. i was so excited to see him but he didn't say two words to me.

It was a vague dream with moments of clarity. I was outside in my garden picking corn cobs off the stalk. Most of the corn was normal, but I knew that the last row was from seeds that I had been given by a roadside fruit stand guy. The stalks were sort of blue green and I decided to open it and see if I got blue kernels. I peeled back the husk and saw vibrant blue kernels but my fingernails had broken some of them and a grey powder came out. The dream got indistinct at this point and the next thing I knew I was in my garage extracting individual kernels and putting the powder into test tubes. I ran some chemical tests but all my results were showing nothing. I decided to try burning some of the powder on a watch glass and got ready with a lexan face shield and a torch on a stick. I touched the torch flame to the powder and after just a second of contact the powder ignited and a fireball rose about 20cm into the air. A cloud of smoke billowed from the fireball and so I quickly turned and opened the door to the outside and turned on the extractor fan to let the smoke out. I turned back to see what residue had been left by the flash and instead I saw a roiling fireball floating six inches above the watch glass. There was no smoke coming from the fire anymore and the watch glass had only a light coating of burned material on it. The dream went a little hazy as I tested the floating fireball, I remember putting a candle wick into the fire and having it light, and I remember dropping a piece of paper onto it and having the rising heat push the paper away. I can also remember using copper salts to turn the fire green-ish but then it went back to a normal red orange fire color. The next part of the dream that I can see clearly is me putting on a thermal glove and trying to move the watch glass, unexpectedly the fire moved along with the watch glass. I almost dropped the watch glass in surprise but managed to put it back on the table. I grabbed a piece of paper and put it between the glass and the fire but nothing happened, next I waved my hand in the glove under the fire and almost panicked when the fire jumped up and stayed six inches above my hand. Without thinking I grabbed the watch glass with my bare other hand, but it was if anything cold, I slipped the watch glass under the fire again and it seemed to scoop the fire out of the air and it followed the glass leaving my hand behind. I think the dream faded for a while but the next thing I remember was putting the fire over my bare hand and feeling my skin cool down under the fire. The last thing that I remember was flexing my hand and seeing the fire ball grow and burn more vigorously, I was so excited then I woke up.

Dreamt it was the morning of a big interview at a company I wanted to work for. I was gonna carpool there with my dad because he worked in a building next to the company I was interviewing with. Very busy traffic on the way there and in the parking lot. I reach the suite the company is in and it's very busy. Lots of people. An HR employee greets me and begins to show me around. Dream ends there.

The setting was that of an old Florida town by the beach. Roads in desperate need of repair and businesses on busy roads with low ceilings and walls with faded and chipped paint. Houses practically falling apart with short chain link fences and crooked gates surrounding their property. I parachuted in on a mission to find, infiltrate, and expose a criminal operation that had been working in the area. I was tracking the target with a device that showed me their location, though I did not know who it would be. They were growing closer and soon enough I found myself approached by a beautiful latina girl my age in a car. This was the target. She told me to get in and revealed that my cover had already been blown, and that she would take me back to her higher-ups and have me killed. I, entranced by her beauty, tried to seduce her but did so very clumsily. However, she was at a loss as to what to say after that. Apparently she had been speaking from a script which was poorly memorized. She apologized and instructed me to be the driver as she tried to remember her lines. I obliged. We drove around the oceanside streets and talked. Eventually I discovered I had to ability to reset time back to a specified time that I must establish when it happens, similar to saving your game. I told her how to do it, and then drove the car off of a cliff into the sea. As we were about to drown, I told her to reset, and we did. We appeared back in the car. We discussed this power a bit and did even more dangerous stunts, resetting each time until we eventually were so bewildered, excited, and exhausted that we engaged in carnal pleasure with one another. That's where the dream ended.

Was listening to a Game of Thrones podcast that is actually real, and the co-host was a woman whom I thought sounded hot, so I looked her up but I did not find her attractive. Then I found a video of her doing a strip tease on YouTube and I didn't enjoy it.

It was the end of the work day. Someone in my office was playing Fire Emblem music which was awesome. I was in a good mood and about to leave when my boss stopped me and told me we needed to dig a ditch. Aw man. So we did, and then I went home.

A friend from highschool popped into my dream and we decided to go to target. We walked into the seemingly normal store until she walked me up to a line in the middle of the store. The line brought us to a photo booth where a curly-haired woman was fiddling with her camera. My friend and I were waiting patiently in line when a green haired woman came walking past us in line to get her photo taken. The photographer put a green backdrop to match her green hair exactly. The photo was taken and the green hair blended into the backdrop making her look bald. "Perfect!" The green haired lady shouted as she looked at the portrait. My friend then walks up to take her photo but instead just tries on different lipsticks and then leaves. She did not get any photos taken but she was happy. It may not make sense to me, but at least my dream friend got the lipsticks she wanted.

I was out food shopping and one of the staff kept telling me to buy Birdseye fish fingers because they had a pirate competition. Then some random said that fish didn't have fingers and I was like yeah true. I bought them anyway because they were cheap and as I was walking out the shop the alarm started going off and the security guard asked me why I was stealing fish fingers. I kept walking and the captain birdseye guy came running up to me telling me I'd won and then I regretted buying them. All I remember then was everything going black and waking up on a pirate ship and being the captain of it and wearing pirate clothes. All the other pirates were skeletons and speaking in a really heavy Scottish accent which I didn't fully understand. Then Tommy Wiseau came out and told me to get off his boat and everyone was like who tf are you and he pulled out a sword

I was moving into a new apartment near this really ancient cathedral and like every kid I went to middle and high school with was also moving in and there were various shenanigans but then Jessica Cothern showed up and I wanted to run her ass over so bad

So basically I'm in Westeros and an expedition team led by my brother has made contact with the white walkers and has figured out their secrets. My team was waiting just north of the wall monitoring their progress. That part was very nerve racking because we could tell via a tracker that they were fighting the white walkers and that it was a very close battle. It's weird though because my team is about to go through the same experience, as if this whole thing were a theme park ride. But anyway, we go north and make contact with a WW scout who shows us that they are actually children of the forest but they spray this liquid on them to turn their skin cold and hard to protect them from fire. We enter a cave with the WW scout and he leads us to a subterranean city that's all green with hard vines making up most of the walls, floor, structures, and ceilings. The WW then made us participate in a game show type of event or else we would be killed. That's where the dream ended but my brother had mentioned that later on we would have gotten to an even deeper city that had lava and that's where the real fight would begin.

I was inside of a nice but simple house. My brain accepted that I was now around the age of 25 and had a house and was finally fully independent. On the counter was a strange rectangular device that had a dial on it. I usually kept it low at around 200 (no clue what the units on it were) but that night I felt adventurous and turned it to 1,600 and went to bed (no memories of leaving the kitchen and going to the bedroom just kinda passed out after turning the dial).

I woke up on a baseball field midway taking to the field. It was a rec league and there was lots of adults I grew up knowing but have long lost contact with. I had no clue what base I was supposed to be on so I kinda just went into right field hoping that was okay. The first batter of the inning came up and hit it towards me but I missed it and the center fielder caught it and drew it back in. It was about this time I realized I didn't have a glove or cleats and started to feel anxiety. Next was I looked around and noticed there was 4 of us out there in the outfield (another left fielder, the center fielder, and right fielder) but there was nobody covering second base and as I noticed that a ground ball went straight through the gap and cost us a run.

I quickly ran out there to cover the gap I made because I entered the dream too late to hear our positions. Now we are going and I'm noticing my normal shoes are really sliding a lot out on the clay. A line drive comes towards me and I attempt to catch it and it really hurts my hand and I am unable to fully stop it and it putters out into the outfield and the center fielder catches it and throws it back which gets us an out and ends the inning.

I get back into the dugout and realize that my dad is the coach.... Backstory: he was always my team's coach when I played little league from age 4-12. I ended up quitting baseball entirely not because I was tired or unhappy with the sport but because I no longer could bring myself to put up with the physically and psychologically abusive man he is thanks to alcoholism... To this day I regret leaving baseball and wish I had another option besides that to play without him.
I kept trying to talk with him in hopes things were like they used to be back when I was little and he had not picked up the bottle. He greeted my attempts with silence. At this point I got frustrated and told him that I was gonna run to the sporting goods store and buy a glove, new cleats, and a good bat so that I could make him proud again. He looked but said nothing.
Off I went out of the dugout mid game on a trip that at a minimum I knew would take 30 minutes if I was fast. The game would be over or at it's end by the time I made it back but I knew there was going to be another chance for this... I just hoped.

At this point the machine in my kitchen turned off and I felt a deep sorrow because nobody can control what dreams that the dream machine will give. I felt sad and tried to play with the dial to get the dream to come back but the machine needed to cool down.

And then I woke up.

I had a dream that started out in my old highschool's field. There was a lot of people there but I knew I had already graduated. Then they split us up into two groups and led my group into the gym which to my surprise had been temporarily converted into a massive WWE arena. The announcer started going and introduced all the wrestlers that were all standing in the ring at this point and I was really confused because the guy closest to me in the ring was a kid that graduated with my class and was just in normal clothes even though everyone else looked like normal wrestlers. Then someone in the row behind me told me that I need to scoot back a row because the front row was dangerous to sit in at this event if the matches get out of hand. At this point my dream self turned total ADD and stared out the window towards the field and saw the other half was taking part in a massive Easter egg hunt and had a pile about 5 feet tall with all the eggs they had found. I kinda just left the gym and went to join them. However for some reason by the time I got out there I had seen that a silent auction of cars which could be best described as vintage Mr. Bean style cars was going on and I placed a $7,500 bid and one the smallest one which was a very very short and gray car. I then started to drive around the field in it and had fun but was surprised I fit in it since the car roof was a little higher than my waist when standing next to it.

Now at this point I woke up inside a nicer looking house in a city which I think my brain accepted as my house. And there was a woman standing next to the bed very unhappy with me (no clue her relation to me but she lived with me so I assume dream girlfriend). She was pissed because apparently I really had just bought a $7,500 car but the catch was it was her company which ran the auction and apparently that car auction was real and I had slept walked into it and placed the bid and won.

The next section of the dream was me desperately going through the phone book to find a lawyer that would argue that a sleeping/unconscious person can not legally place a bid in an auction. This went on for some time and eventually I found one and I woke up because I was getting a lot of anxiety as the dream entered a courtroom over the matter.

There was a little girl who looked and dressed like Chucky from Child's Play, except she wasn't evil and was human. She was being attacked by a man with a knife and she had a knife herself. The man ended up pinning her down but she stabbed him. Before he died, he pressed his blade longways diagonally across her face. This gave her the scar that I think Chucky has? Idk I've never seen the movie. But yeah I guess after that she turned into Chucky and that's how Chucky came to be. I'm aware that's not how it happens in the movie but whatever.

Went to a new dentist, whose office was made from an old colonial style home, two floors. Walk inside and his staff is all beautiful women. Before getting my teeth cleaned, I use the bathroom. While pissing I can hear grunting from the room above me. I linger trying to figure out what it is, when an employee knocks on the bathroom door. I open and ask her what the noise is. She listens for a moment and kinda gets a smile on her face like "oh lol I know what that is". She says to me "come on you know what's going on there haha" and I tried to defend myself like "okay but should people in a dentists office really just be fucking like that's totally normal and okay?" She got a bit rude at that point, making me feel like I was the weird one. I was a bit put off by the whole encounter, but shrugged it off when I went in to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist complimented my Henley I was wearing and that was the end of the dream.

I got to go to Japan and sit down with Masahiro Sakurai and the Smash Bros. development team to discuss future games in the series. That's really it. We talked for a while and it was interesting and after, I thanked them for the honor of meeting them and being receptive to my input. Very nice but very simple dream.

My dad and I went to an amusement park where my brother's sister-in-law was celebrating her softball team's recent victory. There was an odd maze you had to go through to board a train that would take you to different parts of the park. My brother and my sister-in-law were also there and the most realistic part of the dream was when she just kept snap chatting their entire trip.

It was Christmas-time and I got Goebel an NES Classic Mini, which he really wouldn't give a shit about in real life. So anyway, I presented it to him in a warehouse and he was about to smash it with a toy lightsaber but I stopped him and said "okay look if you wanna hit something with a lightsaber, hit me" and I pulled out my own lightsaber and told the DJ (there was a DJ) to play Duel of the Fates, but that had already played earlier so I said to just play Battle of Heroes and Goebel and I fought with toy lightsabers and I can't really remember what happened after that but then I was in an airport looking for someone and then a conference room with a bunch of people and my brother was supposed to be paying attention and leading the meeting but was just playing Runescape on his phone. Then I had to write the closed captioning for a piece on the local news about firefighters. That's it.

I was in my apartment and my mom and brother and grandma were visiting me but my boss showed up and he was like wtf are they doing here and I'm like look man idk but why is it a big deal?? Then my mom started to talk about alcoholism.

This dream was boring and it sucked but it's the first dream I've had in a while so I'll take it.

Was in a forest with a bunch of people. One was German and another Swedish and I can't remember the others. One was Australian maybe. We were sat around a fire and one asked to hear people's most embarrassing stories. I remember one girl saying she wet herself on Santa's knee in her teens and he got mad at her and told her all she'd be getting for Christmas was some pampers. And someone else said a really happy moment in their life and we were all confused and realised they didn't know what embarrassing meant. When we got in our tents they were super spacious and had nice beds and really warm lighting. And there was a really nice patterned rug covering most of the floor. We all had to "couple up" as all the beds were double and I got the girl who peed herself and told her not to do it in the bed. Then it was suddenly the next morning and I was the only one in the tent. I woke up irl then

I was back at school in my old art class and we had to draw a picture of how someone died and then showcase it at their funeral. I got assigned to draw someone having a stroke so I drew a picture of them masturbating. My art teacher said it was disrespectful and I had to show it at the funeral and apologise to the family of the man.

I woke up in my bed and it was night time so I looked out the window and saw a small orange glow in the distance. I got dressed and hopped on my bike and made my way towards it with some sort of curiosity mixed with fear. As I approached I noticed it was some sort of big castle like building with old fire torches outside on the walls. I made my way into it and it had a red carpet and dark wood flooring and giant oil paintings on the wall. They all looked very old and one was just of a skeleton that looked out of place. It had a "hello my name is" badge on it and his name was Steve. Which I thought had a good ring to it, Steve the skeleton. I made my way up some old spiral staircase and saw a ghostly apparition walk across the upstairs hallway and into some room. I quickly followed and he was sat on some old red chair in front of the fireplace drinking something out of a glass. I asked him what he was drinking and he told me it was a new cocktail made from whiskey and the saliva of a horse. I told him that wouldn't catch on and he said "what do you know". So I told him people wouldn't drink horse saliva and he countered it with people eating horse lasagna. I told him it was a bit different but he wasn't having any of it. I asked him his name and he said Steve. So I asked him if that oil painting was of him and he said yes but his skin doesn't show in photographs so he just looked like a skeleton. I told him it was a painting and not a photo and he just said yes that's right.

A group of Holocaust deniers/antisemites occupied my old elementary school and was secretly cloning soldiers to carry out their plans to ignite another Holocaust. I infiltrated the school to learn that all of the clones were coming from this one man out on the soccer field dressed like Michael Jackson. I had killed several guards to get to him but had no way of actually killing him since I used all my bullets to kill the guards. I ran to the nearest kitchen to grab a knife but by the time I got back more guards had arrived and they began to open fire. Pretty sure I died.

Location: Westeros or maybe Russia, it wasn't very clear

Opens with a chase through a subway tunnel. Russian terrorists are plotting something, there is a man at the back end of a subway train and if he jumps off at a particular location, it will somehow cause an explosion. I, or someone else (idk it kept phasing from first person to third person) thwarted his comrades who would tell him the exact moment to jump off. I then fed him false information so he jumped off on the wrong spot and died. (Yeah idk this one was a little serious)

BUT THEN I'm in Westeros, I'm on a plateau and I discuss information with a high council about information I obtained from the Russian guy before he died. Apparently the Mountain is launching an attack upon Winterfell. The Russian mentioned an attack from the south, which we had previously thwarted some time ago, but also an attack from the East. East? What Cleganes hail from the East? Quick cut to the mountain riding on horseback against a setting sun with a thousand men at arms to his back. Beside him, another rider, a woman who is his mother and was playing by Natalie Fucking Portman. They ride to Winterfell to engage the enemy.

End dream.

I was in some modern facility rumored to be haunted by a blue demon. I was sent there by Dumbledore, who lent me a time turner and the Master Sword. I was walking down a corridor when the floor fell out from under me and I was in another corridor. Three men heard me fall and came over to me. I inquired about the blue demon and at that moment they became possessed by it and attempted to come attack me. I used the time turner to escape. Then, I tried a different corridor and ended up in an area that looked like Hogwarts. There was a large room with writing on the wall like in Chamber of Secrets, making a veiled threat about several people being drowned. The next room was a tall, winding stone staircase. Master Sword in hand, I began to descend. I heard someone around the corner and I was preparing for the worst when
my alarm woke me up

This is more like a two part dream.

Part I: I'm trying to go on a tour of this one apartment complex, but I can't figure out where to park when I get there. I end up parking in the employee lot, and I walk inside with some luggage that I have apparently. The receptionist warns me the general manager will freak out on me if he sees me, and then right after that he walks by. I drop my luggage and act like it's not mine so he thinks I'm just a traveling salesman or something, and not a potential future resident. But he sees all the luggage and tells the receptionist it's all going to be confiscated. I then have to travel into a storage area in the back of the office to retrieve my luggage, but the general manager catches me in the act. I attempt to distract him by saying his wife is cheating on him with my friend Steve. As it turns out, that was actually true (likely the reason is, I willed it into existence in me dream). Steve and the general manager's wife appear and they all begin arguing as that part of the dream fades out.

Part II: I was at my old middle school. I was a reporter and was covering a story there, when the marching band did a sort of flash mob thing in the entrance breezeway. They were playing Star Wars music. My friend Kyle, who loves Star Wars was there with me. After the first song we decided to head home, when all of a sudden we heard them start to play the Cantina Band theme from A New Hope. Kyle loves that song (even in real life), so we stuck around. Now, there was a bar in the breezeway so we each got a drink. After that we left. I was driving home and I got a call from my great uncle. He was trying to get to my house but was lost. So I had to drive to where he was and escort him to my house. I was a little drunk from the drink I had at the middle school while the band was playing, but I paid that no mind and continued drinking while escorting my great uncle. I was definitely speeding and thought maybe I might get a DUI but I woke up before anything else could happen.

Don't remember much but I was back home with my family at a restaurant and it was really nice.

I'm standing in a ruin, descending a staircase along a wall, both made of stone. At the bottom is an arch doorway and on the other side of it is a group of beautiful women, most of whom I have no idea who they are. But one of them is this girl I was seeing for a little while in college until she flat out cut contact with me.

In my hands is the two-handed ultra greatsword Zweihander, from the game Dark Souls. As the women become aware of my presence they turn hostile and begin to approach me, one at a time.
I clutch my Zweihander with both hands and do some strong attacks, the sword crashing down on them from above. I don't actually end up killing the girl that ghosted me, she just kinda fades from reality after I slay her companions.
Finally, the matriarch of this group confronts me, berating me for disrupting the ancient tradition of being ruled by a god rather than a man. I tell her the age of gods is over and the age of man has begun; the world has no need for god's anymore.

Danny Devito was the janitor of the ruins by the way.


A new cafe opened in town. I wanted a sausage roll and a can of drink. The guy kept giving me the wrong amount of change for well over 20 minutes and everyone was blaming me

I was about 15 again and my friend asked me to go to a theme park with him. I got on one of the rides where you had to half sit and half up. Almost like sitting on one of those wire zip line things(?). It was pretty fun and Halloween/autumn themed. At one part there was just a huge slope going downwards in the pitch black and a giant door at the end. We stopped for a few seconds at the door wondering if it would open. It did and we started travelling through a more well lit area. We got to the big room like something similar to the natural history museums entrance room. It was decorated in pumpkins and orange leaves and Halloween decorations. I was walking around and trying to film a video for [friend] to show her. I heard a big rumble and awoke.

- in a car with family driving through a narrow road between endless residential tower blocks (sandy yellow bricks) in some kind of cheap estate. smash mouth's all star was playing. talked about how i'd hate to live there. got out of the car and looked up and there were loads of people who'd hanged themselves from their windows. it was apparently in korea and they were mostly teenage koreans. i was disturbed and didn't know where to look cos they were everywhere. i told my mother that suicide rates were rly high in korea. then i was hearing/watching a news report at the same time and apparently this kind of mass hanging was a trend on celebrity's bdays and it was to do with Rihanna and she said they did it cos the hooks they hang themselves off of get sent to that celeb

also loads of them weren't dead yet and were slowly asphyxiating and writhing around

- i was watching a retro cartoon about a small round black bug and his older brother who was dressed as a knight and they infiltrated the castle of their prey. the castle was blue. the prey bug was white. the small cartoon bug was on his first outing and his job was to sniff out the white bugs and lead his brother to them. they encounter a white bug who is a tall handsome bug in the bug community and he's wearing a knights armour too. i think he has a dog with him but he's very chilled out and composed. the young bug is dumb and just stays there and talks to him instead of calling his brother and the white bug decides to taste a little bit of the black one, not sure how. anyway white bug decides it's rather tasty and he's never eaten that predator before and he realises the whole predator prey relationship here is a fallacy based on fear. he then leans in and gently kisses the black bug on the mouth and then eats him

ah and there was a cutscene of the white bug in his bedroom with the black bug chained up whilst he slowly ate the black one. there were weird sexual undertones

Somewhere I don't know. I can recognize something, but I don't know if its a voice, person, or the setting. It's all a haze. Things starting getting clearer, colors coming and forms appearing, it's happening very fast. My reality is becoming something I can interrupt, my mind is making something tangible. But this implies my mind created something intangible, something out of me produced information in a system I don't understand. But that's not the focus. Buildings are in front of me, some touch the sky while others have stopped forming. Half a city gleaming in technological defiance while the other half I can't interrupt. I look to see nothing, but I know there is something. I only know it exists and I can't register it.

I think i'm going to die here, this must be limbo.

As the fear settles in, people begin to appear. Unlike the buildings I can see all of them. They are the same and different simultaneously. Familiar faces, I know them from somewhere. But where? I realize they are impressions of people I know. Not exact copies, they are like a photo of a photo. I turn to talk to them, but I stop. I have no voice. I knew that to start with. I realize these are people are visions, I made them. I have no desire to speak to them anymore and it dawns on me I never wanted to speak to them to begin with. I want them to disappear. And so they no longer exist. As soon as I do however I panic. Did I kill them? Can I bring them back? I start losing focus, it's becoming a haze again. The colors are leaving, the shapes deforming. I've just turned off a number of existences.

But I know this fear quite well. It's been with me since my first memories, this I know without a doubt.

So I snap control. Focus, focus, focus. I turn off everything and it's just me. No emotions. No loss. And I remember who I am. I slowly bring back the buildings and the people. It's exactly the same as before but somehow not. I wonder whether to stay here or wake up.

I dreamed I was up in the air, maybe a plane flight or something but basically on the outside able to see everything, and we saw one dark bird fall out of a flock of dark birds, and as it drifted down I said it looked like an ink blob diffusing into water, thinking it had just happened to die midflight, but on closer inspection it wasn't dead at all, just a baby bird that hadn't learned to fly quite yet, with its mother teaching it now, hopping from one small cloud to another, because it didn't yet understand that you can't stand on a cloud for long without falling through

puppies licking face. man fucking sheep and there's sheep shit on my denim jacket which i have to wash off at home. stinks bad , having a really not good time.

above bed dense fog clouds andfoliage instead of ceilinhb

running away in hospital w purple ray gun. at first i think it kills u but then it sends u to sleep for 7 hrs. running and meet diff staff along the way, number of us decreases until we're nearly out of the hospital and i don't shoot the remaining few bc i trust them and i know they're good. we all run out and it's golden hour and i think we run across a bridge and there are red bricks on buildings nearby and the sky is blue. then we run to a park. the ground is flat and grassy and the trees are autumnal and short but the light is passing through the leaves and it's beautiful and i say something about how wonderful nature is because you don't need to have money to enjoy a tree. i mention that in the end it wasn't so hard to leave behind things like our CDs bc music can be found everywhere. this is before i talk about trees.

I dreamt that I was unclogging a storm drain at the bottom of a hill near where I grew up. The rain just kept coming and washing more and more debris into the grate clogging it more and more. The water level would rise around me and then drop as I reopened the drain. A couple of times the water got high enough that I had to completely submerge myself to get to the grate. Eventually I felt like I had finally made significant progress, the water had drained to my ankles and was flowing into the storm drain unimpeded. Someone shouted at me and the voice was familiar but I can't remember now if I knew who it was in the dream. I heard a grumbling, groaning sound, and noticed that the water on the edge of the still draining pool was starting to freeze and big chunks of ice were cracking and lifting up. I slogged out of the water towards the uphill side and got out just as the ice-front reached the edge behind me. I watched the ice build up as more water flowed around me and onto the iced over puddle. The rain picked up again and the mass of ice kept getting bigger as I moved further up the hill to get away from it. I had already backed up about 10 feet away from the ice and watched as the flowing water that I was walking through started crystallizing just a couple feet down hill from me. I backed up faster but the ice was quickly gaining on me. I sidestepped to get out of the flowing water, hoping that I could let the freezing pass me by. Instead the ice took a turn away from the flowing water and came at me. I backed up the hill faster and faster but the ice just kept gaining on me. Next thing I knew I had tripped and fallen and hit my head on the pavement. The dream faded at this point but came back very vividly as the ice started growing around my ankles. Immediately I could feel the heat being sapped from my legs. The ice continued building around my legs until it was up to my waist, at which point it mercifully stopped although my legs kept getting colder and colder. Just when my legs were starting to go numb I woke up.

I was snow camping at the time and as it turns out my sleeping bag had come unzipped exposing my legs to the cold air. Apparently in my sleep I had pulled my wool blanket up towards my chin and was exposed my legs even further.