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23.feb.21 i love you thansk
13.feb.21 Gilbert i completely agree
04.feb.21 Any reason to get out of bed? breakfast
04.feb.21 who is gilbert? was I gilbert all along? gilbert..... my friend.. my Brorther.. it has been too long
18.jan.21 For the next set of Clownimals, a Vulture would be sick you'll just have to imagine it
15.jan.21 Clouds are blinding you should have seen how it was before (you can turn clouds off now)
14.jan.21 eggstraordinary 🥚
14.jan.21 x the best and worst letter
14.jan.21 you might wanna add a re-capture to this i have not had many problems without that on my other forms besides a few spam emails which i get all the time anyway. also i dont currently know how to do it
13.jan.21 🥚 is life.
🥚 is life.
🥚 is life.
hell yeah
13.jan.21 web site yes
13.jan.21 egg day 1 of message board and egg has already gotten 2 mentions. this rules
13.jan.21 I don't give a rat fuck about jack shit. Deal with it!!!! wow. this is a lot to process
13.jan.21 my favorite thing to eat is eggs but i havent had any in a while thats nice and simple and proteinaceous
13.jan.21 whats your favorite thing to eat pancake. what is yours
13.jan.21 WHAT
is happening
i am responding to messages on my website and you are seeing it
13.jan.21 lovely clouds :) thank you. this was originally going to be the background for dreamkeeper so im glad i get to use it now
13.jan.21 okay i understand the website now. what's up. just chilling with bad posture
13.jan.21 exciting times most times are in some way
13.jan.21 hello the message won't show up it will if you believe
13.jan.21 hello hello
13.jan.21 hello hello