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commission info
xanther (commission)
pencil - may.18.2020
hazel (commission)
pencil - may.16.2020
max (commission)
pencil - dec.13.2019
isley & maze (commission)
pencil - dec.01.2019
maddie (commission)
pencil - oct.13.2019
ace (commission)
pencil - sep.09.2019
thor (commission)
pencil - sep.06.2019
sam (commission)
pencil - jul.08.2019
pet triptych (commission)
acrylics - jul.03.2019
billy (commission)
pencil - apr.27.2019
connor and ruger (commission)
pencil - dec.17.2018
charming (commission)
pencil - dec.15.2018
lola (commission)
pencil - dec.09.2018
skye (commission)
pencil - dec.09.2018
millie and barney (commission)
pencil - nov.15.2018
jack (commission)
pencil - nov.15.2018
watercolour + pencil - aug.02.2018